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EZ Messenger

EZ Messenger is a process server, a national provider of legal services with more than 200 employees who deliver high-quality service to both private and public legal organizations. The company was incorporated in 1973 and since then has spent over forty years on the development of systems to meet the needs of their clients. They have offices across the nation and continue to expand. In fact, the company provides service coverage in fifty states and abroad. Their operational processes and proprietary technologies provide Accurate and Timely service to insure that they meet the needs of their clients on a daily basis. Technology, Compliance, Accuracy, and Timeliness are four basic features of the server. EZ Messenger follows the industry standards for investigations, service of process, and court services, focusing on electronic filing. EFiling will soon become the rule all over the world. The company's team is constantly developing systems to promote the integration of their proprietary software with the leading eFile Service Provider and to insure a smooth transition to eFiling on their customers' behalf. EZ Messenger constantly tries to maintain the high levels of compliance established by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. They claim to have all the necessary controls to satisfy the standards of client audits. They have also retained General Counsel to be ready for changes in Federal and State regulations and rules.

It is important to mention that EZ Messenger was founded in 1973. At first, it started functioning as a legal support services provider in Arizona. Its small team dedicated themselves to work efficiently and reliably, and today they have more than 150 experienced employees ready to meet your needs. They own offices in sixteen states including in Austin, TX; Houston, TX; Dallas, TX; Minneapolis, MN; Phoenix, AZ; Oklahoma City, OK; Tucson, AZ; and Tulsa, OK. They are continue to grow being one of the largest legal service providers in the country who offers e-filing/court services, service of process, investigations and skip tracing and on demand delivery. The company experienced changes in the ownership in 2013, when Casey Cox and Michael Shapiro headed EZ Messenger. Their experience and the new approach to the industry has brought unbelievable growth to the company. EZ Messenger can boast positive reputation among its clients. With the unique approach to providing business technology and service, the company has become the leader in the process serving industry.

Customer Reviews - Does EZ Messenger Really Work?

There are not so any customer reviews about the service but the available ones appear to be quite positive in character. The people like that the company utilizes Licensed and Certified Process Servers who try to do their best to provide effecting service at the date and time mentioned by the clients. EZ Messenger is well-staffed to handle fast service of process, so it can be relied upon to any type of service. Their Process Servers post all of their attempts of service from the field through a wireless internet device. You can find these postings under "My Account" and "Check Status". The office personnel are responsible for reports and filing with the court of origin, the copy of which you can get later. You can freely call the company to confirm that the service of process has been completed well. When it is still in the process, you can check its online status. Upon completion of the service of process you will be able to view or download the affidavit of service from the company's site.

The Company employs forty full-time court messenger personnel who provide the service depending on the needs of their clients. The staff believe that specialization results in the development of contacts can help them and their clients to work with the courts. One of the most vital aspects of the Court Messenger Service is its competency in the recording, filing, and delivery of documents to different courts, government agencies or attorneys. They take care in choosing and training their personnel who have these duties. They emphasize training of their personnel for them to be able to provide better services. With the use of electronic filing (e-filing) EZ Messenger can easily anticipate the needs of their clients in the future. They have been selected as the service of process company by a leading E-file Service Provider. They are developing systems of their own but they also continue partnering with the industry leader. They provide a wide variety of investigative services and employ a large team of licensed Private Investigators who are able to gather detailed information. Their licensed investigators provide a high level of professionalism using standard operating procedures. Depending on your service requirements and needs EZ Messenger has a component to serve you up to the highest standard.

The company offers legal services specifically created to meet the needs of those who are recovering consumer debt. They use their secure software integration capabilities. EZ Messenger also has a long record of active attorneys known for perfect customer service and commitment to excellence. These specialists deliver high-quality services to their clients. It is high time to take a look at what real clients of the company think about it.

"I like EZ Messenger for its relaxing yet professional atmosphere. They provide training for workers and excellent customer service. They have been very helpful in the period when I was recovering from debt. They had all work done perfectly and I have no problems at all. My friend works in the company and says that only outstanding workers are employed in this place. I will address them again if I need their help. I enjoyed working with EZ Messenger."

"EZ Messenger is a good place for people who need an attorney like I did. I liked the professionalism and great experience of their specialists. The company has perfect management too. I am really grateful for help I received from the company. I do recommend EZ Messenger to everyone who needs their service. Thank you for fast results!"

"I used to work at EZ Messenger and I enjoyed my job a lot. There is plenty of work available, so if you are looking for a job, you will find it in this company. Most of all, I liked the fun office and friendly colleagues. The company provided vehicles for all drivers, as well as cakes and food for employees' birthdays. A typical day was 6-8 hours. I will remember that warm atmosphere for long in future."

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learnt about EZ Messenger, it seems to be a very helpful and reputable company. This is a national provider of legal services who has over 200 employees to provide each client with the high-quality service depending on their needs. The company offers debt recovery services for people who are recovering consumer debt. They are able to solve a problem of any difficulty. EZ Messenger has developed unique policies and procedures to meet the highest industry standards. They are sure to meet their client's audit requirements. Their goal is to help their partners attain perfect service, realize a lower cost of litigation, and improve netback. You can contact the company today by calling at their phone number provided on the official site to learn more about how they work. They feature a long list of serving attorneys with unparalleled customer service and commitment to excellence. With this in mind, EZ Messenger is recommended to everyone who needs to solve any financial or law issues.

EZ Messenger Pricing and Rates

The amount of money you will need to pay highly depends on the kind of service you need. So, if you have any questions in these terms, you are recommended to call the company's customer service and get answers to all of your questions.