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If you like to try new products especially if it is a great deal, FabFitFun will be a good option for you. It allows you to get a present-like box full of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle goodies. These boxes are delivered four times a year. You can easily "Subscribe to happy" on the official website. This service offers seasonal parcels are delivered directly to your door. These have become very popular over the past few years. The packages are sent out at regular intervals - usually seasonally, but you can also opt for monthly and bi-annual deliveries. They're usually tailored to a niche interest. For instance, BitsBox sends coding projects for kids each month, BarkBox sends treats and toys to dog owners, and Conscious Box makes living healthier. The contents of each box are always a mystery. You are aware of a general category only, but you can see the individual items only after you receive the box. In most cases, you will accept automatic charges.

FabFitFun subscription box service is notable with a few features. Boxes are specially made for the season. For instance, the 2016 Fall Box included eleven items including a $35 ModCloth scarf (a large plaid scarf made to protect you in cold weather and keep you warm during holidays) and a $50 eye-shadow palette from Pure Cosmetics. These can be makeup palettes or shampoo and conditioner sets. All of the items are full size, unlike those offered by other subscription box services. Each box is worth at least $200. It means that your membership is worth four. It is claimed that all the brands included to the program are top-rated by consumers themselves. Instructions how to use items are included. In fact, each box contains a mini-magazine explaining how to use the contents in detail. While each next box is a surprise, you can guess what it can be by looking at past boxes.

Customer Reviews - Does FabFitFun Really Work?

Order FabFitFun is quite easy. You have just to go to their official website and sign up for the service online. You will also have an opportunity to choose a type of box you would like to get, usually it is determined by the season when you are receiving your box. All boxes are uniquely designed for the season they ship out for. There is no way to state what exactly you want to get. It is interesting to know that boxes are given names, such as the Welcome Box or the Editor Box. If you have any questions about the offered products, consult FabFitFun customer service absolutely free. The staff is very helpful and responsive. They will inform you that you need to sign up before that season's billing date: Winter box deadline is December; Spring box deadline is March; Summer box deadline is June; Fall box deadline is September. Which box you get depends on the date of your signing up.

There is a great number of testimonials from actual customers of the service online. In order to make your own decision it would be useful for you to read these reviews before ordering. This will give you a chance to understand if you need it or not. The majority of FabFitFun customers claim that the products inside their seasonal boxes are worth signing up. They have high quality and come from reputable and popular brands. Most reviews are positive. What people like most of all is that each box contains a wide variety of products and items. This can include accessories, jewelry, gift cards, fragrance, and high-quality cosmetics. Another advantage is fast shipping and professional customer service. The company offers a good value in the quality and number of products that you get for the price. However, there are some negative reviews on FabFitFun too. Some customers were unpleasantly surprised at recurring charges. Another complaint centered on the fact that the contents did not meet their personal tastes. In general, customer reviews left the impression that the company lives up to their promise of delivering full-size high-quality products. This kind of service is right for those people who like surprises of any kind. Many people are really excited when they are opening their boxes. Usually it takes up to 10 business days to get the box. It is high time to take a look at some actual testimonials left by customers online.

"After signing for FabFitFun, first I received a starter box. I really liked everything I got, that is why I decided to continue getting boxes and ordered the Fall box too! I was so glad made this decision! At first, I was a bit nervous about what I was going to receive, but guess what? The box contained everything I was going to choose! That was amazing! Thank you for such presents! I am recommending you to all of my friends."

"I got lucky - I got to try FabFitFun half off as they did a Leap Year special. My first box was great and I immediately signed up to be a Select Member and I am very happy with my decision. The next year I signed up again and I am going to do so for a 3rd run. My friends laugh at me saying that I act like it's Christmas. Being a select member allows me to choose from the variety of items I love. The company's staff has done a great job at choosing high quality items necessary in our everyday life. It allows me to try new makeup, styles, and brands. These are some really great products!"

"I am completely pleased with everything I get from FabFitFun. Each next box appears to be even better than the previous one. My daughter and I are looking forward to our next boxes. I have had membership for three years already and I am not going to cancel it. I feel like getting more and more of gifts because they are always surprising. This is the best company delivering subscription boxes out there. You should go for it too, ladies."

My Final Summary

When choosing any subscription box service, pay attention to the quality of what's inside. FabFitFun seems to provide high-quality products. There is always risk that you get something that won't be to your taste. Tastes differ, it's clear. Subscription boxes are best for consumers who like a little mystery and lack surprises in their life. If you are not afraid of getting what does not fit your taste, you can always give it to your close ones. I am sure you will find a person who will like it.

If any of the following things is about you, it is better to avoid FabFitFun: you have allergies or very strong preferences; you have your heart set on few items; you are on a budget or you have specific cosmetics regimens. Ordering a box is not expensive and can be afforded by anyone. If you are interested in FabFitFun, there is a good chance that this subscription box service will be a good option for you. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of FabFitFun, I do recommend this service.

FabFitFun Pricing and Rates

There are two ways to order FabFitFun. If you wish to pay as you go, you can sign up for a single box for $49.99. When buying a single box, you agree to ongoing, seasonal billing. It means that, if you do not cancel your membership, you will be charged $49.99 every three months before getting another box. You can ask your questions or cancel your membership by calling (855) 313-6267.