Expedia Reviews - What Is It?

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Expedia is a company that was founded in 1996 by Microsoft and has attracted tens of millions of customers in the country by offering different kinds of services from car rentals to cruises. Despite its longevity, the company boasts a modern and friendly website and great mobile applications both of which can be used for comparing prices no matter where you are. The company has become so popular that it has received highly positive rating from many websites. It was outranked by Google Maps and MapQuest as a travel website with the most traffic. It may take some time, though, to compare prices on alternative travel sites. Expedia's popularity helped the company to create a lot of partnerships with relating companies, which guarantees that you get high-quality services for the best price. All you will need to do is to book a definite service through their official website. How do they do it?

Expedia can be used for finding deals on different aspects of travel, including cars, flights, hotels, cruises, bundle deals, and even activities to be involved into when you arrive at your destination. You are going to find results rather quickly. Flights are provided by lowest price, but can be filtered by flight duration, arrival/departure times, and number of stops. The website also displays the final cost of your trip or flight in large font. You can highly benefit from Expedia's Best Price Guarantee. If you find a vacation package, cheaper flight, rental car, activity or cruise within 24 hours of booking, you will be refunded the difference and receive a $50 travel coupon for travel in future. Remember that Expedia's Best Price Guarantee applies to exact itinerary matches, such as cabin class, airline, room and hotel type, vehicle class, rental car company, and cabin and ship category.

Customer Reviews - Does Expedia Really Work?

There are many customer reviews about the company on different websites on the Internet. They appear to be mixed, which means that there are both positive and negative testimonials. The company allows its customers to compare booking opportunities and to make the appropriate choice depending on your preferences and needs. The people also like Expedia's Best Price Guarantee that gives them a chance to get a $50 coupon. However, there are several rules that might limit your use of this guarantee and coupon reward. For instance, comparison rates must be visible to the public, unlike a lower rate available to the members of the program only. Canceled or changed bookings are not eligible to get a coupon. Besides, you must have an Expedia Account to receive it (not a guest account), otherwise you will only be able to qualify for a refund of the difference in price.

The customers of the company appreciate the new Expedia application that proves to be helpful in many different travel services. This allows to save a lot of money on hotels, to discover what to do, to find the appropriate flight, and to get helpful trip reminders just when they are needed. In addition, you will be able to earn double Expedia+ points whenever you book anything through the application. Another thing the customers like about the service is the flexibility changing reservations. It means that you can easily change your reservation if you have changed you mind. Many clients of the company are also highly pleased with the customer service quality. You can speak with a representative any time and have your issue resolved as soon as possible.

The customers also praise an opportunity to get luxury rooms for reasonable prices. When it comes to hotels, it is very important to receive worthy accommodation and this is what Expedia provides just right. The service also provides its customers with the best aircraft seats. They are not too close to the bathroom and come with larger leg area. As it was already mentioned, Expedia is a reliable travel-service company that is usually associated with positive customer experiences. Even if they make a mistake they try to correct it as soon as possible. Many people report having booked several trips through the company without a problem. They also have truly professional staff. Their official website is very easy to use and offers a wide selection of options. Let us take a look at some of the real users' reviews left online.

"I am completely satisfied with my experience with Expedia. I have used their service for more than 8 years without significant problems. I made a mistake a few months ago with booking a hotel in Europe. I needed to change the date of my trip, so I called the customer service. The company's representative called the hotel and solved the problem immediately. It turned out to be non-refundable but I was grateful to the company for solving the problem. They exceeded my expectations. The agent I spoke to was patient and helpful."

"I started my membership with expedia a year ago. But as soon as I did, I found many negative reviews from customers and was worried about my membership. I thought it was a big mistake but I decided to give it a try and made hotel reservation in Bishkek. The hotel was claiming that I had not paid, and then I called the customer service and reported about the issue. The representatives of the company took care of my problem immediately. They called the hotel and within just five minutes they called me again to inform that I could arrive to my room. Thank you for the fast and efficient service."

"It was my friend who recommended this service to me. He said that he has traveled via the company many time and each time he was highly pleased with his experience. My time has come and I decided to become the member of the company too. I booked two airline tickets through Expedia from Melbourne to London via Expedia for a trip in 2018. The company seems to be very reputable. I am looking forward to my trip."

My Final Summary

When the company opened entered the market in 1995, this was a never-before-heard-of service. The customers liked the high level of convenience for creating their vacation plans. Today, buying airfare and booking hotels through online agents is still very popular, but Expedia will help you to do it for less money. There are numerous customer reviews left online, most of which carry a positive character. The users of the service are satisfied with the service itself as well as with their travel experiences associated with it. However, there are a few complaints about hidden fees.

Buying tickets has never been easier; just like booking hotel rooms at a reasonable cost. Airlines are usually accurately compared, so that you can always find a great bargain. If you wish to enjoy your vacation for less money without scarifying its quality, go ahead and use Expedia. It will allow you to compare different airlines and to choose the most suitable one. You will also be able to book the best room in a luxury hotel without any problems. I definitely recommend Expedia.

Expedia Pricing and Rates

It's important to remember that Expedia website is not like a travel agency as it does not just make suggestions and offer vacation plans, but also selects the most discounted offers. How do they benefit from their business? They simply take a commission from any booking you make, be it airlines, hotels or car rentals. So, the company's profit is based on the cost of services you are using.