Dr Colorchip Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Dr Colorchip

Dr. ColorChip manufacturer is based out of Lake Park, FL and rated as number one by the Wall Street Journal. They offer a paint chip repair kit that promises to provide simple and fast professional repair with no paint blobs. According to the company, their product is easier to use than traditional touch-up pens or paint. Besides, their paint is guaranteed to be an ideal OEM match. The set is specially designed for cars that are old enough and need some repair of paint, as well as for relatively new ones but those that are used on rocky uneven roads. Such conditions will inevitably lead to chips of the paint on any car, no matter how good and expensive it is. If the hood, front bumper, and quarter panels of your car are a pastiche of scratches and chips, you certainly need the Dr. ColorChip set.

Highway miles will do a lot of harm to any vehicle. Scratches and chips are more visible on a car of dark colors. This kind of paint damage requires immediate treatment. Your car may not need a complete repaint, but still some areas may need your attention. This is another case when the Dr. ColorChip set will be of great help. That product has an official website where it can be bought for a very reasonable cost ($60). The kit comes with three different types of paint brushes, a microfiber towel, a removal solution, a nitrile glove and a bottle of paint. The paint will be custom mixed to perfectly match the factory paint of your car. Before using the set, you'll need to wash your car with dish detergent and let it dry thoroughly. Let us have a look at the use and reviews on this product more closely.

Customer Reviews - Does Dr. ColorChip Really Work?

There are many users' reviews on the product on the internet. Dr. ColorChip has no formal complaints. Most online reviews for the chip repair kit are positive. Some minor complaints are linked to the fail of the paint to fill in the chips. It seems to simply paint over them. Some users also find the amount of time necessary to complete the task quite long. However, most customers are happy with the product. According to the official website of Dr. ColorChip, this product can be used by anybody. You are expected to experience permanent results. This paint has high quality due to its unique formula that does not shrink, dries quickly, and lasts for many years. It perfectly works on metal, fiberglass, plastic, and most primed surfaces. This paint includes tri-coat (e.g. "pearl") and metallic colors. As it was already mentioned, Dr. ColorChip kit can be used to repair some types of narrow and small scratches.it means that it is effective for "road rash" and chips that are as small as a pencil eraser. No matter what type of paint damage you have, be sure to wash your car and let it dry completely before beginning the procedure.

People like the fact that there are two methods for using Dr. ColorChip. The first one involves applying the paint to each of the chips with a brush and smearing it with a glove to flatten it across the paint. The second method involves the use of a cloth to spread the paint across a wider area of a panel. This method is more useful for cars with severe road rash. You will need to let the paint dry for at least two minutes. Then it is necessary to pour some of the removal solution onto a microfiber cloth and wipe the paint off of the panel. It should be remembered that the paint won't stick to plastic, headlights or a clear coat finish. But it will remain behind in the cracks and crevices in your car's paint.

Another thing most customers of Dr ColorChip about this product is that the color match is always perfect. The paint is extremely easy to apply. Some users say that the company deserves an industry award for such a great product! It comes with detailed instructions that make the process just smooth. The drivers are very grateful for such a great solution for their vehicle issues. Another advantage is the low cost of such a big set. You will be impressed that the product works perfect. All orders arrive within several working days, so that you are expected to have a nice good-looking car just in one week. The process may take from several minutes to several hours, but the results are truly amazing. You are free to order a smaller or bigger kit depending on your needs. Let us have a look at some testimonials left by real users online.

"Thank you for the prompt delivery of the Dr. Colorchip sets. The paint match is perfect. I have bought a few kits for my cars and trucks including a white pearl tri-coat Lincoln MKZ. I was impressed that the product is really good. It fills the scratches and chips so slightly that they get simply invisible. In case of deep chips I used the set a few times until it was as good as new. The paint blends right in. If you love your car, this product is for you. You'll be impressed the way I am."

"DrColorChip is a great product. It does what it promises on the official website of the company. At first, I was very skeptical about it, as my motorcycle is black. But after watching some videos and reading many positive customer reviews, I decided to order the kit in the same color. I was really surprised that the product worked! It perfectly coped not only with the smaller scratches but also with the larger chips. I am extremely pleased with the results. Now I cannot see where the chips and scratches were. My motorcycle looks much better after this process. I would recommend this product to everyone."

"I am very happy with Dr ColorChip. I purchased the system directly from the company and implemented it immediately. After using the product, my car no longer required the services of an outside vendor. But what I am really pleased with is that I managed to sell it at a much higher price than I would with scratches. Its new owner hasn't even noticed anything on its surface. I will buy the system for my second car soon. Thanks for your help."

My Final Summary

I can certainly recommend buying Dr. ColorChip as this system has a lot of pros. It is extremely easy to use and offers permanent results for paint scratches and small chips on your vehicle. The product works well on most types of surfaces. Dr. ColorChip is mainly associated with positive online reviews from real users. These people find the product very beneficial for their car or other types of vehicle. The company's staff can thoroughly select the exact OEM color to match the color of your vehicle.

The official company's website is very thorough and informative. It provides helpful instructions how to correctly use the product. Common complaints on Dr. ColorChip include the fact that the paint does not always fill in chips. As a professional, I can say that this may occur with too deep chips. In this case, you'll need to use the product several times. Some users complain that the paint requires more time to dry completely. This may vary from case to case, but generally the paint dries very quickly.

Where To Buy Dr. ColorChip In Stores?

After selecting the right color, you'll have to choose from six different options. Dr. ColorChip costs $55.99. It includes SealAct, paint, squeegee, cotton blending cloth, glove, and brushes (thik kit will cope with 100 chips). Road Rash Kit costs $59.95 (a kit enough for 24 chips). Standard Touch-Up Paint Kit costs $49.95 (contains 1/2oz of paint). Basic Touch-Up Paint Kit costs $39.95. It includes 1oz of SealAct, 1/2oz of paint, 1 nitrile glove, 1 ultra paint brush, and 1 white blending cloth. Paint Refill (1 oz. bottle) costs $36.00. Paint Refill (1/2 oz. bottle) costs $28.00.

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