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Dessert Bullet

The Dessert Bullet is a kitchen appliance that promises to help you make dozens of natural desserts from ice cream and common fruits. The device is not large in size, thus, it can be kept on a kitchen countertop. The product is manufactured by Homeland Housewares, LLC based out of Los Angeles, CA. The device gives an opportunity to use healthy ingredients, which means that you can cut out sugars, fats, calories, and artificial ingredients. In this way, you will be able to eat healthier. The company also manufactures many other popular products such as NutriBullet and Magic Bullet. Homeland Housewares hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. There are few complaints within the last several years. Most online reviews about the Dessert Bullet are positive, though some of the complaints concern its high price and loud noise it creates when working.

The Dessert Bullet is considered to be "The 10-Second Healthy Dessert Maker"; however, it should be kept in mind that all ingredients need to be pre-frozen before using. Because the device is intended to use whole fruits, it is able to meet almost all dietary needs, including gluten-free, vegan, and/or diabetic individuals, as well as those suffering from lactose intolerance. With this food device, the final product will always be healthy and tasty. It is important to freeze your ingredients before usage. Plug in your device, and put it on a sturdy surface. A container below the Dispenser Cap will catch your dessert quickly. When you are finished, clean all of your Dessert Bullet parts in a dishwasher.

Customer Reviews - Does Dessert Bullet Really Work?

You can find a great number of customer reviews online about the device. There are both negative and positive opinions; however, the number of positive ones prevails significantly. People appreciate many features offered by the Dessert Bullet. It is easy to use and to clean. Due to its safety, it can be even used by children and elderly people. This kitchen appliance does not require much effort, thus, it can be easily used by weak people. The Dessert Bullet has a very compact size, so it doesn't require much space and can be kept on the kitchen countertop. But most of all, users appreciate the fact that this device can create really tasty fresh desserts. Many customers claim that this kitchen appliance is very durable and is made of high-quality materials.

One woman says that she fell in love with her Dessert Bullet as soon as she used it for the first time. It was so easy to use and did not create any loud irritating noise. This machine made a heavenly tasty vanilla ice cream. It had perfect consistency and an unforgettable flavor. In fact, it was very similar to the "real" vanilla ice cream. Her kids ate this dessert bullet creation with pleasure. The device can be used for many other recipes too. By the way, if you don't know any of them, the company takes care of you and adds a recipe book to the product. All of the recipes are low on calories, so you will not gain any weight.

Another customer writes that he purchased his Dessert Bullet for $39.00 from Bed, Bath and Beyond. The initial cost was $49.00, but the man used a coupon and decreased the cost to $39.00. It was a great deal compared to other places. He used bananas as the main ingredient for three different desserts. All of them were tasty. The man liked the desserts because they were low calorie and low fat. He says that it is a wonderful device for people who want to add more fruits into my diet and a wide variety of them. You can add some sugar and vanilla to your dessert. To clean the device just put its parts into a dishwasher. To understand whether this machine is really fantastic, let us have a look as some of the actual user reviews left online.

"I absolutely love this device! I have used the Dessert Bullet every day for six months already and it still performs as new. I do not always take bananas as a base for my dishes. These can be mangoes, strawberries, and pineapple. In fact, you can use any soft fruit. Be sure you will get a tasty and healthy dish. It always comes out very smooth in consistency. What I like most of all about this product is that it can be cleaned very fast and easily. I bought my bullet from Bed Bath and Beyond with a 20% coupon. I have no complaints or regrets."

"I have two small children (two and four years old). One of them cannot have eggs and another one cannot have dairy, so the DessertBullet was a real salvation for us. Both of my kids like banana based dishes. I usually add berries and coconut milk to smoothies. We always have fun making new dishes with this device. We use it nearly every day and I don't mind as I can lose extra weight eating lots of fruit instead of chips or chocolates. Clean-up is just a breeze with a bottle brush. What I don't like is that I need to waiting for the frozen items to thaw a bit before usage."

"Health is the most expensive thing we have in our life and the Dessert Bullet is a great contribution into the health of my family. $80 is not a big price to pay, especially if you already have some health issues. I am a diabetic, which means I cannot eat candy bars, candies, or even ice cream. So, I had to substitute sugar with fruit and my bullet if of great help to me! My blood sugar doesn't increase at all. Besides, I can make my own ice cream. My sons like dishes made by this device too. They go in for sports and they need to consume a lot of vitamins. In general, I am pleased with my purchase."

My Final Summary

I find the Dessert Bullet a highly beneficial kitchen appliance as it offers a lot of advantages. It can be used for preparing a wide variety of fruit desserts, including ice-cream that is no less delicious than the traditional one. The device works a lot quieter, comparing with other devices of the kind, including Yonana. The Dessert Bullet has more power than other systems too. It can cook dishes of a smoother texture. This kitchen appliance is easy to clean and is dishwasher friendly. The Magic Bullet has no metal parts or teeth, so you can simply wash it under running water with no fear to cut your hands. You don't even need to use any detergent.

The Dessert Bullet has a pusher tube with the groove which can fit into the barrel well. It also comes with a big funnel on top, so that the fruit won't drop out of the barrel. The Magic Bullet comes with a recipe book, so you can experiment with cooking. Most people enjoy using it almost every day. They report that the device can boast great durability. Remember to put the fruit into the freezer before using them. This will ensure smoother consistency of the final product. I can certainly recommend the Dessert Bullet to all people who want to stay healthy longer.

Where To Buy Dessert Bullet In Stores?

If you buy your Dessert Bullet directly from the company's official website, it is currently priced at $79.96. You have an opportunity to do four payments of $19.99 plus free shipping and handling. The product can also be bought through traditional retailers such as Macys, Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohls, and more for as little as $60. Along with the Dessert Bullet itself, you will also get a "Naturally Delicious" recipe book as a "free" bonus.