Dream Tents Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Dream Tents Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Dream Tents

Buying toys for your kids is a serious and responsible task, because you have to take into account many important factors including whether this or that item is appropriate for indoor play or for the outdoors. The indoor toys should be made in such a way as to keep the kids calm because of the constricted areas in which they entertain themselves. One of the latest items offered by the market is the Dream Tents. This product is geared to keep the child relaxed but at the same time is can bring a lot of excitement and fun. This is a small portable tent has an ability to pop up and fit onto their bed. It will help your child to create their own private space. It is a well-known fact that all youngsters like sleeping in a tent. This one is claimed to have a design that is quite simple and it covers only the upper portion of the kid's body (the pillow area). As a result, the kid gets the feel that they are sleeping in a tent but nothing is restricting their movement during the night.

This is an as seen on TV product, so it is associated with many loud claims. The promoters of Dream Tents say that it helps the kids to get prepared for sleep in a calm way. It is said to be suitable for youngsters who are afraid of the dark. The manufacturer claims that each tent comes with a built-in light for reading. Can this product really give your child a secure space to sleep in? Will it fit in any bed? We will answer these and more questions further in this review, but at first it is vital to take a look at the company behind the unit.

Customer Reviews - Do Dream Tents Really Work?

There are not too many testimonials from real customer online. Those present are mostly negative. The buyers often report that the tent came without light and was made of cheap materials. It is not difficult to set up. The tent attaches to the bed easily and quickly. When you want to make the bed or put it away you are not expected to face any problems. For storage you can just pop it under the bed. You can use it again next night. People who received their purchase with light are quite satisfied saying that their young ones are not afraid of the dark any more. There is no need to pull the blankets over their heads anymore. However, it seems to be just another innovative gimmick since the materials from which the Dream Tents are made leave much to be desired. At least the kids are happy due to some privacy they receive. Most of the kids who received this tent as a gift find it to be pure fun. They like to imagine as if they are out in the woods sleeping in a tent, but in reality they are safely lying in their beds. One of the last advantages of this tent is that it can be used for kids who share a room with another sibling. If the light works, they can read without disturbing each other.

Unfortunately, many customers report that Dream Tents are false advertising. At its finest the tent costs $20. A lot of people received a tent that does not include the reading light. But it can be bought separately for an additional $9.99. To make it glow you will need to buy their glow in the dark stickers that cost another $9.99 plus the $4.99 shipping. As a result, your tent will cost $45. You can return the product if you are not satisfied with it but it has to leek like new. Otherwise, you will not be refunded. The customer service department does not work as well as desired. The company's representatives are unhelpful in most cases. One woman writes in her review that her grandkids were very disappointed at the fact that there was no light for reading. That's false advertising. Some customers report that they were unsatisfied with long shipping times. The company seldom sends a confirmation email informing that the order has been sent. Total wait time from order to receipt may be three weeks. Children may be not as patient when waiting for their tent. You may face certain difficulties when setting up the tent, according to some reviews. For some beds, these tents appear to be too small. Let us take a look at the actual users' testimonials left on third-party websites.

"I don't like Dream Tents' official website. It is very poorly done and doesn't even clarify shipping. I cannot even check the quality of the cart I am going to buy. To my mind, it is not the type of company to give your credit card to. My friend ordered a tent for his kids but it doesn't include the reading light as claimed in the commercial. False advertising! I decided not to make a mistake buying this unit."

"I put Dream tents zero stars but the site changed it to three stars. That's completely dishonest. This company offers low-quality products. Besides, they should not sell anything online if they don't have it in stock! I was told that my purchase was on back order coming from China month after month. Then I finally cancelled my order. I do not recommend this company and their products. I went to Toys R Us and bought a bed tent from them. I am satisfied with everything."

"I bought four DreamTents for my grandchildren for Christmas and none of them came with lights, even though the manufacturer names this feature in the advertisement. I was so angry when I could not even cancel my order, I wanted to cry. I have wasted so much money! I think we need an action suit against this company. The money we get could be directed to a children's charity. Do not buy anything from this company ever!"

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about the Dream Tents, we are not ready to recommend this product to anyone. This can be suitable only for people who do not value their money and who just want to provide their kids with some fun. The unit proves to be useless since it does not perform its functions. The product does not feature light for reading as promised by the manufacturer. It is made from low-quality materials and costs more than the competition. If you experience problems when putting your kids to bed, you are advised to look for some other approach. Most people who have bought the Dream Tents don't appreciate their purchases in terms of the look and functionality. But if you would like to give your kids something to play with indoors you should look for a different toy.

Where To Buy Dream Tents In Stores?

The product can be purchased on the official website of the company or on a number of retail stores. One Dream Tent costs $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling. That's not cheap for a product of this quality. The cost of the unit may vary from store to store.