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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Empower Retirement

Empower Retirement is a company that intends to revolutionize workplace retirement savings. The members of its staff believe that people are more than a one-size-fits-all solution. This is the reason why they have created a unique approach to retirement planning associated with simplification, personalization, and exceptional service. Due to this approach the company has grown into the large workplace retirement savings company in the nation. The company is headquartered in metro Denver and has numerous offices around the country which are intended to help millions of Americans to build a better financial future. At present, Empower Retirement administers $610 billion in assets for over nine million participants of the retirement plan. The company serves all segments of the retirement plan market: private-label record-keeping clients; small, midsize and large corporate 401(k) clients; government 457 plans; non-profit 403(b) entities; and Individual Retirement Account customers. To get more details visit www.Empower-retirement.com. If you want to know more about how the company empowers plan sponsors and their participants, call them at 800-719-9914. The difference of their retirement planning is that they have a completely different approach to retirement planning. They intend to help people replace the income people made while working promising a better retirement experience. Empower Retirement offers market leadership and scale, as well as a wide variety of services and products designed to help their clients complete their administrative responsibilities. The company also offers an innovative digital platform to enable the clients to see, manage and improve their plans. The menu includes over 1,000 investment options from reputable investment managers in the USA.

Customer Reviews - Does Empower Retirement Really Work?

Empower Retirement intends to put employees at the center by providing them with intuitive and innovative tools to help them enjoy financial wellness. The company features investment strategies and personalized communications to help employees have a positive retirement journey. Employees will be able to get professional help from licensed retirement reps who are trained to provide assistance when they need financial advice or transition out of a plan. A set of services is designed to simplify plan operations by helping your clients manage their administrative responsibilities. Empower Retirement uses data to ensure that employees get the necessary educational communications and notices. There is a wide menu of over 1000 investment options, as well as many services to make plan operations easier. Some of the most reputable investment managers in the country are employed at Empower Retirement. The Plan Service Center provides an easy-to-use digital hub that provides clients with the required information for them to manage their plan. The users are provided with analytical tools to monitor plan results, as well as a fiduciary archive with a complete record of all plan developments in order to protect plan fiduciaries. One can enjoy on-demand testing and reporting to view plan success.

We have made a thorough research of Empower Retirement and encountered a great number of testimonials from the company's clients. We studied them in detail and found out that the majority of clients are happy with their experience with the company, first of all, because it provides a wide variety of information services. Besides, if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the company by telephone or web. There is also Live Help. You can contact a Client Service Representative at KeyTalk between 5 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Alaska Time, Monday through Friday by calling at (800) 232-0859. The company's reps are always ready to help you no matter what kind of questions or concerns you have. There is also automated help called KeyTalk. It is a toll-free telephone service that serves to help you access your account any time of the day or night. You just need to call at (800) 232-0859. KeyTalk functions include: current account balance, unit values or share prices, interest rates, account balance by fund, recent transaction history, fund allocation, change investment fund allocation, rebalance portfolio, transfer among investment funds, order a copy of existing PIN, change a PIN.

To understand how Empower Retirement actually works, it is vital to take a look at what actual clients of the company are saying about it. Thus, one guy reports that he has had a 401(k) account with the company and one of their previous companies called Great-West. He has been happy with the customer service and websites of both companies. Their 800# folks are pleasant to work with, which cannot be said about other financial type companies. Another man says that he changed jobs and rolled his 401k to his new in a month. His old firm changed their 401k providers and one of his dividends ended up at Empower. The client was pleasantly surprised that they sent him a letter informing this. The man called in and one of the reps researched the issue and found out why it happened. Maria called me back the same day to say that the rollover would start that day. It is good to know that someone at a 800 number cares about your situation and takes time to learn what happened to your account. The man likes such customer service! Here are some more testimonials from the clients of Empower Retirement.

"I had great experience with Empower Retirement. I am involved in a healthcare sphere and this topic was new to me. I have made a research on how to get the most out of my plan. I have learnt how to navigate the website, which was quite simple. I spoke to a company's rep named Alia Freitek. She helped me to get logged onto the system, showed me how to update my address and change my contributions. She explained everything to me in a patient way, which was especially needed as I did my calculations and figured out what contributions would be the most suitable for me. She explained the thing on the site I didn't understand, and noticed that I had no beneficiaries for my plan. This person was good at all details concerning the topic and made sure that I feel comfortable navigating the site."

"I have worked with Empower Retirement and remained happy with the service. The young man who has helped me is just awesome. He quickly understood what was the most important thing to me. He gave me exact directions on what to do when I needed this. His explanations were easy-to-understand and simple, so I was able to do everything as quickly as it was necessary. I thanked the man for his assistance and I added I would like to give him a tip. He thanked me back and said they were not allowed to take tips. I will definitely address him more if I need any help. anything happens. This is a great company with honest workers!"

"I am generally pleased with my cooperation with Empower Retirement. I decided to roll an old 401k over to my plan. To tell you the truth, I was worried before starting the process taking into account other people's reviews, butdecided to give it a try. And I have to say I was not disappointed. The company offers white glove service so I do not have any concerns anymore. It is not as difficult as it may seem. I called them and together with one representative we called my old plan. They gave me all the information on my old plan for me to complete the rollover. The rep even helped me to fill in a few forms. I do recommend Empower Retirement."

My Final Summary

Empower Retirement intends to take people on a positive journey to and through retirement. This is the second largest provider of retirement services in the USA. The company is committed to the provision of high-quality retirement services, with diversification and expertise across all plan types, market segments and company sizes. Empowering means delivering retirement services that can be personalized for each individual. They are accessible and easy to understand to enable you to take steps towards your retirement goals. The company deals with empowering employers by responding to their needs with smart solutions making life easier no matter how big your plan is or what type it is. Empower Retirement is known for its commitment to their job. They value their partnerships and clients. This is probably the reason why their clients high appre3ciate the offered services. With this in mind, I would recommend Empower Retirement.

Empower Retirement Pricing and Rates

You can borrow from Empower Retirement but before doing this you will need to consider several things. The major thing is for you to remember that there is no credit check, you are borrowing from yourself. When you need cash, it can be a simple way to borrow it from your retirement plan. You can also take residential loans that can be used for buying your primary residence. The loans must be repaid within 61-180 months. You will also need to provide certain documents when requesting a residential loan.