EverlyWell Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


EverlyWell is an exclusive brand that offers more than two dozen home-based medical tests made to provide you with an opportunity to make easier lab testing. The offered tests cover many different medical issues including food sensitivities heart conditions, and female fertility levels. They will provide you with the high quality of results that you would get from a doctor's appointment, but at a much lower price. The official website of EverlyWell claims that their sample collection process is fast and convenient. You will get accurate results that are easy to interpret but can they compete with the traditional medical testing? To answer this vital question we will need to take a look at how these tests work and what real users are saying about them.

According to the company's website, every EverlyWell test works in about the same way. First, you will need to order a kit, which is then delivered to your address within several days. Each test comes with instructions by following which you will take a basic blood spot sample. After that, you will need to mail the kit back to the company together with your pre-paid shipping label. They will analyze your sample within a few days and deliver your results through their secure platform online. At present, EverlyWell tests are available only to residents in 46 U.S. States. New York, Maryland, New Jersey, and Rhode Island are excluded. Their website says that there are not testing options for children now. Will tests from this brand really provide accurate results? To dive into this topic, we studied the specific details behind their most popular test - food sensitivity.

Customer Reviews - Does EverlyWell Really Work?

Nowadays, many people have food sensitivity, a term that includes negative food symptoms. These can be difficulty digesting certain kind of food (dairy) and gluten intolerance. Usually these symptoms are defined by the absence of a definite enzyme necessary for digestion, for instance lactase. Symptoms of food intolerances include bloating, gas, diarrhea, nausea, stuffy nose, and vomiting. Since these symptoms can indicate many other conditions, it is hard to diagnose a food sensitivity. According to Precision Nutrition, the symptoms of food sensitivities are milder than allergies. Home-based food sensitivity tests like EverlyWell are appealing to numerous modern people. Such a test measures your body's immune response to 96 diverse foods, which will help you to find out if you have any food sensitivities.

IgG tests help to determine the levels of immunoglobulin G associated with the body's immune response to different substances. Extremely high levels of this immunoglobulin may indicative food sensitivity. EverlyWell tests help to evaluate food intolerances. Besides, they align with relevant research about the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of diagnosing. Of course, testing cannot substitute a doctor's advice, which is why you should also consult a doctor concerning your results.

In addition to food sensitivity testing, the company sells many other testing options including Woman's Fertility Test (to study the hormones responsible for a woman's menstrual cycle), Health Heart Test (to look into the health of heart, lipid cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglycerides levels), Metabolism Test (to measure hormones regulating your energy levels, body weight, and mood), Thyroid Test (to evaluate the work of your thyroid), Vitamin D Test (to check your vitamin D levels that may be associated with joint pain, depression, fatigue, and muscle weakness), Heavy Metals Test (to measure the concentration of toxins in your bloodstream). According to EverlyWell's website, the company has partnered with a physician network of outside CLIA-certified (clinical laboratory improvement amendments) laboratories to conduct testing for each of their kits. It is stated that a board-certified physician reviews every test in your state before sending it to you. They also often perform quality assurance testing.

One of the best ways to find out how EverlyWell testing works in reality is to see what actual customers are saying about it. While there are some testimonials directly on the company's site, we encountered a great number of customer reviews on third-party websites. We studied online reviews and concluded that the majority of customers are satisfied that they tried this kind of testing. One reviewer told that she often felt sick after drinking her mocha in the morning, so she assumed she had a coffee sensitivity. She was surprised to learn that the test confirmed her assumption. Cocoa was really the cause of her health problems. Since refusing from mocha, she hasn’t experienced any issues.

Many other reviewers noted that they highly appreciated the convenience of testing and getting results online. they also liked the fact that they could avoid a visit to the traditional doctor. A review of Mary Vance, well-known wellness coach and nutritionist, talked mainly about the testing process. She confessed she was initially afraid of the necessity to prick her own finger for the test but then she found it to be completely painless. She was also pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to follow the instructions of her test. The woman recommended EverlyWell test for anyone who finds it inconvenient to go to a lab. One man reported that he has done this test himself and was pleased with receiving the results pretty fast. He decided to buy two kits for his family members as Christmas gifts. He said that Food Sensitivity test was a great tool to persuade his family members to change their eating habits. Here are some more customer reviews.

"I have had stomach issues for many years. I have tried different reduction diets in order to figure out what was bothering me but it took so much time and effort. I don't have health insurance to pay for allergy testing, so I ordered EverlyWell Food Sensitivity Test. The results of this test came back within a week. They clearly pointed out my food sensitivities including milk, spinach, carrots, almonds, cheeses, and many other foods! It is good to know what foods could bother my body, so now I can avoid my GI issues. When I avoid these foods I do feel better."

"At first, I was skeptical about EverlyWell because of some negative reviews but I can tell you it really works! I suffer from psoriasis, which gets much better when I change my diet during treatments for another health condition. Nothing actually helped me to get my psoriasis under control. Even when I avoided diary and gluten, my psoriasis would still flare. Due to EverlyWell food sensitivity testing now I know that my highest reactivity came out to be yeast found in bakery items, alcohol and vinegar. I am glad I have finally found this out. I recommend this test!"

"EverlyWell Food Sensitivities Test is an amazing product. After I completed it, I was scheduled to have an appointment with my gastroenterologist. He ran many different tests for me and came up with the same results. He was surprised that I received the results in the comfort of my home. So, I cut out gluten from my diet and now I feel like a new person. By the way, I lost 11 lbs. of weight in ten days. I was poisoning my body with gluten all my life. I like to look for tasty gluten free food in shops."

My Final Summary

EverlyWell is a brand that has no competition on the market in offering you medical tests in different spheres of your health. The service has a great number of advantages. You can complete a test on your own when you have time, and then receive the results within just a few days. We found numerous positive reviews from real customers who were happy with the accuracy of their test results. Many people noted in their testimonials that their test results validated what they suspected about their health condition. The upper mentioned at-home medical tests are not expensive when compared to having the same tests in laboratory surrounding. We are not medical professionals but based on what we have learnt about EverlyWell, we would recommend these tests to everyone who wants to learn more about their health. However, you should also bring your results to the doctor and get medical advice.

Where To Buy EverlyWell In Stores?

EverlyWell offers more than 25 tests that can be ordered through its official website. The price of one test ranges in cost from $49 to $399. Woman's Fertility Test is priced at $159. Health Heart Test costs $79. Cholesterol and Lipids Test can be ordered for $49. Women's Health Test is priced at $399. Metabolism Test can be received for $89). Thyroid Test is priced at $159). Vitamin D Test costs $79. Heavy Metals Test can be ordered for $199. The company does not have a return policy due to healthcare issues because each test is designed for a single use only. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the company at contact@everlywell.com. At present, EverlyWell doesn't cooperate directly with any insurance companies but they strive to be transparent about the pricing. However, the cost of each test can be reimbursed depending on certain factors. For example, their tests comply with HAS/FSA regulations. For more information, contact the company.