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Fabdominal Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Fabdominal Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Fabdominal is a special cream which needs to be applied onto the abdominal part of your body to burn excess adipose tissues. In contrast to other fat-burning products that are usually taken in pills, this cream gives the customer an opportunity to see the behavior of their abdominal fat layer and skin. The cream has been made specifically for male users, but female users can also make enquiry on the best prescriptions. It is an unpleasant experience for most individuals to see how fat accumulates in their abdomen. It is especially disgusting if it brings deformation on their body shape. The Fabdominal cream is made from 100% natural ingredients, according to the manufacturer, and does not contain stimulants or fillers. The incorporation of the cream in the system will promote the delivery of better results if you are engaged in physical workouts. Such a combination will undoubtedly help you to shed off excess fat in a short period of time.

Will Fabdominal really provide you with the promised fat-burning results or is it waste of money? Before answering this question we will need to take a look at the manufacturer's information available online. The company behind the product carries the same name and seems to manufacture some other weight loss products including male toning belt. The official website does not contain any information about the company. There is even no exact postal address online. It can be supposed that the company is based somewhere in the USA. It does not say much about the ingredients used in the cream either. At the same time, the site is full of many promising claims. The manufacturer promises that the product can give the claimed results within just two weeks of using the cream. Which ingredients can lead to such fast results? Let's answer this question in the next section of this review.

Ingredients of Fabdominal - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

According to the official website, this is a natural product which is manufactured from extracts of different herbs collected across tropical countries of Africa. There is a plethora of ingredients which make it possible to realize the ultimate goal of the product. It is claimed not to cause any undesirable side effects. Since the manufacturer of the product does not say much about the ingredients found in this formula. According to our own research, the major ingredient in Fabdominal is Bitter orange extract which is known to take part in fat burning processes. It is claimed to dissolve fat from the adipose tissues and to generate water and energy from this fat. This can be beneficial for your workouts and other physical engagements. More research is required to back up the effectiveness of Bitter orange extract for these uses.


Another ingredient in the cream is Guarana extract which is considered to be beneficial for the user's metabolic rate and better conversion of ingested foods into building blocks of the body. In general, Guarana is a plant which is used as medicine. It is taken for athletic performance, weight loss, mental performance, as an aphrodisiac, to increase energy, and for many other conditions. However, there is lack of scientific evidence to support all of these uses. Besides, Guarana can be unsafe for some people. It may cause allergic skin reactions. This ingredient works due to the content of caffeine that works by stimulating the skin layers. None of the reputable websites mentions its use for burning fat, especially topically. I have big doubts that these two ingredients will be able to penetrate the human skin and lead to fat burning. Besides, we are not even informed of the amounts of these two compounds used in the cream, which indicates on the risk of experiencing side effects. Let us take a look at possible adverse reactions associated with the use of Fabdominal, as well as at real users' reviews found on third-party websites.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Even though the manufacturer of Fabdominal does not mention any possible side effects associated with the use of the cream, this does not mean that the cream is safe to use by everyone. Despite the content of two natural ingredients in the formula, there is risk of experiencing allergic reactions, especially be sensitive users. Possible symptoms may include skin irritation, redness, skin peeling, dryness, bumps and rash, burning and itching. If you notice any of these reactions, stop using the product and address your doctor. Remember, the formula lacks detailed scientific research to confirm its effectiveness for fat burning process.

There is a limited number of customer reviews about Fabdominal on third-party websites. It means that the cream is not popular among users. The available ones are all negative in character with the most common complaints referring lack of effects, experiencing allergic reactions, high price and poor customer service. Some users say that it is a scam. Fabdominal is not a cost-effective product because it doesn't do what it is supposed to do. It fails to burn fats around the user's abdomen thus it does not relieve the user of drawbacks of the belly. The cream is not affordable but it is very expensive when compared to the competition. It can be used for a short period of time only. It is recommended to apply the product after bathing and drying your body with a towel thoroughly. Apply the cream twice a day for up to two months. If you don't see the desirable results stop using the cream. There are no customer reviews about the product on Amazon. The cream is not available on this retailer store either. Let us take a look at available actual users' testimonials on other sites.

"I bought Fabdominal with great hopes that this cream would make my belly more attractive. I have used it for two months, spent a lot of money and never saw any improvements. Do not believe the claims of this company. They are liars. The product doesn't work as it is claimed to."

"I have used fabdominal faithfully for several weeks but it has not removed any fat from my abdomen. I am very disappointed with my purchase. I called the customer service to complain but they said that I had probably used it in a wrong way."

"Do not ever apply Fabdominal to your skin! It caused severe allergic reaction on my skin after the first application already. I had skin rash and irritation that lasted for five days. This product is definitely not for me."

Where To Buy Fabdominal?

You can buy the product from the official website of the company. The cost of one container with the cream is about $59.99 depending on the location of the user. It is also available on some retail stores.

My Final Summary

Fabdominal does not seem to be a worthy fat-burning cream, since it does not appear to work as advertised by the manufacturer. Besides, it may pose some harm to separate individuals. While it is user friendly in most cases, some customers reported experiencing a number of allergic reactions. In general, this fat-burning cream contains a blend of just two ingredients both of which don't have enough clinically evidence to back up their effectiveness and safety. It means that you cannot expect the promised results. No cream can actually get into the bloodstream to show any fat-burning results. When you use FabDominal, you will find out that this cream is just another waste of money. We would not recommend FabDominal to get any promised results. To lose body fat you should actively participate in intensive workouts and stick to a low-fat diet.