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DentalPlans Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY DentalPlans Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

DentalPlans is a company that is created to help separate individuals and their families, as well as groups of people and businesses to save money on their dental care by offering a wide range of different coverage options. This organization is based in Plantation, Florida. The company claims to have over 100,000 dentists who consider themselves to be perfect alternative to traditional insurance. These specialists provide many dental plans that can meet the needs of customer with different budgets. As a matter of fact, the company is not well-known or popular in the country, which does not allow us to make any conclusions yet. Let's take a look at how DentalPlans.com works and what kinds of services this company offers.

The company claims to work in accordance with a simple scheme. For example, imagine that you have to undergo a large number of root canals within one year. You will probably want to save some money. To do this you will have to visit the DentalPlans.com website, enter your zip code, and learn which root canal plan is available in your area. You will also see a participating dentist who is going to accept this plan and you will get X percent off your root canals. The problem is that each plan costs money; however, according to the company, you are expected to have greater total savings is than the cost of your plan. Beside root canals, DentalPlans also offers dental plans for other services, including: Gum Treatments, Checkups and X-Rays, Cleanings and Sealants, as well as Fillings and Crowns.

Customer Reviews - Does DentalPlans Really Work?


There is a great number of customer reviews about the company and the service it offers. What people like is that they can be provided with diverse plans, as well as additional packages for hearing vision, and more. While DentalPlans claims that most plans become active within 3 business days, it is necessary to note that discounts through the company cannot be combined with any of your current insurance, because you have coverage remaining. It means that if your current dental insurance covers only a definite annual limit, and you exceed this limit, you can buy a plan through DentalPlans. But you cannot use it before. Besides, you cannot purchase and use several plans simultaneously at any single dental office. Let us take a look at what real customers of the company are writing about their experience of using the services offered by this company.

One woman writes that she signed up for a plan for her daughter who had the dentist near her college. But after getting an appointment they found out that the dentist was not based at that very office and actually was in the next town. Besides, the location they wanted did not accept discount dental plans. It took them more than thirty minutes to get through on DentalPlans customer service number. When the staff finally transferred the customer to the proper department, she learnt that she would be deducted $20 as her "processing fee". The woman wasted a lot of her precious time and money. Another customer reports that he has been a member of this outfit for 15 years and he was sick and tired of it. When he started to cooperate with the company, he was given discounts for the first few years and three months for free. Now, when you are "hooked" they offer you nothing. The most disappointing thing though is the processing fee. It is $20 per year! When the man asked for an explanation, they told him that it is just a processing fee. He says that he has dealt with numerous companies but he has never been asked for a processing fee! It should be taken into account that he has been a customer of the company for 15 years already. Well, the man figured out that the best way to save the processing fee was cancelling his subscription. Many customers agree that it is difficult to cancel the membership. The company will automatically put in your auto renewal list. Your credit card will be charged without even informing you about it. Your membership can be cancelled only at the end of the membership year. There is no refund for the remaining part of the year or immediate cancellation. If you have nine more months to go, you should keep in mind the date of your enrollment. If you have forgotten it you can call them up to verify. You will need to know that date to be able to dispute the transaction with the credit card company. Let us take a look at some of the actual customers' reviews available on third-party websites.

"DentalPlans is a scam. I bought one of these plans in hope to save some money on dental work. I tried to contact every dentist on the list they provided to me and none of them had ever heard of the plan. Also none of these dentists had ever signed up to be a provider on the plan, or was offering any discounts. I suppose there may be some dentist in America who participates in this plan, but I don't think that such a doctor can be trusted. Watch out. Don't fall into this program."

"It was my mistake to address Dental Plans. This company is a rip-off. Moreover, they must be punished! They charge your credit card without any approval on an automatic basis. When you try to complain, they give you the run around. I had to dispute their charges with my credit card company two times already. Stay away from DentalPlans!"

"I signed up for a plan with Dentalplans and was provided with a payment schedule for services. These included a crown and a root canal. I got the root canal first, then I was told that they don't do crowns. I signed up for this plan before the major surgery and they refused to refund my money. Besides, I was on pain medications and could not ask properly for a refund in their 30 window. These plans are worthless. Don't pay to this company. You won't be able to get your money back."

Where To Buy DentalPlans?

The company offers individual plans from $79.95 per year. Family dental plans cost $129.95 per year. Businesses and larger groups should contact DentalPlans directly for a specialized quote. After you have chosen a dental plan, you must pay for it fully before activation. Your annual fee will be automatically charged from your credit card. If you want to cancel the service, you will need to do it manually. The DentalPlans.com refund policies can vary by state. Usually, they offer a full refund if you cancel your plan within 30 days of activation, except for a $15.00 processing fee. After this period, you can be eligible for a lower refund if you haven't got the services in accordance to the terms in your contract. Unfortunately, many customers complain of failing to get a refund.

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about DentalPlans, this company seems to be worthless. The company seems to offer inexpensive dental plans but they don't prove to be a good alternative to traditional dental insurance. Many customers complain that they called the dentists from the list offered by the company, but none of them even knew about these plans. There are too many complaints claiming that dentists listed on the website never participated in the plans. So, there is no sense that the company offers a wide range of plan types with different coverage options. Activation takes place within three business days. Even though the customers are eligible for a full refund, few of them succeeded to get their money back. The processing fee is $15.00. DentalPlans.com is not dental insurance, so it cannot be applied to your current dental insurance plan. You cannot buy and use more than one plan at a single dental office simultaneously. With all this in mind, DentalPlans.com cannot be recommended to usage.