FIN E-Cig Reviews - What Is It?

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FIN E-Cig is a comparatively a new product, which looks and feels like the real thing, but creates no flame, odor, ash, or secondhand smoke. In fact, the company promises that this can be smoked freely in different places and deliver very similar level of satisfaction as that from traditional cigarettes. Is the product really free from undesired consequences? Is it a viable alternative for a real tobacco smoker? We searched for the facts and we found them. FIN E-Cig is comprised of three major parts. The LED at the top of a cig mimics the glow made by the real cigarettes to inform you that it is active. The cartridge looks like a cigarette filter and contains the nicotine gel that turns into a vapor, when heated through inhalation. Even though the vapor looks like real cigarette smoke, it dissipates in a few seconds and does not create a lingering odor. A rechargeable battery looks like the tobacco part of a traditional cigarette.

As the manufacturer claims, each cartridge contains 400mg of e-liquid, totaling 6.4mg of nicotine. It is promised to be enough for producing 300 puffs, which is equivalent to two packs of cigarettes. According to the company, the rechargeable battery will last the same amount of time. It needs about two hours to fully recharge. There is no ingredient list provided on the official website, but it appears that there are only five ingredients namely Nicotine, Vegetable glycerin, Propylene glycol, acetyl pyrazine and Methyl cyclopentenelone (two flavors used in the food industry). It should be mentioned that FIN E-Cig offers cool, mild, and bold cartomizer flavors. There are also traditional tobacco and menthol variations. With this in mind, it would be a great idea to take a look at the testimonials of people who have tried these cigarettes in their real life.

Customer Reviews - Does FIN E-Cig Really Work?

There are many online customer reviews regarding FIN Electronic Cigarettes. It appears that most of them are positive, with common compliments citing the low cost of the product, ease of use, and the ability to save money when compared to traditional cigarettes. FIN E-Cig is one of the most popular brands in the country. It is also known as "Finity" and is manufactured by a family owned and operated company. The product can be found online, but it focuses mostly on the offline market. The official website and packaging have a retro theme of the 1930's and 1940's, which was the golden age of smoking. Each cigarette comes in a small attractive cardboard box with the nicotine strength, the FIN logo, and the claim that it equals two packs of cigarettes. It is mentioned on the back that FIN E-Cig is not a cessation device. It also contains a list of ingredients. The e-cig itself is a bit heavier and longer than a tobacco cigarette, which is a big advantage for people who want to quit smoking as well as for ex-smokers.

What most users like is that the product works on a battery, which together with the cartomizer and LED tip are built in a cardboard tube. All of these parts can be replaced if needed. Battery life of the FIN disposable e-cig is quite decent for a cigarette of this size. The company claims that it is equivalent to almost two packs of conventional cigarettes. It means that you can smoke it all day long with breaks. The automatic switch functions well enough for a disposable cigarette. To activate the battery you will only need to draw on it lightly. Most of the customers are satisfied with the vapor volume created by the product. It is satisfying, especially after several short primer puffs. Many people consider it to be a very advanced e-cig available on the modern market. It is also suitable for people who are just getting started with vaping. It works pretty well but you won't be shocked with the nicotine amount. On the other hand, there are some complaints about the FIN Electronic Cigarettes online. The most common ones include the feel of cheapness (the cig is manufactured in China), lack of vapor volume or "throat hit" and the necessity to recharge batteries at least once a day. I can comment these complaints that the life of battery depends on use and that not all Chinese products are poor. Let's check how actual users are satisfied with these cigarettes by taking a look at their reviews.

"I started smoking FIN E Cigs in 2013 after I learnt about having throat cancer because of 30 years of three-pack a day habit. I am happy with strength, flavor, and battery life. But most of all I am happy that these cigs don't have any negative impact on my diagnosis. I like their friendly customer service as well. The orders arrive ahead of usual date. I am going to stay with them for a long time."

"I have been using the FIN eCig for almost two years now and I stay pleased. Before Fin I tried some other e-cigs. Zemo e-cigs were long lasting but expensive. That is why I had to look for a cheaper version of the same quality. Fin cartridges last long and I appreciate the effect of these cigs. I do recommend them to my friends."

"I enjoy the FIN E-Cig with the flavour of cool menthol. When I order the cigarettes from fin, they last longer than when I order them from ebay. I am pleased with the strength of these cigs. They are not too strong but very satisfying. I don't like a strong taste, so they are ideal for me. these cigs are much better than smoking two packs of traditional harmful cigarettes. I would recommend you to go through the nicotine patch program before starting to smoke Fin cigs."

My Final Summary

If you are thinking about moving over to e-cigs, you should consider the following things. The official website of the company says that their electronic cigarette products are made for existing adult smokers only. They do not encourage anyone to smoke. These cigs can be helpful for people who want to quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes but there is no 100% guarantee that this method will work. The company offers a number of flavors, provides good throat hit but not too strong. The vapor volume is decent. The battery life is quite good and is enough for a day of regular smoking.

Even though the FIN E-Cig is not intended to help you quit smoking it can be beneficial for you on this way. Instead of ingesting the chemicals and carcinogens contained in traditional cigarettes, these cigarettes may help you feel much better. Despite the freedom that the manufacturer promises to provide you with, remember that you can't use these e-cigs in many public places and aircraft. Numerous consumers are satisfied with FIN Electronic Cigarettes. With all this in mind, I would recommend FIN E-Cig to buying.

Where To Buy FIN E-Cig In Stores?

When compared to the costs of traditional cigarettes, FIN E-Cig promises to help you save about $110 per month, which is over $1,300 a year. Non-Rechargeable Units cost $8.99 for a two-pack. Starter Kit (Includes one cartomizer refill, one rechargeable battery, and one USB charger) costs $15.99. Deluxe Kit (three cartomizer refills, two rechargeable batteries, and AC/USB chargers) is worth $29.99. Platinum Kit (two rechargeable batteries, AC/USB chargers, three cartomizer refills, and a mobile charging pack) is priced at $39.99. Buying their electronic cigarettes via the "free TV offer" will allow you to save even more money. For details, go to the official website of the product.