Cyclone Rake Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Cyclone Rake

Cyclone Rake is a JetPath Vacuum System that has high capacity due to its powerful Vanguard Engine. It is easy to use and to maintain as it is able to fold flat for storage. You are offered to get the 3rd Wheel Jack Stand, Dual-PRO Super Wheels and Tuff-PRO Deck Hose for free. The product is manufactured by Woodland Power Products, Inc., a reputable and well-known company based out of West Haven, CT. Cyclone Rake is a tow-behind lawn vacuum system that can be easily attached to any riding mower and transformed into a powerful outdoor cleanup machine. It uses patented impellers and premium, high-grade engines. The machine will provide you with a healthier lawn with less effort, as well as save your time. You will not need to use as many chemicals as you used to need with other systems.

When fall comes, you are certain to have leaves and other debris in your yard. Raking or blowing takes a lot of time and effort. The Cyclone Rake lawn vacuum can help you cope with your fall yard chores. This lawn vacuum can be attached to almost any riding mower in less than four minutes, without any additional tools. According to the manufacturer, Cyclone Rake can be used even while it is raining. The device features a unique JetPath vacuum system with a shorter, yet larger tube, so that the risk of clogs is significantly reduced, while you don't need to compromise the power of the system. The patented Miracle Impeller is flexible but strong enough to allow large objects to pass, and then to get into the original shape. The Cyclone Rake can be used for cleaning tight areas, as it never jackknifes. When you are finished, it can be easily detached without any tools and folded flat for storage. The machine is just six inches thick and is light to be hung on the wall.

Customer Reviews - Does Cyclone Rake Really Work?

What do consumers say about the Cyclone Rake? In general, this product has a very positive customer reputation online. Some people even claim that it is the best yard investment they have made in their life. Common compliments concern the effectiveness of the Cyclone Rake. Users say that it can raise almost any material from the lawn, even acorns. The customers are also satisfied with the customer service, they find it extremely helpful. The staff responds very quickly to any inquiries of their potential and actual clients. It was difficult for me to find any real complaints concerning the Cyclone Rake. There are only some minor fitment issues. For example, some common concerns were around the steering that may suffer from maximal load capacity. This especially concerns zero-turn mowers. However, it should be remembered that your zero-turn mower will no longer be zero-turn once attached. Some other complaints include that the product arrives unassembled, but it is normal, to my mind, otherwise your parcel would be too big. Of course, you will need some time to assemble the rake.

Users like that the motor is powerful, so it can suck up even rocks. Some customers say that they have had one for 10 years and it still works great. By the way, you may order a new bag for your machine. It is just amazing. It is recommended to talk to a person who really knows everything about the product. Many people claim that the customer service is wonderful; however, you won't have to enjoy it much, as the machine works well. The company is pleasant to deal with. Most users would recommend this to their friends and relatives. There is a precaution when using Cyclone Rake. You need to watch out for the tube to avoid possible clogging, especially if you are vacuuming tiny particles. It is better to gather bigger pieces. Then the chance of clogging will be minimized. Many people agree that the machine saves a lot of time, especially when they have an incredible amount of leaf work. A large bagging system has a mulching ability that decreases the volume of bagging. Your neighbors will envy you.

One woman said that she has had his Cyclone Rake for 12 years already and he loves it very much. She really enjoys driving around and sucking up the leaves. She said that she had to learn to adjust the mower speed and deck height to get the best results at first. At present she can clean up the yard very easy, even though she is only 5'6" tall and is over 50 years old. She has no problems unloading her system. Now she is going to get the roof top carrier and power unloader. She has never even replaced anything on the device. She folds it up and hangs it up for winter storage. Let us have a look at some of the testimonials from users of this perfect device.

"I have a 1.5-acre piece of property and Cyclone Rake is of great help for me. I saw a lot of commercials before buying the system, but still I stopped my choice on it. It helps me to get rid of all those leaves in autumn. However, I have to empty the bags often but I am pleased with how quickly this machine works. I ordered it in the winter of 2016. I called the customer service and talked to a very polite woman who answered all my questions. I have a small tractor but I ordered the Z model. I am thinking of buying a bigger tractor in future."

"I have had my CycloneRake for three years already. Before that I had a riding lawnmower's grass catcher chute that used to clog frequently. The Commander became the best fit for my one acre of land. The chute's wide diameter prevents clogs. I managed to cut the time to mow the lawn in half. The steering sucks up leaves and grass quite great and makes nice compost. The engine works great to. My neighbors envy my lawn. What I noticed is that the collector clogs when the grass on my lawn is moist."

"I have a two-acre wooded lot and the Cyclone Rake has been by best friend on the lawn for about six years. It is easy to start and use. I needed some time to get used to the fixed carriage at first. I also needed to give it some room. I also learnt not to fill it to the brim. I ordered some parts that would wear with normal usage, and I really liked the company's customer service. The product is up the highest standard."

My Final Summary

The Cyclone Rake has a number of positive reviews from users, so I think it would be hard to find a better device for cleaning up leaves and other debris in your yard. Even though this device comes with a high price, it gives an opportunity to save your time and effort. The larger your yard, the more you will appreciate it. It's not difficult to assemble the device, but even if you have any issues, you can always contact the customer service over the phone. Everything is labeled and laid out really nice. The product comes with a detailed manual. It works great on a ZTR mower or a tractor. The ordered unit usually arrives fast - within a few days after ordering it. The product has high quality. Taking into account all pros and cons of Cyclone Rake, I would recommend this device to usage.

Where To Buy Cyclone Rake In Stores?

The product is only sold directly through the factory. It comes in different models, each of which has its own price: Classic: $1,095; Commander: $1,345; Commercial Pro: $1,545; XL: $1,745; Z-10: $1,945. All models come with a 12-month risk free trial, a 3-year warranty for residential use, and 1-year warranty for commercial use. Here is a number of replacement parts and accessories for the Cyclone Rake available. You will find everything from upgraded wheels to roof rack carriers.