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DeVry University

If you are a working adult with limited time who is looking to receive higher education or you are interested in learning environments, you can opt for online learning via DeVry University. This higher educational establishment can help you achieve your associate, bachelor's, and master's degrees in any of the provided fields through their real-world programs. The latter focus on your future career by improving your professionalism and enriching your knowledge in the field. Each of their courses is held throughout eight-week academic sessions which are provided all year round. You can choose to attend one of the college's nationwide campuses (more than 55), study online, or combine both variants. DeVry University has been in business for more than 80 years, thus, it has gained great reputation among students. We are going to discuss the university's degree programs, student feedback, costs, and so much more to help you make a wise decision.

In general, the institution offers a wide variety of different specializations and degree paths across six different schools in the country. The first one is College of Business and Management in which each program is created with input from major companies of the country in order to ensure successful business and careers of their students. Degree programs include Business Administration, Accounting (bachelor's and associate), Technical Management, and Management. You can also specialize in global supply chain management, business information systems, human resource management, etc. College of Engineering and Information Sciences emphasizes on the engineering program based on the claim that DeVry University has been a computing and engineering technology powerhouse for more than 80 years. Actually, they provided one of the first undergraduate degree programs in electronics engineering technology in the country. This college's programs include Computer Engineering Technology, Network System Administration, Network and Communications Management, and more. Other colleges of the university include College of Health Sciences, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of Media Arts and Technology, and Keller Graduate School of Management.

Customer Reviews - Does DeVry University Really Work?

Compared to other online universities available on the educational market, DeVry University seems to have very contrasting reviews on different websites on the Internet. Depending on where you are looking for reviews, you will find quite different opinions. There seems to be no middle ground; the students are either dissatisfied or are very happy with their experience. For instance, on Consumer Affairs offers 248 testimonial from DeVry students who gave the university a two-star rating. The most common complaint cited problems with financial aid for veterans. On the other hand, the university received an average four-star rating on and 3.9-star rating on The number of reviews exceeds 6,500 on these two websites. The most common compliments on these sites reference flexibility of class schedules at the university, high quality of education, and solid support from staff. Some of the complaints cited lack of improvement in job professionalism after graduation and high cost of education. However, the majority of reviewers re pleased with the price, though.

According to a 2014 US News article, employers are looking for employers with an online degree. It is a positive tendency for online learners, as they are able to quickly find a high-paid job at a reputable company. From a company perspective, the university had an A+ Better Business Bureau rating despite the fact that it had more than 150 closed complaints. Most complaints referenced financial aid difficulties but generally this is not the university's fault. The majority of students are happy with the programs offered by the institution. One student writes that he achieved his BS degree in Technical Management. He started studying when he was 48 years old and enjoyed his experience with DeVry. The man appreciated the compressed schedule but he confesses that it was rather hard for him to work. Nevertheless, he is proud of his degree. Here are some of the actual users' reviews available online.

"I recently graduated from DeVry university where I achieved my Bachelor's of Science in Multimedia Design and Development. I laugh when I see bad reviews about this university. I am sure these "students" have never studied there. If you don't want to work, do not even sign up for the course. If you can't find work after graduating, it is your fault, not the school's. Devry is a good school with a flexible schedule and is worth the money it costs. If you are interested in online learning, then you should give them a try."

"I had a positive experience with DeVryUniversity. I love the dedication of the faculty who are always ready to help people who want to succeed in studying. I chose this school because I needed more practice than learning, so Devry was a good choice for me. The university gave me all the resources I needed and I had no problems with studying at all. This school is an ideal variant for single working moms like myself."

"I attended Devry University after completing 2.5 years in the SUNY system. I learnt to program very well and appreciated the small class sizes. I have covered all the liberal arts courses and wanted to focus on the computer science which I completed quickly. Most of the teachers were polite and helpful. I got a good job after graduation and I have a 6-figure salary at present. I don't regret studying at this university. Now I have a good education."

My Final Summary

DeVry University is a worthy higher educational establishment that offers online learning. We have reviewed many popular online institutions and this university proves to provide high level of education to its students. Some students, however, find it a little expensive but the majority of them are satisfied with the price. This is a for-profit university. The students appreciate its flexibility in terms of schedule and programs, which makes this institution convenient for family and working people. After graduation, you are likely to be able to find a high-paid job in your specialty. If you wish to achieve a degree and high education, DeVry University can be a good choice for you. It is associated with a great number of positive reviews. With this in mind, I can recommend DeVry University.

DeVry University Pricing and Rates

Specific requirements can differ based on the program you choose. The first thing you will need to do is to submit an application to be able to attend an interview with an Admissions Advisor. The latter will help you with connecting you with financial aid, transferring qualifying credits, and securing transcripts. You will be given a Career Services advisor, as well as a student ID. This will enable you to log in to My Compass, a personalized portal that will demonstrate your college admissions process. After graduation, you will be provided with career support for free. The cost of your DeVry education will depends on the program you choose. In general, you are expected to pay about $609 per credit hour, from $10K to $28K for graduate programs, from $40K to $90K for associate and bachelor's programs, $25K to $40K for a Keller program. DeVry offers different financial aid options. For more detail concerning the cost of education, call at 866-338-7934 or check out their net price calculator.