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Imagine that you are alerted regularly with texts informing you of the most beneficial airline deals. This can be real with DealRay, a company that was founded by a two travel bargain hunters. Their modern team understands well that it is not necessary to pay through the nose in order to get a great travel experience. There is a better solution. If you sign up for DealRay's service, you will get an opportunity to receive instant text messages with the cheapest airfare deals on your phone. This platform claims to provide travelers with high savings. The company also offers a travel alert application that can be downloaded directly to your phone. But does it really make getting your tickets easier, faster, and cheaper? Let's take a look at details. According to the DealRay's official website, they promise to send you messages containing good travel deals that will help you to save money. They work primarily with airfare, but may also feature deals on such aspects of travel, as vacation packages or hotels.

The major advantage of the service is that DealRay does not spam their users' phones, they only send a text every day or two. However, since their deals tend to expire in a matter of hours, you will probably want to be informed more frequently. Another advantage of this fare alert service is that they work by combining their manual research with proprietary algorithms. As a result, they succeed to find price decreases and low-cost deals online. These are usually caused by errors, but unlike Kayak Travelocity, DealRay does not offer the deals to the members of the company. Compared to the competing services of the kind, they find the deals and share them with everyone who has signed for the service. Thus, DealRay gives you an opportunity to get notifications depending on a specific departure region. Their staff verifies all notifications as bookable.

Customer Reviews - Does DealRay Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about DealRay online. They appear to have a mixed character. However, the majority of customers are satisfied with the service offered by the company. Two guys at Travel and Leisure signed up for the service and over the course of several months with the company, they received ten offers. Each deal provided step-by-step instructions on how to do the bookings. Five of these deals resulted from airline mistakes. After trying out the service, Travel and Leisure concluded that DealRay offered a wonderful unique way to book your flights. There are several caveats, though. First, one needs to act fast, because these discounted fares stay active for only a few hours. There may be some limitations of your departure options too.

The Trip Sherpa at Upgrd was also positively surprised with their experience of cooperating with DealRay. First of all, due to the chance to save a couple hundred of dollars. They said that they were pleased with their great flights and their membership in the company in general. Another caveat is that the Department of Transportaiton lets airlines cancel reservations that they made by mistake. At present, DealRay focuses on alerting their clients of the deals on flights that originate in the USA. It means that people living abroad cannot use the service. As it was already mentioned, the majority of customers are satisfied with the service. Let us take a look at several testimonials left by actual clients of the company.

"I became a member of DealRay several months ago and now I can enjoy the full app experience on my iPhone! I regularly receive instant mobile alerts for beneficial flight deals. Recently I received an alert about a round-trip flight to the Bahamas for only $64 and to London for less than $200! That's unbelievable! This allows me to have incredible savings on travel!"

"I have been a DealRay member for about a year, so I have booked a few trips already. This allowed me to save a lot of money. For instance, I paid less than $350 RT to Paris, and less than $400 RT for two adults and three children to visit Italy. The app works just perfectly, I usually get notifications via text every other day! I never get irritated. I also assigned up on their website. Both ways are easy to use! I do recommend the service to everyone who likes to travel."

"DealRay I live in New York and I have not found such low prices on round-trip flights anywhere else. I have flown to Los Angeles and Hong Kong already and have saved a lot of money. I always receive real bargains to great locations like Hawaii, Paris, etc. If you are a frequent flyer, this service is worth your time. Just remember to act fast when you receive a new deal you like."

My Final Summary

Unlike other websites of the kind (like Airfarewatchdog), which give you an opportunity to monitor some definite destinations for deals, the company we are discussing today works better for those who are ready to take a trip anywhere in the world. The prices of the deals are usually very reasonable. This means that DealRay offers you a life full of many positive emotions and great adventures! However, this for-a-fee service is more suitable for impulsive people who don't have specific dates or regions in mind. You should be ready to go to another country any moment.

So, if you like the idea of receiving airfare alerts on a regular basis, DealRay can be a wonderful option for you. It offers low-cost travel services that will help you to save a great amount of money on your next trip. Another advantage of the service is that you may be offered visiting the largest and most popular destinations in the world. It is always interesting to attend new places, especially when it costs you a penny. Besides, the company is associated with numerous positive testimonials from real users online. Taking into account a great number of positive customer reviews, I do recommend DealRay.

DealRay Pricing and Rates

The first month on DealRay is completely free. Then you will have to pay for the service $9.99 per month. This is a very miserable sum when compared to what you can save. According to the official website of the company, some members tend to save an average of $428 per deal. A paid deal finding application is not bad news, as DealRay promotes only great but cheap deals and focuses on share only those opportunities that offer really worthy savings. This is probably the reason why the company sends out alerts quite seldom (once a day or two). At least you will not be irritated by too many messages each day. Here are some examples of past savings due to DealRay: $99 One-way flight from Boston to Reykjavik, $144 for Philadelphia to Copenhagen from May through January, $188 from New York to Abu Dhabi, $399 New York to Milan on Emirates (per person, important to book more than two tickets). You can cancel your membership at any time. By the way, the company encourages their clients to spread the word by providing them with free months. If your friend accepts your invitation to join DealRay, you get their first month for free, too.