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Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University (FPU) is an education radio program that teaches listeners how to handle money with the use of Biblical principles. It was designed by Dave Ramsey, a best-selling author and experienced radio talk show host. Ramsey puts the major focus on the instruction how to manage money, get rid of debt, save, invest and spend your money wisely. In fact, FPU is one of his most popular classes. The author has earned great reputation for teaching effective wisdom based on Biblical principles through his three best-selling books including Financial Peace Revisited, The Total Money Makeover, and More Than Enough. His syndicated radio program is called "The Dave Ramsey Show".

Ramsey also offers Financial Peace University classes that are taught through a combination of class discussion, video teaching, and interactive small group activities. Each class runs about 1.5 hours every week. One course lasts nine weeks. The first half of a class presupposes watching a DVD recording of Ramsey's teaching, while the second half of a class involves training activities and small group discussions. The size of an average class is 8-12 families. You can join a class in any part of the country. The start dates can be found on the website. You can also watch an online version of the class on their website. Topics taught during the class include: Communication about money between spouses, Saving, Communication about money between parents and children, Smarter buying decisions, Budgeting and cash flow planning, Generous giving, Getting out of debt, The role of insurance: How to protect your health, family and finances, Real estate and mortgages, Retirement and College Planning.

Customer Reviews - Does Financial Peace University Really Work?

There are so many positive reviews on Ramsey's Financial Peace University available online. Most people who have tried the program are extremely happy with the results. They claim that the program (audio, video and a book) has helped them to manage money correctly and to get rid of debts. According to the author of the program, the average family pays off $5,300 in debt and saves $2,700 within the first three months of taking the class. The users of the program say that it is very easy to follow. Ramsey is a talented speaker who can attract listeners by providing them with useful and easy-to-apply information. One man writes online that when he first ordered two sets of Ramsey's books he thought that he would get the same workbook. In reality, these were two different versions. It was not hard for him to study and he found the material very beneficial. According to this customer, the DVD and study material are just wonderful!

Another woman reports that she was very satisfied with Ramsey's book. She used it along with the video series for classes at their church. The program works great and is much cheaper than the ones of the kind. The woman recommend to buy it. The next person tells that the package came on time and the ordered materials were in place for him to start studying immediately. The man just fell in love with Dave Ramsey. The package turned out to be just great. He has been using it and even shares it with his friends who also enjoyed the program. The man had no issues and would order other materials from this author again. One woman reports that they purchased the same kit for their friend in Kenya who was very gifted in the field of financial counseling for Christian friends in different churches. He has already started using it for teaching people who overjoyed about the things they have learned due to Ramsey's Financial Peace University. The customer says that it is better to use this workbook in combination with watching Dave Ramsey's "Financial Peace University" available on DVD or CD. The workbook gives an opportunity to do what its author recommends. It contains all the necessary forms. It is a helpful tool to get your finances back in order. Let us take a look at what real users say about FPU.

"Financial Peace University offers excellent material on how to manage your money. Dave Ramsey has more than 20 years of experience and he shares it with other people in his track record challenging them to "live like no one else now". He doesn't teach to become rich quickly, but he teaches people to build a budget, live within it, save money, get out of debt and invest wisely. Due to his program I managed to get good returns. There is nothing new or exotic about this program but it isn't very common. I do recommend it to everyone!"

"I love this Financial Peace University course! I was skeptic at first but then I decided to buy it and now I am so happy. I can listen to these lessons wherever I go and I never get tired of them. At present I have an audio set only but I dream to buy a video set soon too. This program is worth each cent and even more. It has helped me to spend money correctly and stop unhealthy patterns. Now I know how to handle money with wisdom. My wife follows me and it makes me happy. At last I have reached financial freedom!"

"Financial Peace University is an incredible course that has changed my financial life. Dave Ramsey offers a practical and at the same time interesting way of helping people to get on track with their money. It may be hard for some people, but it is worth making changes in your life with his principles. I would recommend this course for anyone who is interested in taking money under control. I especially recommend it to young adults who just start their adult lives. God bless you Dave Ramsey!"

My Final Summary

Financial Peace University is associated with a number of pros. First of all, it contains teaching material of the highest quality. The offered financial plans are practical, real, and easily executable. All you have to do is to follow some of the provided rules. There is a highly informative official website that contains reviews from people with changed lives. In fact, you can find users' testimonials on many other independent websites. People claim that the program helped them to get rid of debts and to manage their financial sphere wisely.

Another advantage of the Financial Peace University is the cost. It is affordable and relatively low when compared to that of similar programs. You will find a lot of useful information for this price like nowhere else. Another advantage is that membership lasts indefinitely. According to our research, there are no hidden costs. You can apply for the course, audio set, video set or book online. Taking into account all pros and cons, I can certainly recommend Financial Peace University.

Financial Peace University Pricing and Rates

FPU works on a membership basis. The cost of the membership per family is $100. It includes engaged couples, spouses, and teens living at home. It means that the entire family can attend the classes under one membership. This fee includes the following materials: nine of the lessons on CD, budget forms, workbooks, a Complete Guide to Money book and other resources. Some materials can be bought separately. The online-only version (a self-paced 16-week online membership) costs $69.