EnergixCharge Reviews - What Is It?

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EnergixCharge is a wireless mobile phone charger that comes in two versions - for home use and in the car. The product allows to charge your phone without any cord, which is known as "inductive charging". Instead, it uses electromagnetism and is used to charge the lithium-ion batteries which can be found in the majority of modern mobile phones. Initially, the Energix wireless charger was developed by an MIT graduate student. The manufacturer of the product is BlueSky Investments, LLC, a company which is based in San Juan, PR, according to the EnergixCharge page. Aside from this, we failed to find any more information about the manufacturer. It is unknown if they offer any other products. In our research we tried to understand how EnergixCharge wireless phone charger works, what real users are saying about it and how much it costs. So, we dove into the information available about this product on the official website as well as the user manuals for the charger.

The manufacturer of the charger claims that it will be suitable for those who have an old phone the battery of which drops over 30% the moment you open some useful app. If your phone battery can't hold a charge, you may want to learn more about EnergixCharge. This may not only save your money but also remove that blinking light or red battery icon that may be irritating for some phone owners. The charger attaches to the back of your phone. By the way, the adapter comes with the device. The charger is thin and small, so the case will fit well over the phone and the charger itself. With this product, your phone will become a wireless charging device. Both the charging pad and the car adapter have been included into the set, so you will be able to start using your charger in just a few minutes wherever you are. It won't interfere with your OBD II scanner or any other devices (car health monitor). The car adapter is sleek, so there is no need to worry about interruptions in your car.

Customer Reviews - Does EnergixCharge Really Work?

During our research we have encountered many fake reviews, as well as truthful testimonials from online customers. Fake reviews are always highly positive saying that the product exceeded customers' expectations without even explaining in which aspects. Actual users' testimonials can be used as a guide on purchasing any product online. There are mixed reviews for EnergixCharge with the most common complaint specifying that this unit does not work as claimed. The company's customer service team can hardly speak English. They do not accept returns either. One customer has even opened a PayPal complaint. While some customers say that the product is reasonably priced, others consider it to be too expensive for what it suggests. They say that when charging your phone with this unit, you are going to continually charge it. It is also not a good option for a newer phone because overcharging may degrade a phone's battery. Newer phones are able to hold a long charge. In any way, continual charging is not recommended, as your phone's battery may "go crazy".

EnergixCharge is a charger that is meant for older phones only. It may help to save your older iPhone or a phone with a problematic battery that you were going to throw away. All you will need to do is to plug the device into your phone. Even though the manufacturer claims that the charging process does not take much time, real users report that it is not always fast and efficient, as promised by the manufacturer. Do not expect that this charger will charge your phone in minutes; otherwise, you will be disappointed. Don't believe when chargers make these promising claims. There are some negative customer reviews about EnergixCharge on third-party websites. Thus, one guy writes that it is overpriced junk that does not even work. He purchased the unit via a Facebook ad and soon found out that it didn't work. It didn't charge any of his four iPhones. The man says that one can buy similar chargers on Amazon that apparently do work and cost 20% less that what he paid. Another concern is that the company's customer service is hard to reach and return the product you are not satisfied with. The official website does not even provide a phone number or anything. The customer is sure this is a rip-off that is not worth wasting your money!

Another buyer of EnergixCharge thinks that it is more of a scam. When he received his package and opened it, there was a flat wireless charger without any adapter for non-QI enabled phones as it was promised by the manufacturer. He says that he could have gotten three or four chargers from another company for the same $102. Another customer reports that he waited two weeks for his charger to arrive. Upon arrival he realized that your phone has to be Qi enabled for the unit to work. He has an I phone 6s. The customer called the company and waited about fifteen minutes on hold listening to unpleasant music. He asked to speak to the company's manager but the manager refused to talk to the customer. The man was furious and the rep promised he would send an adapter at no charge but he didn't. here are some actual customers' testimonials we have found online.

"I don't think that the company behind EnergixCharge is legitimate. I placed an order for one wireless charging pad on December 29, 2018 on their official website. I made the payment through my PayPal account but I have not received the product yet, nor have I succeeded to contact the company. I have sent two inquiries and was not responded! I think this is a scam."

"EnergixCharge is a piece of crap. When the pad and adaptor arrived, I started checking the purchase. I plugged it in my phone but it did not charge. I have a Droid phone. There was just green light on the pad but I could not get the blue light on. This charger seemed too good to be true and I was foolish to believe the ad. A complete rip-off!"

"EnergixCharge is a scam. I ordered the unit a month ago and in a week received the product in a generic box. There was no brand on it. It only says that it is made in China. I tried it on my iPhone 8 and iPhone X but neither of the phones charged. There is no way to contact the company. I would not recommend this product to anyone."

My Final Summary

Car and home chargers seem to be attractive products for potential buyers because they offer an easy way to charge a phone without the use of any cords. However, EnergixCharge is not a good wireless charger for a mobile phone, according to our research. There are comparable products on the market that are more efficient and less expensive. Remember that a phone needs to be Qi compatible; otherwise you will need to buy an adapter. The unit is claimed to come with an adapter but many customers report that they haven't received it. They often say that it is a scam, since the charger does not do what it should do. It is a frustrating thing not to be able to contact their customer service team. This product doesn't work on many phone models too. I would recommend to stay away from this company and avoid buying EnergixCharge.

Where To Buy EnergixCharge In Stores?

The charger can be ordered from the official website of the manufacturer at the price of $49.99. Two wireless chargers can be bought for $92.99 ($46.50 per unit), three units cost $115.99 ($38.66 per unit), four chargers can be ordered for $147.99 ($37 per unit), and five units are priced at $173.99 ($34.80 per unit). You can buy lifetime protection for an additional fee but I would not recommend doing so, since there is no way to contact the company.