Fingerling Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Fingerling Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


The company behind Fingerlings was inspired by a video showing baby monkeys and decided to bring to life these funny animals. This toy is literally able to hold onto your fingertip. WowWee Smart Tech has created a real-life personality with realistic traits. Children love playing with them but do these toys carry any educating or developing value? Can kids learn new things while playing with these toys? These questions need to be answered further in this review. The company claims that Fingerlings can become true companions for your children, but I have certain doubts that this animal toy can really provide a friendship. Let us take a closer look at the features of these toys. Zoe is a turquoise monkey with soft hair that is purple in color. Its hobby is grabbing your finger. The monkey knows when you are talking to her, petting her or hanging her upside down. These interactive pets are claimed to be able to hang on your finger, turn their heads and blink their eyes. They talk in babble, blow kisses, and swing their tails.

There is a variety of colors for you to choose from including purple, white, blue, pink, black, and turquoise. You can buy all of them for your entire family. If you clap your hands with one of them, they will start singing. You can hang them upside down, blow them a kiss and they will do the same, pet them and they will start fall asleep or on the contrary get excited. They will turn their heads or blink at you hearing a sound, feeling a motion or a touch. Of course it is not a real pet but it can be a good temporary option for a kid who dreams of a real pet. There are more than forty animations. These little monkeys will give your child friendship, but as practice shows, a child cannot play with the same toy for too long. Even this interactive toy may be quickly forgotten and left without attention. There is little information about the company behind Fingerling. These toys are made by WowWee. They claim to use the Award Winning Technology. According to the official website, the creation of these toys took a lot of research and development. The company also makes CHiP, Robosapien, and MiP.

Customer Reviews - Does Fingerling Really Work?

There are not so many customer reviews about these toys online, which is surprising taking into account loud advertising of the product. We have encountered both positive and negative opinions about the purchase. Unfortunately, the phenomenon of buying fake Chinese Fingerling is widely spread. Probably, people tend to buy fake toys more frequently than the original ones. Of course, fake toys function differently and lack many of the abilities advertised by the original manufacturer. The buyers feel disappointed and their children do not want to play with such "wrong" monkeys. When it comes to the original product, we have encountered testimonials with opposite opinions too. While some customers are satisfied with their purchase, others are not. The most common complaints reference not working as advertised, poor functioning and quality, too high price.

What people like, though, is that the manufacturer provides some tips on how the product should be used. You can turn your toy upside down and swing it from your fingers. You can also pet your toy and watch as she responds to your touch. Give her tender pets and she will create cooing sounds, blink her eyes at you. You can also rock your monkey to sleep. As you cradle her in your hands, she will respond by drifting off into a dream until it's time to wake up. The manufacturer provides detailed directions on how to use the product. The first step is removing Fingerling from its packaging. It is usually contained either in a cardboard or plastic box. The latter can be opened with the help of scissors, your nails and fingers. The toys are held together in place by a tape and plastic packaging which can be easily removed. You can buy Fingerlings with additional playsets. One of them is the monkey-bar swing set. There are plastic pieces and little groves. These playsets require some assembly with the help of a grown up. Once your toy is assembled, you will need to turn it on using the "on/off" switch found on the back of the monkey's head. Batteries are already in place, so the toy should start working. Then you can start playing with your fingerling by putting it on your index finger and turning it on.

The toy has a sensor in the area of a mouth so it can respond to your movements, voice, and instructions. For example, if you blow kisses into the monkey's face, it will respond with blowing kisses in return. There are many other functions that were already discussed. The toy can be attached to the different structures to sit on or hang off on the playsets. These toys are able to respond to other Fingerlings interacting with one another. Beware of counterfeits. Due to their growing popularity Fingerlings' imitations are flooding the market. To ensure that you are buying an authentic toy, its manufacturer should be WowWee. This is the only company that owns the "Fingerling" trademark. It is also recommended to buy these toys directly from retailers and their sites, instead of buying them from sell sites. It is high time to take a look at what real buyers think of their purchases.

"I bought Fingerling a week ago for my three-year old daughter. It turned out to be the Chinese counterfeit. Its quality leaves much to be desired. It is made from cheap plastic and does not perform as promised by the sell website. I am going to look for the original toy but I am afraid of buying its counterfeit again. My daughter wants a "real" monkey."

"I ordered fingerling for my little son, since he had been dreaming of it for a few weeks already. The son is happy, but I am disappointed, to tell you the truth. This toy is definitely not worth the money it costs. At least, I am happy to have purchased the original Fingerling. It blinks eyes, makes funny sounds, kisses if blowing in the face and starts snoring when my son rocks it. I hope he will play long with it."

"When I was ordering Fingerling I read that this monkey can cheer any child, performing many actions on the touch, producing sounds, hanging upside down, sending air kisses, but we received not what was described on the site. It rarely responds to our actions. It simply does not work! I failed to return this product, since the customer service rep refused to take it back. This is the worst money investment I have ever done."

My Final Summary

Fingerlings are associated with a lot of downfalls. They are slow to learn, based on the reviews of some consumers. Children will quickly get bored with the product of this kind. It is quite difficult to unlock all the functions advertised by the manufacturer. These toys are designed to turn off and conserve their energy when they are not used, regardless of the user switching off the toy. Thus, a sleep mode will be switched on after five minutes of inactivity. But if the off switch is rarely turned off, the batteries will drain really fast and the Fingerling will be slow to respond. In many cases, these toys become completely unresponsive after a few days of usage. You may need to use a screwdriver to change the 4 x LR44 / AG13 button cell batteries. My advice is not to buy Fingerlings. There are many other more reasonably-priced interactive toys on the market.

Where To Buy Fingerling In Stores?

These monkey toys are very expensive taking into account their size and abilities. One item costs $19.99. It can be bought online from the official website or from a number of retail stores. At present, you can find this toy in many large toy shops in the USA.