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Epi Smooth Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Epi Smooth Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Epi Smooth is a precision beauty device that works without waxing, tweezing, or applying creams to keep your skin silky and smooth for weeks. It uses MicroSmoothing Technology that focuses on hair and removes it at the root. This device is said to provide the same quality of hair removal as salons and spas at an affordable price. It also promises to work with great power enough to remove thicker hair in a safe and effective manner. The device can be used on underarms, legs, bikini line, ankles, upper lip, and other parts of the body. Does Epi Smooth really open the secret to long-lasting results? Is it worth your money? We will try to answer these questions by considering what MicroSmoothing Technology is.

As a matter of fact, Epi Smooth's official website does not provide detailed information on the topic. However, we made our own research and found out that this is a widely available technology that appears not to differ from that used in Epi Smooth. Epi Smooth's MicroSmoothing Technology uses a motorized "wheel" that takes each hair on its way when it is rolling across your skin. Then this wheel pulls this hair out of your skin together with the root. It seems like the procedure is very painful. It means that you might do a lot of wincing while using the device, especially in areas with thicker hair, or in sensitive areas. How does the company solve this problem? Let's find out.

Epi Smooth

Customer Reviews - Does Epi Smooth Really Work?

The manufacturer does not specify how long you will be able to enjoy your results when using Epi Smooth. Since you are pulling your hair out at the root (like with waxing or tweezing), the results will last approximately as long as with these methods. This is individualized and depends on the speed of your hair growth, its color, coarseness, etc. There are many "As Seen on TV" companies that apply new spins to the current hair-removing technologies. The matter is that "electronic tweezers", epilators and "automatic tweezers" are widely available online. Actually, epilators are so popular that you can easily find any of the brands from almost any big box retailer in your neighborhood. We have reviewed many epilators and, if you compare them with EpiTouch's, you will realize that Epi Smooth is a rebranded version of EpiTouch. There are no differences in the design or performance.

What are people saying about the device online? Well, since Epi Smooth is a rather new product (URL was registered in May 2015), it does not have many online customer reviews. What seems really strange is that there are several other products with the name Epi Smooth available in the market, including an eczema cream and a hair removal cream. So, when searching online, you might want to enter the phrase "Epi Smooth MicroSmoothing reviews" for correct results. One customer writes that she purchased this device from Fred Meyer (Kroger) the previous night. She had never heard about this product before but she got a desire to buy it when she saw an advertisement on TV. When her order arrived she saw that the packaging said "new and improved". It was reasonably priced but the woman could not use it because the procedures were too unpleasant and painful for her.

Another customer claims that this product is complete junk. It was just another purchase to add to their junk drawer. The woman says that she tried to use it on her upper lip but the device did not work at all and none of the hairs were removed. The woman spent one hour trying to get it to work after what she figured out that her hair could be too thin or too short for the device to be able to remove it. Then the customer attempted to use the device on her arms, legs, and bikini area. She just wanted to find some use for her purchase instead of admitting that she wasted her money. After two hours of attempts, she did not notice that the device was working and she opened the chamber to confirm her opinion. But she was wrong; there was one hair through all of that. That's ridiculous! One more customer calls Epi Smooth to be some sort of scam. She is sure that the people who released this product were dumb. The woman tries to call on other not to waste their money and time. Let's take a look at the actual users' reviews online.

"I have a bad back, so it is very difficult for me to shave my legs. This was the reason why I decided to try EpiSmooth. I can say for sure that it does not work for me at all. This device does not remove any hair and I am very disappointed to have spent my money on such a useless item. This item does not work on my legs, underarms, arms, and the private area. I do not recommend it to anyone. This item sucks"

"We bought Epismooth at Fry's in Roseville. My wife used it for her legs and it failed. I replaced the batteries and there was something like a screw rolling around inside. The device did not work. I called Customer Service at (866)322-3588 and I got just an apology. I was said that the item could not be returned as we did not buy it online from As Seen On TV, so there was no record of our purchase. The rep of the company hung up without "Bye" or "So long"

"Epi Smooth should be banned from TV commercials. This device does not remove hair neither on your face, nor on any other part of the body. I felt like my face skin was damaged because of the pressure I applied to get the results. I went online to return the unit, but I realized that I was given a wrong phone number. By the time I did return the item, I lost money. I paid $23.00 plus shipping and tax. The initial cost was $10.00"

Where To Buy Epi Smooth?

You can but the product from the official website of the company. One unit is priced at $10 plus $7.95 shipping. You will be able to buy a second unit for $5 more at checkout. You will also get a Quick Dry hair wrap with your order. All Epi Smooth orders come with a 30-day refund policy. To request a refund, you will need to call the customer service 262-787-2033.

My Final Summary

Epi Smooth is associated with a great number of concerns. It price is relatively high, shipping charges are non-refundable, and the device itself proves to be ineffective for removing undesired hair. According to numerous customers' reviews, it is waste of money. The procedure of removing hair is painful if the device works. The company uses poor business practices. The customer service is very bad. I would recommend exploring electronic tweezer or epilator options at local retailers better. Taking into account all disadvantages of Epi Smooth, I would not recommend this product to anyone.