DroneX Pro Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE DroneX Pro Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

DroneX Pro

DroneX Pro is a precision engineered drone that is claimed to be specially manufactured for easy flying. The company behind this drone promises that it will fly perfectly while recording action shots on the move. It features a foldable structure and lightweight design, which makes it a perfect item for any adventure! The DroneX Pro was created by two engineers who are fond of drones. They were disappointed with the fact that the drones were too heavy and hard to fly. So, they created this light, compact, and easy to fly the drone without sacrificing the major benefits of best model. This is a firm and easy to control device that can record to your phone and live-stream. This unit is claimed to be one of the fastest drones of its size. It can fly at speed of twelve meters per second with a transmission distance of two kilometers. DroneX Pro is also easy to control due to the presence of Slo-mo Mode; Gravity Sensor; Panorama Mode. It is convenient for usage even by beginners.

The device comes with pre-programmed camera shots which are in-built for more convenience. These include the asteroid and the boomerang shot, so that even the least technical can have high-quality footage at one click of a button. You will have to install an app by scanning the QR code manually. After that, you will need to plug in the battery and connect to your drone. Start up the app and be ready to fly your drone in just ten seconds. The controls on this drone are intuitive and flying it feels natural, as the manufacturer claims. When the drone is in the air, you can use the built-in camera to take pictures and videos from different angles. You can also make selfies to capture an incredible moment easily. The pre-programmed modes are fun and exciting to use, so that you can create an action film is seconds. Let's take a look at what real customers are saying about the product.

Customer Reviews - Does DroneX Pro Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about this drone on third-party websites. The average rating is almost four stars, which means that not all customers are happy with their purchase. It is not as efficient and perfect as promised by the manufacturer. One man even calls it a toy despite many positive reviews about it. This drone will not fly in the slightest wind. He gave this product three stars saying that it should cost no more than $50.00. The longest flight time it had was seven minutes and it refused to work. The man adds that it is also hard to control. One customer reported that his DroneX Pro arrive broken (one of the four propellers, to be exact). The man returned the product but he is still waiting for his money back.

One young lady reports that she purchased the drone as a gift. It turned out to be just horrible. When she opened it to check she found out that it was broken already. Now the woman is requesting her money back. Another customer said that the device stopped working after only three days of usage. It worked pretty well for two days and her eleven-year old son loved it a lot. On the third day, it stopped lifting off the ground. One guy says that he used to have a Mavic pro which is similar to DroneX Pro but still works so much better. Video quality on DroneX Pro is far from 720, as it is stated. It is barely enough to consider it to be 420. Wifi is not so good too. He could never get decent video footage. When he flew it he had to recalibrate the settings; otherwise, it could fly its own way. In addition, battery life is only nine minutes. The device is definitely not worth $100.

They say, one can buy a better drone for $70 from Costco (with longer battery life, two batteries, and more efficient wifi. One woman complaints that she received the product that looked used. It was all scratched up and had spots like food grease on the side. The app is not user friendly and the battery did not connect right away to controller. Another buyer writes in his testimonial that it was his first drone. At first it flew high and stable but after two days two fans stopped working. The quality of the camera was good at first too, but then it got black after being used several times. The man cannot recommend DroneX Pro to other people. Let us take a look at the reviews left by actual users online.

"DroneX Pro is the worst drone I have ever used. Remote loses connection after 50 feet. Then the drone simply flies away and you have to follow it until it falls down when the battery is discharged. I actually bought two units and faced the same problems each time. I tried to be as careful with the second drone as I only could. I kept it not too high above the ground. All of a sudden it got 8 feet up, I lost connection and it left. It fell to the ground in two minute, even though it had new batteries and was fully charged."

"DroneX Pro is too small and its performance greatly depends on the wind. It can't be controlled and you have to run after it down not to lose control over it. My drone crashed on the sixth flight. I did not receive an extra battery for free, as I was promise for writing my positive review. They are liars!"

"DroneX Pro is cute but very small. It was difficult for me to understand the manual that came with the product. It was terribly translated into the English language. Besides, my iPhone X would not pick up its WiFi, making the phone app completely useless. Unfortunately, I cannot return this purchase back to the company. This is Chinese junk!"

My Final Summary

After having made a deep research of the DroneX Pro, this product cannot be considered as a worthy drone because it has many disadvantages. Most customers have reported that this device did not work as expected. The manufacturer provides a lot of promises in terms of this product's quality and efficiency; however, we have encountered a number of complaints from real users. The drone is frequently reported hard to control and link to one's phone. It can fly away in random directions on its own and you can easily lose it. Some customers also say that the unit is unable to gain altitude. Those who are well-experienced with flying drones can quickly assess the DroneX Pro. It seems that its back left motor does not work properly. The batteries leave much to be desired too. According to the customers' reports, maximum battery life is nine minutes at a time. Some people have informed that they received their products damaged or scratched. It is a frustrating experience to pay $100 for a product that does not meet the company's promises. If you are disappointed with your purchase, you are advised to return it to the company as soon as possible (if you want to get a refund, of course). Many unsatisfied customers are still waiting for their money back. With all these complaints in mind, I do not recommend DroneX Pro. The modern market offers a number of high-quality, portable, and reasonably priced drones for your to choose from.

Where To Buy DroneX Pro In Stores?

This drone can be bought from the official website of the manufacturer at the price of $99, (50% off deal online only). It is a rather reasonable price for this kind of a drone. After ordering the DroneX Pro from the site you will need to download the Drone app for free and connect to your smartphone (Android and iOS). After that you can start making footage of you and your close people. The drone can also be found in some retail stores online.