Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Reviews - What Is It?

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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Allergy is an innovation vacuum that never loses suction. This claim has been made by its vacuuming manufacturer repeatedly in the past. Earlier, it meant that the filter of this vacuum was made to last through a sucking up a container or two of dust without getting clogged to decrease its performance. Today, the device has lost its filter entirely, instead it holds water. I must say that the filterless approach really works. But how does this particular model with a brand new vacuum technology, justify itself when compared to other modern vacuums? Yes, absence of a filter is cool, but it means saving just a few minutes of time every 6 months. How does this feature the functionality of this vacuum? To answer these questions, let us have a closer look at the design and features of the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Allergy.

The advantages of the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Allergy don't show up for a while. At first sight, it resembles the DC65 Animal Upright very much but when you study it more attentively, you'll find out a number of differences. The body of the vacuum is located on the ball for better maneuverability. The top of that ball holds a dust bin that can be easily removed with a single push of its big red button for fast emptying. You can carry the whole vacuum with easiness due to the handle on the bin. When you need to use the vacuum, you can recline the back with no buttons. You'll need to pull it down to fold up and out the little plastic wheels on the vacuum. These wheels function as a kickstand. There is a power button near the button to flip the brushroll off for hardwood floors. That ball base can be rolled away with ease. Raise the handle again when you're done, and the wheels will lock the device in place.

Customer Reviews - Does Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Really Work?

There is an immense number of customer reviews online - both positive and negative. But the number of positive testimonials still prevails. It means that generally people are satisfied with the product. However, it would be right to take a look at the features which are appreciated by the users most of all. For instance, many users were impressed with nine different tools added to the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Allergy me. These tools allow you to clean upholstery, crevices, pet hair, and round out the machine. Thus, you can use it to clean just about anything. As a matter of fact, this vacuum doesn't hold any surprises in its design. It does include a variety of attachments, but the outer design of a new model is similar to that of an old one. The creators decided to fit the new model into the traditional Dyson frame too.

Another feature that users like about this machine is its usability. As the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Allergy uses the same frame as the DC65, we faced the same tendencies in functionality of the device. The plastic pieces feel firm and steady, the back of the vacuum seems to click in place reliably. So, you should not be afraid that your vacuum will fall over. The pivoting wheels function as a kickstand very smoothly and kick into place reliably. Some users, however, can notice a strange quirk, but this is just another piece of evidence that the wheels lock into place. The click is a good indicator. These advantages made many users recommend the Dyson to usage in their reviews. People are also satisfied with the reasonable price of the vacuum, saying that it is worth each penny.

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Allergy is a good machine in terms of day-to-day functionality. We ran the vacuum across low- and mid-pile carpets, as well as hardwood floors to test it. The vacuum showed good functionality in picking up small particles including sand. We additionally tried out the vacuum's ability to deal with large messes involving fruity cheerios and pet hair. It demonstrated its abilities to clean up quite well. By the way, the Dyson Big Ball Animal Allergy includes attachments to make these tasks easier. The brush roll tangled longer hair just a few times, but shorter clumps did not get stuck in the bristles or in the corner of the vacuum head. Let us have a look at what people are saying about this machine.

"Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal is a wonderful vacuum that meets all of my needs in cleaning my home. It comes with removable and replaceable parts which makes it possible to avoid buying a new vacuum. It is reasonably priced and is worth each dollar. This device can easily clean my dogs' hair. It is easy and convenient in usage. I am happy with my purchase. I recommend it to all people who have pets."

"I ordered the DysonCinetic Big Ball Animal Well only two months ago but I am already very happy with my purchase, especially when compared to my previous vacuum. I had to fix it very often and its suction was much weaker. Dyson is worth the extra cost, it perfectly works on different types of surfaces. Separate attention should be given to the longevity and reliability of this vacuum. Our first Dyson lasted eight years with no special maintenance. I replaced the brush motor only once. Now we are experimenting with a new Dyson. It is even better, I must admit."

"I've had a Dyson for a few years that I bought at Costco for $279 or so. It was a good deal but I wanted to check out the brand more, that is why I ordered the newest model - Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal. And I am very happy with it. The device works well, features great suction and requires no additional maintenance. I only wash it every three months. What I am not quite satisfied with is that it is a bit difficult to use the hand held extender. But in general, the vacuum is worth buying."

My Final Summary

Summing up, I would recommend the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Allergy vacuum to usage. There are many good points about this vacuum. It never loses suction due to its special construction. The device works perfectly with fine particles and even bested the competition at deep cleaning. The system is associated with a number of positive users' reviews; however, there are some minor complaints. It seems to be expensive to some customers; however, it is worth each penny. A cheaper vacuum won't perform as well. The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Allergy is convenient to use, even though it has an innovative technology. This device does justify its price and is capable to compete with the best vacuums on the market.

Where To Buy Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal In Stores?

The vacuum of this model is available on the company's official website that sells it for $600, and the Animal for $550. Currently, you can purchase any of the models from Dyson's website. At the same time, the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Allergy can be found on major retailers. For example, Amazon offers the product for $489.99 and free Shipping. Bestbuy.com sells this vacuum for $489.99. Its initial price was $599.99, so you are saving $110, which is a good deal.