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Eight Mattress

The Eight Sleep Mattress is able to change the way you sleep due to its tracking technology that has been just presented to the public. The company behind the product is called Eight Sleep. The mattress has been designed with the goal of meeting a wide number of sleeper's needs and improving their sleep. The sleep tracking technology is combined with the high comfort layers. Let us take a look at the construction of the Eight Mattress. This 10" all foam mattress contains four separate layers. Top layer is made from 2" of reactive poly foam that offers both the comfort and cooling effect of for the sleeper. This foam is very responsive to movements, so that sleepers can benefit from the comfort and a faster response time. The mattress does not create a stuck feeling.

The second layer consists of 2" of memory foam that is more responsive than the top layer, but it does not leave the sleeper feel like stuck in the mattress. The third layer is made from 2" of transition foam and is designed to give support to the sleeper above the denser base layer. Bottom layer is 4" high density support foam that is meant to provide deep compression support for the sleeper. It also helps to maintain the integrity and shape of the mattress. The cover of the Eight Sleep Mattress is simple but nice. It consists of 100% polyester that makes it highly breathable, elastic and soft. Besides, the cover is very thin to better demonstrate the implemented sleep tracking technology.

Customer Reviews - Does Eight Mattress Really Work?

You can find a number of users' reviews on the product online. Fortunately, most of them carry a positive character. The first thing people get in love with is the aesthetic side of the mattress. Its cover is characterized with an all-white color scheme. There are small pores running along the top part of the cover. In general, the mattress looks very elegant and delicate. The thin cover allows the tracking system to provide all of its benefits. Therefore, the company decided to avoid making a fancy cover. Their users need to focus on the technology more than on the aesthetic look of the mattress. Most customers are satisfied with the firmness of this product as it is about middle of the road. In fact, it comes in at 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This makes the Eight Sleep mattress suitable for most users.

Another thing that people like about this mattress is that it offers a balanced feel. The sinkage levels are well-combined with the support and pressure relief characteristics of the product. The mattress offers a good combination feel between memory foam hug and responsiveness. The top responsive layer creates a light hug and contour, but at the same time is well-responsive with the bounce of the top layer. The customers are pleased with the support provided by the mattress. They claim that they are able to sleep well in different positions - on the back, stomach, and side. No matter in what position you prefer to sleep, your body will be equally supported. This is provided by the combination of responsive top, memory foam core and transition foam. The contour is not so deep, while 4" of comfort foam and 2" of transition foam provide great support and comfort for sleepers of all weight categories.

Another compliment of users concerned the cooling effect this mattress offers. The reactive top layer prevents creating an enveloped feel within the mattress, so there is no heat created around your body. Besides, the porous and thin cover contributes to its breathability. It is not the coolest mattress available on the market, but sleepers with cooling needs find this mattress very comfortable. Bounce and motion transfer are another positive thing about this mattress. While poly foam top layer is more reactive, you can enjoy medium bounce that provides good motion transfer features. This mattress may seem a little bouncy to sleepers who wake up easily when their partner changes their sleeping position. To understand whether this mattress can really improve your sleep and sleep habits, let us take a look at the actual testimonials from real users of the product.

"It was very easy to install the sleep technology in the Eight Mattress. Once it was on my bed frame, I put the sleep tracker sheet over the mattress. After that, I had to clip in one end of the tracker to the sheet's upper left hand corner and plug the opposite end into the wall outlet. I did it fast and painless. The sleep tracking system was installed. Overall, it took me about five minutes. I can now enjoy great night sleep on my new mattress."

"I prefer to sleep on a very soft mattress, but my husband likes a much firmer surface. We have tried several mattresses within the last ten years but none of them met the needs of both of us. Ordering the Eight Mattress and I was a little concerned about its "medium" firmness. When we received it we started testing it. For me it seemed a bit too firm but for my husband it seemed the most comfortable mattress he has ever slept on. So, I agreed to sleep on it. Believe it or not, but after a few nights I got used to this mattress and now I find it rather comfortable too. My only complaint is that I hate getting out of bed every morning."

"We received our Eight Mattress a month ago and were impressed with this foam mattress. My husband liked it the first night he slept on it. He had been suffering from back pain from our previous spring mattress, but this mattress relieves his pain significantly. After about a week, my husband got rid of his severe back pain. At that period of time, I was in my second trimester of pregnancy and also had some aches and pains associated with it. Due to our new mattress I have no problems sleeping comfortably any more. I am going to give birth to my baby soon and I still feel comfortable on this mattress."

My Final Summary

All things considered, the Eight Mattress is a mattress that uses intriguing technology. It provides great contour and hug from the memory foam core, but still offers a good level of bounce and response due to the top layer. These two layers work perfectly together to create a pleasant feel. The sleep tracking technology allows you to identify your sleeping habits and analyze your sleep in general. So, you can an opportunity to improve the quality of your sleep.

I would recommend the Eight Sleep mattress to those people who are looking for a medium firm mattress. This product brings home 6 out of 10 firmness, which makes it suitable for people with different sleeping habits. It is a quite responsive mattress as its top layer consists of responsive poly foam that provides good hug and contour. However, you will never feel stuck or enveloped by the mattress. The Eight Sleep mattress provides a balanced feel that contributes to the good sleep. If you want to improve your sleep, this mattress can be helpful.

Where To Buy Eight Mattress In Stores?

This mattress starts at $699 for a full size model, and it costs $999 in combination with a tracker. A queen can be bought for $799 solo or $1,099 with a tracker. The king is available for $949/$1,249. No matter what model you will choose, each mattress contains reactive foam, transition foam, memory foam, and support foam. The Eight Sleep comes with a 10-year limited warranty in addition to a 100-night trial with free returns.