Ego Blower Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Ego Blower

EGO Blower is an electric blower that promises to provide the performance of a gas powered motor without any fuss, noise, and fumes. It works on an interchangeable 56V lithium-ion battery that offers 40% more power than the leading 40-volt battery. The EGO Blower has no cord; nevertheless, it exceeds the performance of gas. This machine can be effectively used for cleaning your yard from leaves due to its high performance. The lithium-ion battery is the industry's most powerful battery. It can be used with other EGO's products, mainly with the Power Plus Lawn Mower. EGO Blower provides up to one hour of constant working, but it can be recharged in just about 40 minutes.

Here are some of the speeds of the EGO Blower: High Efficiency - blows at 250 CFM, High Power - blows at 385 CFM, Turbo Boost - blows at 480 CFM. According to the manufacturer, the machine features low vibration output to significantly reduce your fatigue and to prolong the battery's life. Another advantage of this device is its design - the machine is extremely compact and lightweight. Besides, the EGO Blower has a blower tube with a very large diameter that maximizes air flow. The intake is located on the bottom of the device, so you won't have to worry that your clothes might block the air flow.

Customer Reviews - Does Ego Blower Really Work?

Overall, the EGO Blower seems to have a positive reputation among its users. At least, this is what can be seen online, where most customers are highly pleased with its ease of assembly, use, and maintenance. People are happy with its powerful but at the same time quiet motor, better performance than that of many other electric blowers as well as variable speeds. However, the EGO Blower has some customer complaints too. The most common ones are related to the high price compared to its competitors. But it is up to each customer to decide whether they are ready to pay money for a high-quality product. Some users say that the device may blow debris in different directions, while others claim that it is not quite true. Maybe, one needs to carefully read the manufacturer's instructions before using the unit. But if the problem remains, it is recommended to narrow the end of the nozzle for better control. Some users say that EGO Blower is a bit heavier than its competitors; however, it means that it is made from high-quality materials. Still, the difference in weight is not very significant.

The users are quite satisfied with the batteries that come with the product. These work for about one hour of constant unit's operation. It is very easy to recharge the batteries. If you get defective units, the company will replace them quickly for free. But these cases are too rare. Most customers report that the battery life is as advertised. It may depend on the setting, though. The lowest the setting, the longer batteries will operate. Overall, people find EGO Blower to be an excellent product. It can be effectively used for plant areas of large size, for cleaning between the aisles and under the plant tables. You will like the turbo button that can easily clean wet areas, or the places covered with rocks or pebbles. It is reported that the device features the easy start with no need to pull a cord several times.

EGO Blower is especially appreciated by those who have used a gas powered blower. This machine would vibrate their hands to death. It is also very loud. EGO Blower has a quiet motor. You can hear slight noise coming from the sound of the moving air. It is better to have a second battery if you have to clean a really large area, or if you use the turbo button mainly. Overall, most user consider EGO Blower to be a great product and would recommend it to their friends. Let us have a look at some testimonials left by true users of the product online.

"Ego Blower is a great product! It is very easy to use and it works as advertised. I am very happy that it doesn't smell like gas when using the device. This blower is also awesome for the reason that its batteries can last long enough for me to clean a large area outdoors! I have owned the appliance for three years and it still works like a dream. I am completely satisfied with the power of this unit. I can certainly recommend it to my friend."

"I bought my EGO Blower last summer to replace my corded Black and Decker. I am pleased that this machine is cordless and works on batteries. Despite this fact, it has more power than the corded ones. Besides, it is easier to use and maintain. The only problem I faced was placing the battery correctly, but it turned out to be easy after I read the instructions. The device works well for leaves and I also used it to for blowing snow off the deck. But it works a bit worse with the wet snow."

"I am 68 and I have an oak-tree-covered property. There are tall oaks around my house. I was looking for something that is simple, quick, and effectively does the job. Ego Blower met all of my expectations. I ran it on turbo with a fully charged battery. The machine lasted over thirty minutes and it was enough for me to clean the area. The next charge ran 45 minutes. It takes only about 20 minutes to charge up. In general, the device works pretty well."

My Final Summary

If your yard is going to turn yellow very soon, it will probably be covered with a layer of leaves. But cleaning them can be easy with the EGO Blower, a system that works on batteries, so you won't need to use these long-corded machines. The manufacturer advertises up to one hour of run time, but in reality, this term may vary depending on the power used. You can expect about 60 minutes of run time on the lowest setting and about 45 minutes on the Turbo setting. This device proves to be effective not only for small areas but for medium-sized and even large areas. EGO Blower promises to clean up debris from your yard fast and with minimum efforts. You may need more time if you have excessive debris to pick up. You may also need two battery cycles to do the job.

Another advantage of the EGO Blower is its reasonable cost. While some people may find this device quite expensive, it is worth the money it costs due to the advantages it features when compared to its competitors. The system seems to be very durable. The battery life is usually enough to completely clean your yard of medium size. The device is lightweight which makes its usage easy and convenient even by elderly people. The EGO Blower is expected to handle most of your yard duty chores, including snow and leaves. If you traditionally use a gas-powered blower, it is high time to try more innovative inventions. Taking into account all pros and cons of the EGO Blower, I can recommend this device to usage.

Where To Buy Ego Blower In Stores?

The EGO Blower is available through Home Depot (where it is worth $199) and Amazon. The 2.0 Ah battery is priced at $129, and the upgraded 4.0 Ah costs $199.00. A standard charger is priced at $69.99 and the 30-minute charger will cost you $99.99. The product comes with a 5-year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. The company offers a 3-year warranty for batteries and chargers. EGO Blower also comes with a 90-day return policy.