Everlance Reviews - What Is It?

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Everlance is a mileage tracking application specially designed for those people who need to track miles for their work in order to write the miles off as deductions when paying taxes or to earn reimbursements. There are many similar apps over there for self-employed workers and freelancers. It is an easy way to record the miles you drive by your car for work. This method does not require any great efforts. The company behind the app was founded by Gabriel Garza Rodriguez and Alex Marlantes. It is currently based in San Francisco. Marlantes earlier worked at two capital firms, while Rodriguez graduated from Stanford in 2015 with an MBA. The guys achieved success rather fast, as Everlance has become a quite popular mileage tracking app. It is associated with more than 5,000 customer reviews in the Google Play store and about 2,000 reviews in the iTunes store. Let's see how Everlance works.

Signing up for the application does not take much time. You will need to provide your email address and a password. After that you will be taken to a page where you will need to indicate whether you are a 1099 worker or a W-2 worker. Usually the self-employed and freelancers fall in the first category. Then you will be asked who you worked for. This page has a few popular delivery and rideshare apps, including Lyft, Uber, Doordash and Instacart. After you choose your employer from the available options or add a company, Everlance will start the automatic tracking. The home page of the application has a menu bar where you can access your trips, any expenses you have uploaded, and add customizable options like your trips and favorite places, as well as work hours. There is also an "Accountant" section in the menu where you can enter your CPA or tax pro's email. The company will then send your end-of-the-year expense and mileage reports.

Customer Reviews - Does Everlance Really Work?

I decided that taking a drive with Everlance would be a great idea to find out how this mileage tracker works. I took a drive around my neighborhood and several miles down the road. What I liked about this application is that it shows you the number of miles you have gone, a real-time map of the way you have traveled, and the mileage reimbursement/deduction you have the right for. All this information can be seen immediately after your trip starts. According to the federal government, you get a deduction/reimbursement of $0.545 per mile for the miles you have gone for business. You will see the dollar total running when the app tracks your trip. Remember that I tried the free version, so it automatically tracked me when I started the trip. I had to stop my trip. When using Everlance's Premium version, you will see that tracking starts and stops automatically.

When your trip is over, you will have to classify the trip by swiping left if it has nothing to do with business and swipe right if it does. If you swipe left you will be able to choose between a lot of options for the reasons of your trip, including personal use, charity, work-related or medical moves. If you want to know how much you have earned in deductions, the app keeps a running total of your earnings at the top of the screen.

In order to understand whether Everlance really works as effectively as promised by the company, it is wise to take a look at the public opinion about this application. At the time of publishing, there were more than 5,200 reviews in the Google Play store with an average score of 4.8 stars. iTunes page gave the application an average rating of 4.9 stars from more than 2,000 reviews. The truth is that Everlance has not necessarily received such high ratings really for good work, but many of the positive testimonials might have been left by people who were paid for their reviews. What people like about the app is that it can be used with both iPhone and Android phones. However, if you are looking for a mileage app that can be downloaded and forgot about, this is not a good option for you. It requires a lot of your attention. You may get bored while waiting for an appointment one day. Let us take a look at the real customer reviews available online.

"I was hoping for more with everlance but this software as disappointed me. When I try to track my mileage automatically, it rarely tracks my way correctly, very often it skips entire parts of the route. I read about this in their FAQ section and it was unclear how to fix this problem. They suggested that my phone lacked storage space. When I add round-trip routes manually, it shows the route taking me a different way to a location. This makes me think that it estimates mileage inaccurately. I am looking for other options available over there. If I continue to use this app in the future, I hope they will add some useful features, such as the option to link to my banking or budget software, or better automatic tracking. At present I use this software manually."

"Everlance app has not been functioning correctly for all my employees. Some devices still seem to have some bugs. Besides, the data export has been confusing for my team. The app doesn't keep track of car mileage as it is it needs to be managed manually. It would be good if it could keep track of car mileage. By the way, I am tired of receiving the same emails several times."

"Everlance's major problem is accuracy. We have had problems with certain Android tablets. It drains the device battery of my phone very quickly. I would like to run a team report in the desired format. It takes a lot of time to run reports and create excel documents for every person. I wish all mileage and expenses could be displayed on my administrator's dashboard instantly with no need to create and download a report."

My Final Summary

With everything we have learnt about Everlance, we do not really like how this app features your year-to-date deduction total on the screen. Based on many customer reviews, the application has some issues with accuracy. You are never sure that your information on the monitor is correct. Another downside of the app is the $8 monthly fee. It is quite high considering the competition charges of $2, $3 or $5.99 per month. The best way to understand whether this application is right for you is to use its free version for some time. You can do a seven-day free trial of Premium, but you will still have to provide your credit card information, which sounds strange. If you doubt that Everlance is suitable for you, you are free to download other apps of the kind. They will help you to track your trips and show other important information on their home. Taking into account all pros and cons of Everlance, it cannot be recommended to usage.

Everlance Pricing and Rates

Everlance has an upgrade option: Premium, which costs $8 a month or $60 as a one-time payment for one year. According to the official website of the app, the major advantage of Premium is unlimited tracking you can get on a monthly basis. Free users can only get up to 30 trips, though. Premium membership will allow you to get detailed PDF reports of your expense spending and mileage. A free version will provide you with an unsophisticated Excel spreadsheet with all trips you took. The Premium version will give you an opportunity to tell the app what your work hours are every day. Whenever you take a trip during your work hours, it is logged as a work trip.