DoorBot Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY DoorBot Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


DoorBot is a unique doorbell unit that has a microphone, camera, and speaker. All of these functions are encased in a single device that works with an app. The latter can be downloaded onto your tablet or smartphone to allow you to see a person who rings the doorbell of your house. According to the product's website, you can talk to the person on your doorstep even if you are thousands of miles away from your home. DoorBot works through your home's wi-fi network. As a result, your doorbell becomes a mini video-intercom system that continues working, no matter where you are. The device was invented by James Siminoff, who founded and sold some tech companies. DoorBot has attracted the attention of investors on show Shark Tank on the ABC TV. Siminoff says that he decided to create the device after he missed a package delivery that was very important to him. He could not hear the doorbell in his house.

The DoorBot company is based in Santa Monica. As it was already mentioned, DoorBot works over your wireless internet connection. When anyone presses the doorbell, the camera is activated and alerts you on your tablet or smartphone. You will log into the DoorBot app and communicate with the person at the door. DoorBot can alert many devices at once. You can have many DoorBots connected to the same device too. The unit itself is 2.3 inches wide and 5.68 inches tall. It is easy to mount and comes with a number of certain mounting screws, as well as a proprietary mounting screw. It means that you cna prevent theft.

Customer Reviews - Does DoorBot Really Work?

There are many users' reviews online, both positive and negative. What people like about the system is that it involves a moveable camera, housed inside a plastic bubble. It means that you can locate it to point any direction you wish. To power the device, you can connect it to the electrical system of your home through the wires or use the rechargeable battery. The latter comes with the system, by the way. It can be used for at least a year of regular use. Many users are pleased with the fact that the DoorBot comes with companion app that visualizes who has come to your front door. It also enables you to communicate with this person no matter where you are - at home or away. All you will have to do is to download the Android or iOS app for regulating the work of your DoorBot.

Most users are satisfied with the quality of the video. The system also offers a two-way talk feature. You will like the DoorBot style that will fit any house of office. The manufacturer has improved the product's performance significantly since it was first released. The device is not very big - it weighs only 8.1-ounce (230g) and measures 1.30 inches deep by 2.4 inches wide by 5.7 inches tall (3.3cm by 6cm by 14.5cm). Most customers are happy with its solid build and silver finish. Two installation options are available. Hardwire directly it to your doorbell cables to avoid any worries about low battery. You can also use a built-in battery that needs to be recharged once a year with the USB charger included to the package.

The setup process includes installation and takes about 20 minutes. You will need to download certain app onto your iPhone 5 to start the setup process. The device is compatible with iOS 6.1 or later and version 2.3 or later on Android devices. You can also create your personal account,. In general, DoorBot is easy to mount but if you have any concerns, feel free to contact the customer service. One of the company's representatives will gladly consult you on how to install and use the system. Some users use a strong two-sided tape to mount DoorBot to the door frame. If you want to mount it properly, you will need to use the screws added to the package. The app will instruct you to press the doorbell button; you will see the LED ring flash blue. Choose the DoorBot Wi-Fi network in your settings and let it connect. Now you can use the device. Here are some of the reviews left by DoorBot owners online.

"DoorBot is not a scam. I bought the device in 2016 and I still use it. I am happy with all the functions it offers. I often answer my DoorBot from work and from my car. The app works great. Sometimes I experience problems with the video but I think that's because of poor wi-fi connection. I hope the company will improve the product in future. It is basically good."

"I got DoorBot system in September 2016 if I remember correctly. I have not had any technical problems since then. The delivery was in time and I also received an email informing me of the delivery. That was very kind. I use the emailed link to track the work of my DoorBot. I called the customer service twice and every time I was politely answered all of my questions. The company is trustworthy and I recommend it to my friends."

"Doorbot is a good Home Automation system that involves a camera, doorbell, and intercom hybrid. I use the app to see live video of those who buzz my front door. I talk to them via two-way talk. I am not quite satisfied with the video quality, but the product is worth the money it costs. To my mind, it lacks the "hold to talk" button on the app. It would be much better with this function. I am sure that DoorBot is a wonderful idea."

My Final Summary

DoorBot is a perfect device for major homes, vacation properties and second homes. According to the promotional video, it lets the owner see who has come to the doorstep even if you are away. It’s also compatible with another device offered by the company named Lockitron. The latter can remotely unlock the door with one button. In contrast, DoorBot shows the video of visitors who are at the door and ringing the bell, so that you can even talk to that person. The device can also record the video for you to see who your visitor was. There are many positive consumer reviews about this device online. The product is especially effective when paired with a remote door lock device that allows opening and locking the door.

As it can be seen from customer reviews, most users are happy with this home automation system. It allows seeing the video of what is going on near your house. However, there is one drawback about DoorBot too. The device works with the wi-fi, that doesn't happen to be available in a simple home. In general, this is a solid idea that guarantees proper functioning of the system. Besides, it allows you to keep an eye on your second home. DoorBot seems to be pretty cool and I can certainly recommend it to buying.

Where To Buy DoorBot In Stores?

You can buy the device from the official website of the company. DoorBot costs $199 per unit. The shipping within the United States is completely free. International shipping is $20. The product does not come with a money-back guarantee, but it will be replaced if it is stolen for free. If you have any questions or concerns, call at 1-800-656-1918 or go to their official website that contains an extensive list of FAQs.