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eSalon Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY eSalon Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

eSalon is a service that allows to create a customized hair dye kit that would combine the expertise and experience of a salon trip into a bespoke color blend. Your hair kit is claimed to be crafted by professional colorists and sent to your door for you to use it in the comfort of your home. According to the company, you will be able to achieve a long-lasting and vibrant color with professional results at home surrounding. Each individual customized set comes with step-by-step instructions. The company's staff claim that they have created more than 150,000 unique formulas and have sent more than six million orders to their customers. Magazine Allure called eSalon to be the "Best Home Hair Color". It was also reviewed by such reputable magazines as The Oprah Magazine, Refinery 29, and InStyle. But will eSalon give you the customization you get from a professional hairdresser? Is it easy to achieve at home? Can this hair-dye kit become a perfect at-home DIY that many women are looking for? Isn't it cheaper to buy a conventional hair-dye kit at the store? To answer all of these questions and to get a better idea of the product let us take a look at how eSalon works.

To get started with eSalon you will need to set up your profile, which can be done directly on the official website. You will fill out a questionnaire, that will give them the necessary information, such as your skin tone, your hair texture and length, your percentage of gray hair, and any hair coloring experience you may have had. You will also need to provide them with a fresh photo of yourself. Your profile will be reviewed by many licensed colorists who will then create the suitable color blend to meet your needs. After your color is prepared, it will be sent to your door. What you are expected to receive inside the kit will be told in the next part of our review. The company started in 2010, so they have expanded their brand, so each client will receive their own colors, but the sets are generally very similar to each other. In the next section we will also discuss the ingredients of eSalon products.

Ingredients of eSalon - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Each custom color set you receive from eSalon will include your custom hair color, a stain remover and stain guard, developer and two pairs of non-latex gloves, shampoo and conditioner Packettes, Tint Brush for professional application, access to a personal colorist and your personalized set of instructions. The company has presented their Light Set collection, which was inspired by a French technique called "balayage". It mimicks the way hair lightens with the sun, providing you with that "sun swept" look. According to the site, one application can lighten your hair up to three shades. In general, it ranges from black to blonde based on how light you would like to become. The Light Lab collection can be used on virgin or color-treated hair. But it is not suitable for hair that has been all-over bleached, highlighted, permed, chemically straightened, relaxed, or colored with henna. The Light Set contains a lightener and customized activator, two pairs of non-Latex gloves and tint brush, highlight shampoo and toning mask, a mixing tray and sectioning comb, access to a personal colorist, and personalized instructions.


eSalon claims that all of their coloring products deliver long-lasting results, a vibrant color, and 100% gray coverage. They claim that their expert colorists have formulated the hair dyes with the use of professional pigments. It is high time to discuss the key ingredients in their colors. The first one they indicate is Keratin. This is a natural protein that is responsible for flexibility and strength of your hair. In fact, this is a substance that makes up most of your hair. Wheat Protein is said to strengthen and replenish your hair while increasing its volume. Silk Amino Acids work after bonding with the keratin in your hair creating a protective barrier on the strands. These substances are believed to condition your hair, improve its elasticity, and provide your hair with shine and resilience. Provitamin B5 is generally used in many other hair care products to stimulate hair growth, and rebuild the hair that has been damaged because of blow-drying, exposure to the sun, and ironing. Aloe Vera improves manageability of hair and adds it some shine. This is not the full ingredient list of the products, so it is difficult to say whether they are safe to use on your hair. ESalon does not provide any dosages, which makes it impossible to claim if the higher mentioned ingredients really work the way they should. There is completely no information about the ingredients responsible for coloring the hair. These may be chemical compounds highly risky for the health of your hair, I have to admit.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer says absolutely nothing about possible side effects associated with the use of their customized coloring hair sets. It is not a good sign, since the topic appears to be just ignored. Since we are not aware of all the ingredients found in the formulas, it can be supposed that some of them may lead to undesired reactions like hair dryness, thinning heir, hair loss, etc. To find out whether real users are happy with their purchases let us take a look at their testimonials online. One woman reports that she bought hair color that is a shade darker than her blonde color. She was shocked when it tuned her hair green. She paid $380 for the order and now requests her money back. Another customer was satisfied with the packaging, but the product itself did not deliver the promised results. The woman received a color for her roots and a color for her ends. As a result, 3/4 of her hair was a faded auburn red and 1/4 was dark closer to the roots. The woman was disappointed with such contrast. Besides, the color was washed out in a week. So, it is not permanent. Some other users of eSalon products reported that they damaged their hair significantly. Let us take a look at the experience of actual customers.

"eSalon is linked to too many fake reviews. I ordered a hair color set after I saw a lot of positive reviews. The recommended stuff simply ruined my hair. I am losing a lot of hair every day. I feel disappointed and I will not use it again. The products from this company destroy hair! Beware! I would not recommend these to any of my friends."

"Do not even try anything from ESalon unless you want to lose your hair. It is much better to go to your hairdresser. The advertising sounds good but the reality is quite the opposite. The company requests your pic to match your color. This is a marketing mistake #1. Professional hair consultants will not calculate your ideal color from a flat image. Save your money and go with more trustworthy solutions."

"I ordered hair color from esalon on the official website. I just answered a question about how often I color my hair and I was automatically signed up for their auto delivery service. I did not get receive an email or anything about this. They only sent me an email in four weeks just to inform me that my new shipment had shipped. My credit card was charged too. When I called to cancel but they told me that it was too late to cancel the shipment. What a nasty way to attract new customers."

Where To Buy eSalon?

If you are new to eSalon, you are recommended to try your first Custom Color Set order for $10 and then use Light Set Highlights for $14. The first shipment of custom hair color is priced at $25, so a single set may cost you $35. You are advised to set up a plan and to get a 20% discount on every order. This also allows you to add your custom hair color set to other hair care items and accessories. Orders of over $30 come with free shipping. It is up to you to choose the frequency of your auto-ship, as well as the amount of items you would like to receive. You are free to skip, add, or cancel anything in your plan. If you are a first-time client, you can learn from the masters by booking a lesson or a color session with a professional colorist. You can create a custom blend and discuss your hair history with your colorist for $50. The colorist will style your hair and show you how to do it at home on your own. Classes are held at the following address: 1910 E Maple Ave; El Segundo, CA.

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learnt about eSalon, this company does not seem to be reputable or professional. Their official website shows an overall rating of five stars but it is much lower on third-party websites. Real customers are not satisfied with the products they received. While some customers are not pleased with the color of hair they received after the procedure of coloring, the others said that the products damaged their hair significantly. Besides, many people complained that it was a messy business to color hair on their own. It should be noted that eSalon color sets are extremely expensive too. It may be cheaper to go to a salon and have professional hair coloring. Taking into account all these drawbacks, I cannot recommend eSalon.