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Fidget Bit

Fidget Bit is a hand gizmo that is made to reduce stress and give you eight ways to fidget, including a crank, chain, plunger, snap, spinner, rubber band snapper, switch, and a few different buttons. According to the manufacturer, this toy can satisfy any restless cravings, impulses, urges, and which might help you to improve your productivity, relieve stress, boost concentration, and reduce boredom. Besides, the website claims that fidgeting can even help with coping, as many psychologists claim. All this is possible without bothering other people. Probably, this is the reason why fidgeting devices have become so popular lately. Is Fidget Bit really worth the money it costs? Is there any clinical evidence that the toy offers any health benefits? The answer to the question is yes. There has been an early research that demonstrated several health benefits linked to fidgeting.

According to a 2016 study made by the University of Missouri, Columbia, fidgeting can boost arterial functioning, improve blood circulation, and reduce stress. Another 2016 study made by the University of California, Sacramento proved that children with ADHD concentrate much better when fidgeting. Basically, it decreases their hyperactivity. According to WebMD, a large 2015 British study showed that fidgeting might reduce the risk of premature death when being physically active. Many other studies have been conducted to demonstrate that fidgeting can help users to burn hundreds of unnecessary calories every day. But can Fidget Bit reduce stress and help you cope with stresses in future? Let's try to answer this question further in this review.

Customer Reviews - Does Fidget Bit Really Work?

According to BBC's Science Focus, the University of Hertfordshire research in 2005 proved that fidgeting improved memory performance in people who were fidgeting regularly. This might be because this process lowers the cortisol level, a stress hormone that negatively influences learning abilities. Boredom fidgeting gives human brain something to focus on, as well as soothes the nervous system and reduces possible stress. In other words, there is no evidence specifically for Fidget Bit, but the upper mentioned studies to refer to fidgeting devices like the one we are discussing today. So it can be assumed that this hand gizmo does help its owners to cope with boredom, improve focus and reduce stress. The Atlantic concludes that similar devices could be helpful tools.

There are many customer reviews about Fidget Bit on many different websites on the Internet, even though this device is relatively new. At the time of our research the product showed having an average rating about four stars. Such positive customer feedback means that the majority of users are satisfied with the device and find it helpful for increasing their focus, concentration, as well as decreasing nervous tension. This product differs a lot from the competition. The official website offers the video that can be used to demonstrate what features the device provides. Some of them create specific audible noises that can significantly soothe the human nervous system. Fidget Bit seems to have a beneficial design that meets the needs of almost every user, so that you won't get annoyed at some unpleasant moments in your life.

The company behind the product is called Tristar Products. It offers a number of other products of the kind that prove to be more functional and beneficial than competition. There are hundreds of reader reviews on HighYa. The company's products tend to come with an average rating of about four stars. Most of the customers claim to be satisfied with their purchases; however, there are some common complaints regarding less-than-stellar quality of the products. To better understand whether Fidget Bit is really working, let us take a look at the actual customers' reviews left online. They will give you a clearer picture of the product, as well as help you to make the final decision.

"My son and I both have non-hyper ADHD, so I decided to buy two units of Fidget Bit. I found this fidgit just ideal for official meetings at work and for situations when I have trouble concentrating and focusing. I have used this device instead of picking at my cuticles. My 10-year old son uses this toy in church. It really helps him to sit still for the whole service and not change his position a million times. He sometimes uses it at school to get calmed during breaks. What I like about this item is that it works quietly. It is also small and convenient to use."

"I was looking for a good fidget toy quite long before I finally bought Fidget Bit. I saw it on the Internet by accident and decided to give it a try despite its somewhat higher price. Even though it costs more than the competition, this little gadget appears to offer more functions than other devices of the kind. I love it very much and I take it with me wherever I go. It works quietly, so my colleagues are never bothered. This device is really calming. I do recommend it to everyone."

"I bought Fidget Bit for my boyfriend who often feels agitated. When he was a child, he was on the autism spectrum, and when he has grown up, he still has a lot of anxious energy. It occupies him in social situations quite successfully. It has been several days since he has started using the fidget and he is already addicted. This is more than just a toy; it is definitely worth the price. All of the parts in the device are useful and can meet the taste of any user. I think this product is very durable, as it is made of hard and high-quality materials."

My Final Summary

Fidget Bit is another unique product available on the modern market. The device has gained crowdfunding success and popularity among users. Even though there are many other similar products this device is a more profitable trend. It comes with a number of advantages. The first and major one is a meaningfully different design that provides beneficial fidgeting features. You won't find the same features with competing products.

It is important to note that you can request a refund if you are not satisfied with the product for any reason. The device itself does not create any irritating sounds, which makes it possible to use in public. You don't need to worry that it might annoy your co-workers. Fidget Bit has a small size, so you can take it with you everywhere. What is more important is that it is associated with numerous positive reviews. The users of the device witness that it can really improve their concentration and focus, as well as to decrease stress. With this in mind, I do recommend Fidget Bit to usage.

Fidget Bit Pricing and Rates

One Fidget Bit device costs $9.99 plus $4.99 shipping. You can also buy a second device for $4.99 shipping at checkout. No matter how many units you order, Tristar Products will provide you with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you want to request a refund, you will need to contact the customer support by calling at 973-287-5198.