Defender Razor Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Defender Razor

Modern razors have not changed a lot for over 40 years, except for adding more blades. Nevertheless, the cost of replacement blades has increased considerably. This has become the main reason why so many low-cost options have been represented to the market lately. Defender Razor is one of the latest additions to this industry. It promises to provide the customers with a superior shave for less money, at the same time giving a better feel and high quality. The product contains three blades made of high-grade stainless steel that will last three times longer than other brands in combination with a new technology. Thus, if you are fed up with the extremely high price of replacement razor cartridges, you may be looking for a similar option. Or if you have tried different subscription services out there, you may be in search of something new and unique. Let's discuss the most important questions about Defender Razor in this review.

Let's take an in-depth look at its unique design at first. What makes it different from the competition is the independent blade suspension. It promotes independent work of each blade in the cartridge. It means that the blades will conform to your face's curves, constantly remain in close contact with your skin, and offer closeness, safety, and comfort at the same time. The Defender Razor provides more flexibility. In addition, each blade is mounted separately and has its own embedded safety guard that will protect your skin and prevent cuts, nicks, and irritation. Defender Razor's cartridges are designed to pivot from the center, as a result, the cartridge can move in both directions when you are shaving. It means that you can control its movement at any angle. Even though the cartridges don't have a built-in trimming edge, they are up to 50% thinner than the competition, so that the blade is located closer to the edge of the cartridge. The company claims that this can significantly increase accuracy and make easier to shave underneath the nose. The razor also features four anti-friction glide strips that will protect your skin from the blades' contact.

Customer Reviews - Does Defender Razor Really Work?

You can find a number of users' opinions about using the product in their real lives. Fortunately, the majority of those testimonials are quite positive and people are pleased with their purchases. They say that the razor's defender cartridges can effectively protect their skin from possible damage. In addition, the manufacturer provides regular, sensitive, and extra sensitive cartridges. People with sensitive skin prone to breakouts, irritations and painful bumps can benefit from these cartridges a lot. They also prevent ingrown hairs after shaving. Even though the Defender Razor's cartridges are up to 50% thinner than other products, the blades are placed a perfect distance apart. This prevents many blades from cutting the same hairs on the same areas, which can cause painful pulling and tugging. The unique design of the razor allows each hair to be cut with less resistance. Due to this fact, the razor is easy to rinse after usage.

It is known that each of the cartridges is fixed to one of two handles: the Defender Dual Head or the standard Defender handle. The latter looks almost like a traditional razor handle, but has some vital differences. It is made from a non-slip, soft touch polymer for better grip. There are also five reference holes for better control. The Defender Dual Head handle allows you to control the razor with your thumb by just putting your forefinger through the hole. It may look funny, but it offers a cleaner and faster shave. The company claims that shave with or against the grain without changing angle or grip will provide more accuracy and control while shaving. With all these features in mind, you might think that the Defender Razor costs too much but it is not quite so. Most customers are satisfied with the price of the product saying that it is worth the money it costs. In general, the online feedback for the razor appears to be very positive. Those who have shaved with Defender's razors, note that it is perfect for sensitive skin. The Defender Razor is said to really provide a much smoother and closer shave. It is also easy to remove shaving cream and hair from in between the blades of the razors. Here are some of the actual users' reviews left online.

"Defender razor gives me the best shave ever. It operates just perfectly when compared to the competition. I have tried many other brands, including the Dollar Club, but this razor works much better because of the distance between the blades. I was surprised when I saw that it was enough to just run water in order to rinse out the Defender very cleanly. No problems with this razor at all. I am impressed with all features of these blades and I will continue to use them."

"DefenderRazor is the best razor I have ever tried! I have used my single razor for a month or so and I like these handles and blades. It works perfectly even after not shaving 3-5 days. These blades cut through the stubble like a hot knife through butter. The shaving process takes me only a few minutes and my face is never irritated. I do love these blades and I do recommend them to my friends! I am a genuine customer."

"I got my new Defender Razor yesterday and I started using it right away. My first impression was quite positive. The razor was lightweight, that is a total pleasure for me. Shaving with this razor was easy and extremely smooth. The blades did not pull or grab. The product was easy to clean after usage. I highly recommend this razor to all of my friends."

My Final Summary

Defender Razor is a unique product of its kind not only due to the special features it offers but also due to the unusual design. Its head flexes like a pivot head but it does not force you to apply a lot of pressure and cut yourself. The blades are located with ideal space between them to prevent ingrown hairs. In fact, you will get a multiple pass shave in one sweep. This minimizes the risk of cutting yourself and causing irritation. The triple blade design is just enough, 4-6 blades is too much.

The razor can boast its overall positive reputation online. The users are pleased with the fact that the blades are sharp enough and last a while. The razor has a reasonable price. What people like the most is the result - shaving has become easier, smoother and cleaner. The only thing some customers lack about the Defender Razor is absence of a trimming blade; nevertheless, they still recommend giving it a try. If you are looking for a unique shaving tool, this product will meet your needs.

Defender Razor Pricing and Rates

According to Defender and the innovative manufacturing techniques they use, they provide replacement cartridges of the highest quality that are up to 50% cheaper than leading brands. Thus, Dual Head Handle costs $14.95 each, Standard Handle is priced at $4.95 each. You can buy four Defender Blades in one pack for $7.95. All orders come with free shipping. Remember that if you sign up for automatic shipments, you will save 20% on blades through your Club Membership. You can cancel at any time through their official website. All purchases come with a 30-day refund policy, which can be requested by sending a contact form message.