ezTaxReturn Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


If you need an easy way to file your taxes, ezTaxReturn.com can become your answer. This tax software has an updated look now and is pleasant to work with. It is backed up by many users who have had a great experience. EZTaxReturn gives you an opportunity to choose between self-guided or question and answer style navigation options. The latter is excellent, even though some users may not be able to "toggle" between the two options easily. Speaking about the self-guided navigation, it is pretty easy to figure out, since EZTaxReturn has an easy to understand header with dropdown menus. One user reported that he had problems when he tried to navigate to a different section of the software. The tax software required him to complete his course of action. For instance, he tried to check on some expense for his business. Before reaching the expenses screen he had to go through a few screens. Then he had to go through several more screens before being able to move on. The user may be required to view all lines on summary sections before moving on. The company's Customer Support can be reached on the phone: (516) 626-7666. While their address is 100 Ring Road West, Suite 214, Garden City, NY 11530.

Customer Reviews - Does ezTaxReturn Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about TaxReturn on third-party websites. Many of them carry a positive character. People highly appreciate the ease of use of the software. The navigation is intuitive and comprehensive. The speed of the site greatly depends on your internet speed. There is a "Contact" button on the top of the software, hitting on which will direct you to an email contact form and a tax knowledge library. The latter contains important "how to" directions on using the software. How to articles are quite helpful. ezTaxReturn.com also has some short form knowledge articles scattered throughout the software. They include basic definitions that are extremely helpful for users.

The best features of ezTaxReturn determined by true users include supported tax forms, fast filing, active social accounts, good storage capabilities and perfect customer support. With this software, customers are able to do all of their taxes online via the cloud-based system that can store taxes for three years. The average preparation time for a federal and state return can be completed within half-an-hour. The software also offers audit support and a 100% accuracy guarantee. The company features bank level encryption and has a TRUSTe-certified seal on their site. ezTaxReturn simplifies supporting of the majority tax situations. Some of their forms include all of the 1040s Forms, Child and Dependent Care expense forms, Education Expense forms, Retirement forms, Schedules A, B, and C, as well as Self-employment tax schedules. There are limitations to some schedules and forms provided by the software. For instance, the employee reimbursement form. If you want to use the "actual costs" method to calculate your car expenses, you will need to use a different tax prep provider because they only support the standard mileage rate. It can be assumed that the "standard" means of deduction will work on ezTaxReturn if you use this platform.

Speaking about active social accounts, it should be mentioned that the software updates their Twitter, Facebook, and blog regularly. With ezTaxReturn, there is a wide range of blog and social media information out there including tax deadlines for the upcoming year and tax tips. This is a transparent company that has been TRUSTe-certified and Norton Secured. They also have some of the safest and secure data centers, have the best, in terms of SSL certificates, they do ongoing security reviews and daily vulnerability scanning. Due to the feature of fast filing, ezTaxReturn allows to do everything within 30 minutes so that you will know you get a refund or if you have to pay.

Another feature that stood out was the ability of the software to "hold onto your records." If you need a tax return from several years ago, you don't have to pay to have that tax return sent. Several important storage capabilities include download forms after three years for a fee, secure storage and downloads of all forms for a long period of time, mailing of forms for a fee and overnight mailing of forms for a fee. There are many ways to get a refund including direct deposit to a new or current prepaid (debit) card, direct deposit to a savings or checking account or you can get a refund at a location near you. One customer reports that ezTaxReturn did a good job for him. Everything was easy and spelled out. The man was able to do most of it on his cell phone and it took only two hours. He received a great refund and was happy with the software! They were also not expensive. Let us take a look at some actual customers' reviews available online.

"I used ezTaxReturn services during the last several years. I stuck with this software based on my poor experience of using other similar services and websites. On the other websites my refund came out to a lower price. I also enjoyed great communication with the company's reps. I have not had any issues with a return."

"Since I am a minister, my tax situation is quite unusual. I have never had any problems with ezTaxReturn. I enjoyed quick return, and the company offered fast replies to all of my questions. I do recommend this software and customer service to everyone."

"ezTaxReturn is a great company that provided exactly what they promised. I completed my taxes in an easy, fast, and convenient way. I received me a discount on a low price from them. Every time I had question the representatives of the customer service replied me immediately. I feel grateful to ezTaxReturn for making my tax preparation. It was fun."

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learnt about ezTaxReturn, this seems to be a worthy software. It is offered by a seventeen-year-old company that helps in filing millions of returns. It is not a household name such as HandR Block or TurboTax, the easy-to-use interface and reasonable pricing make it a solid option for many users. The company says that the average user completes their return in just half-an-hour. In this period of time, you can have your refund on the way and your taxes done. If you have negative experience linked to your taxes in the past, you can file quickly with ezTaxReturn and rest easy. According to many users' testimonials, the customer service of the company is perfect. The reps are responsive, helpful and professional. The reps are responsive, helpful and professional. The company offers a few customer support options. Before asking for help, you can take a look at the website's FAQs section that covers common questions and problems associated with tax preparation, your account, and filing. The website is very easy to navigate. There is a phone number and an address of the company too. You can also contact the company on social media at Facebook and Twitter. With all this in mind, I do recommend ezTaxReturn to usage.

ezTaxReturn Pricing and Rates

Generally, ezTaxReturn offers one pricing plan, but in reality there are two plans. 1040EZ filers can get free federal and state return. The others will have to pay $39.95 for a Federal/State combo Federal + State Tax Return - This product costs $39.95 and has all of the same benefits as the Federal Tax Return Plan, plus the ability to file state returns as well. The price of Federal Only is $29.95. Let me remind you that Federal Tax Return is the product that includes three years of unlimited downloads and secure storage. This plan comes with an identity theft package and no-wait-on-hold phone support. It is interesting to know that ezTaxReturn also provides a $19.95 state only filing option. State Tax Return is the product includes three years of secure storage and unlimited downloads. The plan comes with an identity theft package and no-wait-on-hold phone support. You can re-file for rejections unlimitedly. You can also get audit assistance for $39.95.