DoorDash Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


DoorDash is an online service dealing with the delivery of food from your favorite restaurants to your threshold, including options like The Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza Kitchen, LuLu's, Lyfe, and more. Due to the company's revolutionary logistics technology, they will deliver your food to you no more than 45 minutes. To use the service you will need to log on to the DoorDash official website (or use their Android or iOS app), place your order, and wait for your food. The order has no minimum size, by the way. Compared to traditional delivery services, you can schedule your order up to four days in advance. It is a great advantage for many users of the service.

DoorDash could drastically change the way you order takeout. Are there any similar companies? Is there anything that differentiates this service from the competition? Do they really provide a solid value? To answer these important questions, it is necessary to take a look at the ordering process and what real customers think about this service. It can be vital to consider other people's opinion before making your own decision. To begin, let's discuss the process of ordering food on the official website of the company.

Customer Reviews - Does DoorDash Really Work?

The ordering process is not difficult. Probably the fastest way to start using DoorDash service is to enter your address on their official website, or by choosing your neighborhood in the list under the name of each city. After that the DoorDash site will show you which restaurants are available in your area. At this point, you will see an average delivery time. It will be updated when you check out, based on the size of your order. Depending on when you place your order, the chosen restaurant might have the status of "Busy." It means that they won't be able to fulfill your order in time, as their current delivery time exceeds standards. They may not be accepting orders for that restaurant for a short period of time. At the time of our research, the company operated in the following cities: Atlanta; Boston Bellevue, WA; Dallas; Chicago; Denver; Indianapolis Houston; Los Angeles and LA Valley Minneapolis Manhattan and Brooklyn; Orange County, CA; San Diego; Phoenix; San Francisco and East Bay; Toronto; Silicon Valley; Washington DC and Vancouver, BC.

It is not difficult to begin your order. All you will need to do is to click on the restaurant you like. You will immediately see their menu. If the restaurant offers different menus at different times of the day, all options will be presented to you. After choosing your menu, you will see all available selections. If you like something, just click on the dish and choose the quantity. Don't forget to indicate what you would like to do if an item is not available (e.g. cancel entire order, refund item, contact you). Finally, add the chosen dish to cart. You may also enter some special instructions. After placing your order, it will be sent immediately over to the restaurant you have chosen. If you have selected a specific time, the company will send it over at an optimal time to ensure that your dish is hot and fresh.

If you take a closer look at the testimonials left by real users of DoorDash service, you will soon understand that the company has a very positive overall reputation among customers. People report that it is a wonderful service and the company works just fine. The food isn't always perfect but people are pleased with the service from the company. It is just wonderful! Food always arrives earlier than expected. Speedy delivery is the major advantage of the company. If you have any questions, just call the customer service and a polite representative will answer all of your questions and give some tips. The personnel do their job really professionally. Customers say that their service is very convenient. Usually the delivery takes just 30 minutes. Food is still hot and the fees are not too inexpensive. Let us take a look at the actual testimonials left by customers.

"Every order I have placed on Door Dash website always came either on time or even earlier. I am sure it may be different in certain areas, but personally I haven't had any problems. To tell you the truth, now I'm staying at a hotel on the top floor. The representative of the company has brought my order directly into my room even though I asked them to inform me when they are in the lobby for me to come down and grab it. I am grateful for such great service!"

"I am ordering from Doordash for the first time. I use the phone app that makes the process convenient and easy. The dasher who delivered food was very courteous and nice. He warned me about his arrival in five minutes while being on his way. I expected the delivery would be one hour but it was much faster. I was extremely satisfied to receive my food. I really don't understand who is writing negative reviews about the service."

"DoorDash service is excellent and delivery fees are quite reasonable. One driver in my location has dropped off some orders in recent months. He is very professional and always polite. I lie that my food is always delivered before the scheduled time. I live in a larger city and heavy traffic can have negative impact on the delivery. Nevertheless, my food has always arrived in time."

My Final Summary

DoorDash is a very convenient delivery service that makes getting food from some of the best restaurants fast and easy. The food is delivered right to your threshold. To my mind, this company is worth your attention. Placing a delivery order my come with some kind of cost (a tip for the driver). No matter how large your city is, you are not expected to wait more than 45 minutes until your food arrives. You will need to state your specific neighborhood when making an order online.

DoorDash appears to have a mostly positive online customer reputation. Many people strongly recommend this delivery service. The only disadvantage about the company is that if you are not satisfied with the service (even if it is the company's fault), you won't be able to get a refund. Still, taking into account all pros and cons of DoorDash, I do recommend this company to everyone who has no time to go to the restaurant but wants to eat tasty food.

DoorDash Pricing and Rates

How much money you will pay for DoorDash's delivery can depend on the agreement of the company with each restaurant. In any case, you will have an opportunity to review the cost before finalizing your order. Each restaurant pays a commission to the company. Some restaurants may pass the cost of this commission to their customers by increasing the prices for food. The delivery fee for the first order s just $1. After that, the delivery fee varies. For more information, go to the checkout page before finalizing your order. You will also be able to enter a tip and invite friends to earn credits in this section. There is a double delivery fee for orders over $100.