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Eve Mattress

The manufacturer of the Eve Mattress claims that they have developed "new generation" memory foam and a unique layering system that delivers a combination of comfort, durability, coolness, and bounce. All these benefits have become available at an affordable price. This UK-manufactured mattress is made of the highest quality materials; however, it is still sold direct. This gives the company an opportunity to cut out the middlemen. Eve ships its product straight to your doorstep, wrapped in a vacuum box. This compressed packaging makes it easier to maneuver into your house, where you will just unwrap it and wait a few hours until it takes the necessary shape.

It is mentioned that Eve has sold more than 34,000 mattresses. But are they really as comfortable and "revolutionary" as claimed on the official website? Let's discuss Eve mattress in detail, its cost, how it stacks up against the competition, and other factors that may influence your decision to buy it or not. Well, this mattress comes in different sizes, even though only one mattress model is available. It is a 3-layer foam mattress surrounded by a fabric cover. It is described as medium firm; its "unique layering system" provides good support in combination with a softer top. Thus, it is suitable for all sleeping positions.

Customer Reviews - Does Eve Mattress Really Work?

According to the company, Eve contains memory foam that unlike traditional foam is much more breathable. It means that you will stay cool all through the night and won't feel like you are trapped in bed. This mattress can be placed on all bed bases, or just on the floor. Speaking about the quality of materials, it is necessary to say that they are inspected by CertiPUR and certified as 100% safe. No harmful chemicals have been found in the product. The mattress has been extensively tested by simulating ten years of wear. It was concluded that your mattress would indent only 2mm under normal usage within this period of time. We will remind that a traditional spring mattress would indent 20mm.

The users are highly satisfied with the quality of the mattress itself, as well as with the performance of its layers. Let's discuss each of those layers in brief. The base layer consists of 6.5" of ultra-resilient Reflex foam of high density. It provides a strong foundation for the next layers of the mattress. This foam is able to react to movements, so it will provide the right amount of bounce while offering enough support where you need it. The next layer is 1.5" of cooling foam that was created with the use of open-pore technology, which makes it 30% more breathable than traditional memory foam. It will help you regulate your body temperature and simply wake up fresh in the morning.

The next layer is represented by 2" of responsive "new generation" memory foam that provides both bounce effect and high elasticity. It will distribute pressure of your body to relieve your joints, as well as contour to your body no matter in what position you sleep. The top layer of the Eve Mattress is a nice plush fabric cover made from soft and delicate two-way stretch polyester. Its weave is hypoallergenic and can be used for a long period of time without "losing its sparkle." Eve's cover contains yellow fabric that possesses special airflow qualities, while a mesh spacer is responsible for circulation of air during your sleep. The cover is Oeko-Tex Class 1 certified and proven to be free of harmful substances.

Eve Mattress can boast an average customer rating of 4.4 stars on Amazon. It is a very high result, especially when it is based on more than 100 reviews. Most compliments referenced better sleep, great customer service and high-quality materials. A few complaints claimed that the mattress was too firm and had an odor. Eve Mattress was rated a 6.5-7 on the firmness scale. Most users noted effective pressure relief, balanced feel, and comfort in all sleeping positions. Most users seem to be satisfied with bounce, while a few people complained that it didn't offer enough bounce. I can comment here that personal preferences differ. A few Amazon reviewers noted that their mattress had an "undesirable" smell in the first two weeks after buying the mattress. It is high time to read some actual user reviews on the product.

"I suffer from hip joint issues and used to wake up with and stiffness pain in my hips and back. Now I have the Eve mattress and I wake up with no pain at all. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and soft my mattress was in combination with lots of support. It is the best mattress I have ever slept on. Thank you for fast shipping. It is a great product."

"I have had bad back for more than ten years already but I still cannot get used to my condition. Finally I found the mattress that makes my back relax. I have been sleeping on my new Eve Mattress for about a month now and I have no more back aches in the morning. Even if I get back ache during the day, I feel much better overnight. The mattress is very comfortable and is worth each pound it costs. I wouldn't go back now!"

"Eve Mattress is the best purchase I have made in many years online. I was disappointed in many online purchases but this is really a beautiful mattress. Sleeping on this mattress is like you are floating on a marshmallow. In the morning I wake up fresh and energized. My wife who shares this mattress with me got rid of her aches. I recommend this product to all of my friends!"

My Final Summary

Of course, the choice of a mattress greatly depends on personal preferences and needs but the Eve Mattress seems to be a good choice for all kinds of sleepers - those who prefer to sleep on their back, stomach or side. It can be characterized with medium firmness, which means that the mattress can be suitable for different categories of users. If you are looking for a mattress that has the least off-gassing and the lowest amount of VOCs, then Eve mattress might be a good choice, too.

In addition, Eve's price seems to be quite low compared to the competition, so if this factor matters to you, then it certainly deserves your attention. Referencing the mattress's 3-layer foam design, vacuum-sealed shipping and 100-night trial, it seems to be even more attractive. Probably, the biggest differentiating factor of the mattress is that they can do special orders for custom-sized mattresses. According to numerous testimonials, the Eve mattress really help its owners to sleep better, even those ones who suffer from chronic back pain, arthritis, snoring, etc. taking into account all advantages of the product I can undoubtedly recommend it to usage.

Where To Buy Eve Mattress In Stores?

Eve mattresses are priced depending on the size. Twin (39" x 75" x 10") costs $499, you can buy Twin XL (39" x 80" x 10") for $599. Full (54" x 75" x 10") is priced at $749, Queen (60" x 80" x 10") costs $849. One can purchase King (76" x 80" x 10") for $949, while Cali King (72" x 84" x 10") costs $949. No matter which option you choose, your mattress will be shipped within 48 hours for free shipping. The Eve mattress comes with a 100-night in-home trial and a 10-year guarantee. You can contact the company's customer service at 800-383-3994 or hello@evemattresss.com.