Egglettes Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Egglettes Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Egglettes are silicone containers in the shape of small glasses with lids meant for boiling eggs without shells. The item uses a two-piece design for cooking hard-boiled, soft-boiled, and mini-omelet eggs in a few minutes. According to the manufacturer, you will not need to worry about broken egg whites and messy shells. All you will need to do is to crack the egg into the nonstick silicone pod, put on the lid and boil your egg on the stovetop. You can pop it out when done. The device has a dishwasher safe design that claims to make cleanup easy. The main idea behind Egglettes is completely comprehensive but does that mean that they will really deliver on the company's claims? Are there better options available on the market? Let's try to answer these questions by taking a look at what we know about manufacturer of this item.

Egglettes are a brand new product crated by the company called Idea Village. Their headquarters are based out of Wayne, NJ. This company has been manufacturing different As Seen on TV products since 2009. Some of them include Micro Touch One Razor, Yes! by Finishing Touch, Copper Fit, and Snackeez. Idea Village held a B rating with the Better Business Bureau with only four consumer reviews and about 100 closed complaints. Most of these complaints revolved around products that didn't work as promised, high cost and difficulty obtaining refunds. At the time of our research, we encountered only a few customer reviews of a mixed character. Let us take a closer look at what real users are saying about the product.

Customer Reviews - Does Egglettes Really Work?

There is a great number of real customers' reviews about their experience of using Egglettes. We have met both positive and negative opinions, but the negative ones seem to prevail significantly. The most common complaints referenced poor performance, difficulty getting a refund and high price. Many customers did not find the device to be easy to use, since it takes much time. It is much easier and faster simply to boil an egg using a traditional method. One user writes in her review that the lid fights her when she is putting it on. If a small lid is under the water, the entire thing will get to the side and continue. The woman asks everyone not to buy this thing, it works like crap! Many other people also say that this product is a waste of money. They say that eggs do not come out like they are shown in the commercials. One customer called that customer service to get her money back but she was rejected. She is sure that this is another scam product. She feels disappointed.

Another woman describes that when she tried Egglettes for the first she thoroughly oiled the cups with oil. Then she dropped the containers into the pot with water to boil eggs. According to the woman, the egglettes did not float upright or settle to the bottom; they floated sideways, so she had to fix them with a spoon all the time. She had screwed on the caps, but egg whites still leaked onto the sides and into the pot. It seems that the seal is not tight enough. The caps were had to clean, even after she soaked them in water for three days. There was a lot of mess. The user even used a knife to scrape out the eggs stuck to the cap. Her husband tried them again, generously oiling the collars and caps. But he did not get perfect results either. The couple is looking for another device of the kind. They say Crisco works much better. As soon as they buy new items they are going to throw Egglettes into the garbage.

A woman named Nancy confesses that she couldn't use a regular 6-quart saucepan to prepare eggs as they touched the bottom. So, she got out her big pot and filled it with water. The woman sprayed oil into the Egglettes abundantly, but after removing the cooked eggs, all six of them have a mess of stuck-on egg inside. This takes a lot of effort and time to get the remains out. She just wants to throw them away; not to waste her time on cleaning the items out every time after using them. Another complaint the woman has is that the egg salad she prepared doesn't taste the way it usually does. Both the taste and texture are different, probably because of the oil on them. The flavor is compromised. The buyer doesn't think that these items are worth using. She is going to give them another try by reading some of the things online. At present, the woman is not pleased with her purchase. The large pan requires much time and work to clean it. It is much easier to boil eggs and peel the shells off in a traditional manner. She feels ripped off, and she is debating on sending the items back together with eggs stuck on inside. So, most users are not ready to recommend Egglettes to others. Let us take a look at the actual customers' reviews left online.

"These egglettes are horrible even though the idea is great. The containers do not stand upright in the water and the majority of eggs leak out into the water. The company needs to make a lot of changes in their items. The idea deserves respect. I have a few pieces of advice. The container bottoms should be heavy so they don't flip to the side. The containers themselves should be leak proof. I am very disappointed with this product's bad execution."

"Egglettes do not work as described. I purchased two sets of the stuff from the official website. I waited for more than six weeks after placing the order. I thought it would be a good product but I was wrong. I followed all the directions. After I took out the cooked eggs, there were still small amounts of egg stuck to the inside. I spent a lot of time on washing the mess out, which was not as simple as I initially thought. I will not use these items any more, I will boil eggs in the old fashion way. The egglettes are going in the trash."

"Egglettes are not worth buying. I don't like the idea of oiling these inside, since the taste and structure of eggs changes drastically. Then I have to scrap the egg out of a plastic shell. Eggs stick on the containers' walls. It's faster and easier to peal the boiled egg itself with no need to clean the container. What a waste of time and money! I would not recommend this product to a friend!"

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about Egglettes, this product seems to be a waste of money. Based on customer reviews, you will need to spend a great amount of time on oiling the containers, preparing the eggs, removing them from containers and finally cleaning all the mess left inside each item. Many users feel disappointed in their purchases. Besides, they report that this way of preparing eggs completely changes their taste and structure. The reason may be the need to oil the container before pouring the egg into it. Afterwards you will have to scrub each container thoroughly. With all this in mind, I would not recommend Egglettes! My advice is to stick to the traditional ways of cooking eggs or choose some other product of the kind. We encountered several similar products during our research, such as poached egg holders and electric steamers. Some of them are much cheaper than Egglettes.

Where To Buy Egglettes In Stores?

One set contains six Egglettes and costs $14.99, plus $3.99 shipping. Each set comes with a free recipe booklet with a variety of omelet recipes and egg dishes, as well as a bonus microwave egg sandwich cooker. Idea Village offers a 60-day refund policy, which can be requested by calling at the customer support department at 855-355-0416.