Dyson DC65 Reviews - What Is It?

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Dyson DC65

Dyson DC65 is one of the latest models from the Dyson organization that offers the most innovative products. It is actually available in three model types for you to choose from depending on your household requirements and individual needs. The basic systems are the same but they differ in extra tools and accessory packs. This allows the consumer to tailor to their individual conditions. The Dyson DC65 Animal Complete includes such attachments as a soft dusting brush, combination accessory tool, stair tool, Zorb powder, stiff bristle brush, tangle-free turbine, tool multi-angle brush, and a tool storage bag. The Dyson DC65 Animal doesn't feature the Zorb powder, multi-angle brush, stiff bristle brush, or the tool storage bag. The Dyson DC65 Multi Floor doesn't have a multi-angle brush, tangle-free turbine tool, soft dusting brush, stiff bristle brush, Zorb powder, or tool storage bag.

The Dyson DC65 offers 25%+ more suction power than other models, which is why it is the most powerful upright vacuum cleaner available on the modern market. It has no cord but can boast high scoring. The machine has higher suction power due to the patented Radial Root Cyclone Technology it uses, as well as a reconfigured brush bar responsible for cleaning dust, pollen, mold spores, and dirt. The cyclone inlets and vortex fingers have been refined to improve the suction and airflow. This re-configuration assists to support stable air pressure and decrease turbulence in the outer cyclones. This helps the inner cyclones to remove more microscopic particles.

Customer Reviews - Does Dyson DC65 Really Work?

Most people who have purchased the Dyson DC65 are truly impressed with the suction and power it features, even when the dust canister is filled. As it was already mentioned, this machine works due to the Radial Root Cyclone Technology and comes 95% pre-assembled. So, as soon as you get it, you may start using this many users are really happy with the product. There are few minor complaints, though. Amazon.com contains a great number of reviews of the unit's users who say that they are pleased with the product. One woman said that she shaved her fluffy dog and its hair was everywhere. A smaller vacuum of hers didn't really clean it up. The dog's furry hair was stuck to everything, so the woman pulled Dyson DC65 out and was amazed with its job. Despite the collection tank was full, it still has powerful enough to clean the hair thoroughly.

The Dyson DC65 is the most powerful upright vacuum cleaner available on the modern market, but some customers do not believe this until they try the machine themselves. The best feature of this model is undoubtedly the re-designed cleaning head that can operate well against walls and baseboards where other cleaners miss. One man from Amazon.com said that his rug tassels didn't get tangled as he used the machine over them. He claimed that it was the most powerful vacuum he had even tried in his life. He actually had to hold the vacuum back when the rug beater was running. It is that powerful. He was impressed with the edge cleaning mechanism.

The company behind the product, Dyson, has been making vacuums for many years already. These are easy to recognize models due to the exceptive maneuvering feature. The vacuum can be easily used to clean up around objects and pieces of furniture within your home. One of the reviewers on Amazon.com demonstrates how happy one woman was with the soft ball that didn't hurt her toes. However, she admitted that maneuvering the ball takes some time to get used to it. It also requires some balance and strength in your arms and wrists. The best thing about the ball was when the woman rolled it over her foot, it didn't hurt her. Another customer on Amazon had researched different models of vacuums for a few months before he stopped his choice on Dyson DC65. What he liked about this model was its turbo head brush and incredible suction. He has two cats and two dogs who live indoors, that is why he was amazed with how good this vacuum cleaner was. Let us have a look at a few real users' testimonials left online.

"Dyson DC65 is the best purchase we have ever made online! Actually, it was my partner who brought this vacuum cleaner for my birthday. I requested such a gift beforehand. We have two white dogs and black carpets, so you can imagine what they look like after a few days. Our old vacuum was too weak to remove pet hair. We needed a really powerful vacuum. The suction power of this machine is just out of this world. It is worth the money it costs. The vacuum is very easy to use and push."

"I love my Dyson dc65 dearly. I bought this vacuum after my previous Dyson died after twenty years of serving me. At first, I was a little disappointed that the choice of available models was not very big, but finally I found that this vacuum was perfect for my needs. It has great suction and is easy to use. The only complaint of mine about the vacuum is that could be quieter. However, most vacuums are loud too. Thus, I would recommend this machine to everyone."

"Dyson DC65 is a great product. It is ergonomic and has a number of extras that make this machine ideal for any home, even that with long-haired animals. It lives up to the reputation of-nothing-is-left-behind. It features great suction and an excellent extendable wand. It is a bit heavy for me but lightweight vacuums don't demonstrate the same performance. So, I am happy with my purchase."

My Final Summary

Dyson DC65 is the vacuum cleaner that is highly appreciated by its users due to the power and maneuverability it possesses. There is also an extra-long power cord and hose, which makes the machine incredibly convenient, especially for cleaning the stairs. A long hose makes it possible to reach higher places, skirtings, etc. It is a great choice for people who have a large house as it vacuums perfectly on carpets and timber floorboards. The device includes certain attachments that make the vacuum even more beneficial. Emptying Dyson DC65 is easy and doesn't create any mess around.

Most customers claim in their testimonials that Dyson DC65 is super easy to maneuver around the house and very comfortable to use. Its plug sits tight and snuggly in any extension lead or powerpoint. It means that it will not flop out easily. The Brush Bar of the vacuum can penetrate deeper into carpets, removing more dirt while maintaining great cleaning performance over any surfaces including hard floors (tiles, wood, stone, vinyl, and granite). Summing up, it is necessary to say that the Dyson DC65 is a really great vacuum for picking up any debris including sand and grit. I can recommend this versatile vacuum to usage.

Where To Buy Dyson DC65 In Stores?

Dyson DC65 is available on the official website of the manufacturer, as well as on the number of reputable retail stores. The cost may slightly differ from store to store. Amazon sells the unit for $246.99 plus free shipping.