Deep Eddy Vodka Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Deep Eddy Vodka

Deep Eddy Vodka is a corn-based and column-distilled vodka. Texas water was charcoal filtered before it was added to bring the beverage to proof. The vodka was first presented to the market in 2011. The distillery is situated in Dripping Springs, about 20 miles away from Austin where Deep Eddy Pool, a freshwater swimming pool that is considered to be the oldest pool in the state. So, the brand got its name from Deep Eddy Pool. Deep Eddy Vodka is made with the use of local, natural ingredients that are gluten free. The water was ten times distilled, which promotes smooth entry with a brief exit. It is a full bodied vodka perfect as a base for a number of different cocktails. The content of alcohol is 40%. The quality is very high and the vodka has high customer reputation. The average price of this drink is around $15.36 per 750mL.

According to the label on the bottle of the vodka, it is handmade in Austin, Texas in a small distillery. Using their many-year experience, the team is serious about creating a high-quality spirit. They believe that good vodka is born when attention is given to the smallest details including water, distillation, and filtration. This vodka is said to be column-distilled in the environment with the ideal temperature, which means that the final product will be guaranteed to have the highest quality. They use the finest water in the state, and because they use local organic ingredients, as well as filter their vodka with charcoal four times, it is smooth, clear vodka that gets into the bottle. They claim not to be leaving any waste behind in the manufacturing process, which makes the product environmentally-friendly. So, let's take a closer look at Deep Eddy Vodka to see what everyone is so excited about.

Customer Reviews - Does Deep Eddy Vodka Really Work?

During our research of this drink, we have encountered a great number of customers' testimonials on third-party websites. The majority of drinkers are extremely happy with the vodka saying that it has exceeded their expectations. When drunk on its own Deep Eddy Vodka, it creates a light feel in the mouth, actually, it almost floats over one's tongue, not vice versa. There is no distinct flavor, but there is a slight sweet undertone and a mild hint of bitterness. The vodka goes down really smooth, leaving you wanting another sip. It should be drunk in small shots, though.

Deep Eddy Vodka can be mixed with other alcoholic drinks to make unique cocktails. For example, one man reports he mixed it with Diet V8 Splash "Berry Blend". Before that, he had tried several other vodkas with this drink but none of them pleased the man. Deep Eddy, in his opinion, blends really well. It is very easy to drink with this sort of vodka. It does complement the mixer. It dulls the sweetness a bit but doesn't make the cocktail any bitterer. Then the man mixed up a screwdriver and in that case Deep Eddy Vodka was pretty good. Its sweet undertones emphasized the sweetness of the orange juice, so that the cocktail was just fine. It would be a good idea to add some cranberry juice because this would make a perfect madras. It can be concluded that this sort of vodka is great for mixing.

Another customer writes in his review that he was an ardent Tito's fan but as he tried Deep Eddy Vodka he was completely sold on it. It was like being torn between Auburn and Alabama football. The man claims that everyone who hasn't tried Deep Eddy Vodka should do it for sure. He consider it to be a wonderful vodka, and it can even be added to sweet tea. The man's only wonders where he can buy it in Alabama. In fact, if it is not available in your state you can always order the product online from any of retail stores selling it. Another guy says he fell in love with the great corn taste of Deep Eddy Vodka. Before trying it he used to drink Tito's, but sometimes he wants to try something else. This vodka is worth the price - it has good body, great flavor, and tastes well with Q tonic. So, now the man alternates between this vodka and Tito's.

We have stumbled across the review of a very picky person. He claims that when it comes to drinking vodka, his choice is undoubtedly Deep Eddy Vodka. It is smooth and is just amazing by itself! It has been distilled ten times during the manufacturing process, which is an advantage too. The manufacturer also offers a Sweet Tea Vodka which is also great, even though the customer is not usually a sweet tea person. He says he has tried other sweet tea vodkas before but he was impressed with Deep Eddy. It is as smooth as Grey Goose vodka but much cheaper, which makes it even more enjoyable. The man treated his friends with it and they were surprised at how smooth it was. Deep Eddy Vodka is a high-quality product that is also very affordable. The man highly recommends it to all Vodka lovers. By the way, it is made in the United States.

Another male customer tells in his online testimonial that since being turned onto Deep Eddy Vodka as a Tito's alternative many years ago he has never looked back. To his mind, it tastes better when drunk alone. It has become his favorite vodka not only due to its tasty, but also great value and reliability in all times. The man adds that he has done blind taste tests with his friends and Deep Eddy Vodka has beaten many Texas brands. He appreciates the fact that it is produced in the USA. It is distilled ten times, which is more that Gray Goose or Tito's. Despite this, it is reasonably priced. Many other customers like this vodka for its excellent flavor. Some of them say it reminds them of corn. The only negative thing about it is that the cap may leaked when the bottle is laid on its side. However, this occurred with a few customers only. It was either poor packaging or someone has already opened it. Nevertheless, the taste is great. Let us take a look at some more testimonials left by actual drinkers of Deep Eddy Vodka.

"I love the taste of Deep Eddy Vodka, even though I am not a professional critics of liquors. I am particular with my liquors as I usually drink them neat, as a shot or a cocktail. It is great for mixing, clean, ten times distilled. In addition, it has a low cost. I am pleased with this fine little Texas corn vodka. I will continue buying it in the future."

"I like Deep Eddy Vodka for its peppermint-candy like aroma. At first, the vodka feels soft on your palate and then this feeling leaves you as it dries your mouth. It has no apparent except fot the first sweetness. And it is an advantage, since this makes this vodka suitable for making different cocktails. Bitter finish from the alcohol burn. I would recommend to have it in mixed drinks."

"I have always been a fan of Tito's but when I saw Deep Eddy Vodka on the shelf on sale I decided to try it. I remembered reviews about this vodka and thought why not? It exceeded my expectations - it is a clean tasting vodka. I was impressed with the depth of the flavor of this vodka. It has an incomparable taste and long finish. I am glad to have tasted it. Now I recommend this fine vodka to all of my friends now. Texas vodkas have been great."

My Final Summary

Deep Eddy Vodka first appeared in market in its sweet tea incarnation. The customers were delighted with the sweet tea flavor, not knowing that there was a pure version of Deep Eddy Vodka. It is unflavored and made from high-quality agricultural products, mainly grains and potatoes. It is distilled ten times to 95% ABV. They add water to bring down the alcohol content to 37.5% ABV in the EU and 40% ABV in the USA. The drink is filtered with charcoal before bottling, which makes it unbelievably clear and durable. According to the bottle label, the drink is made with only local ingredients and is gluten free. The customers like Deep Eddy Vodka for its smooth entry and a brief exit, full body and versatility. This vodka is a perfect base for different cocktails. Most drinkers of this fantastic vodka say it has a premium taste and a reasonable price. It is easy and enjoyable to drink on its own too. It is natural compared to many other vodkas available in the market, even the expensive brands. For the price, it is simply the best vodka ever. Only several customers are not satisfied with its packaging. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of Deep Eddy Vodka, we do recommend this vodka.

Deep Eddy Vodka Pricing and Rates

This kind of vodka can be purchased from many different retail stores online. The average price of Deep Eddy Vodka is around $15.36 per 750mL. sells one liter of this drink for $19.99.