First American Home Warranty Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

First American Home Warranty

First American Home Warranty is the leading company in the field of home warranty. Their comprehensive plans are designed in such a way as to protect homeowner's budgets from unexpected expenses due to tear and wear of a home's appliances and major systems. The company has been in business for over thirty years, proudly serving American homeowners. First American Home Warranty plans can be of great help when important home appliances and systems break down. The company works by covering an appliance or system provided it is in a good working order in the beginning of your cooperation. The age of the system does not matter at all. In fact, the company offers two plans - Basic Plan and Premier Plan. The first one covers washers, essential kitchen appliances, and dryers. The latter covers the same items plus home systems such as electrical, heating, and plumbing. We are going to take a closer look at what the company actually covers. If you have any concerns of questions, go to the official website of First American Home Warranty or call at (877) 609-1822 for free.

Customer Reviews - Does First American Home Warranty Really Work?

As mentioned higher, First American Home Warranty provides coverage for vital systems and home appliances through two plans. The Premier Plan provides broad coverage, while the Basic Plan is covers only home appliances. Across their plans, the company offers coverage for the next items: Ceiling fans, Dishwasher, Garbage disposal, Microwave (built-in only), Instant hot water dispenser, Trash compactor, Water heater, Oven/range/cooktop, Air conditioning and heating, Central vacuum system, Attic and exhaust fans, Electrical, Plumbing system, Garage door opener and Plumbing stoppages. There is also coverage for pest control services, such as subterranean termite treatment. It should be noted that not all of the higher listed items are available on every plan.

First American Home Warranty is associated with a great number of customers' testimonials about the company and its services on third-party websites. Most clients are happy with the services provided. Here are some of the opinions. One man reports that it was his first experience of using his warranty with the company. The customer's water heater stopped working and he made an attempt to repair it himself. It turned out to be a mistake. Then he decided to call a supply house, to find out that the broken part was twice more expensive than his service fee would be on his warranty program. It was high time for the man to try out his warranty. He made a call to First American Home Warranty. The reps were professional and friendly. I explained them a problem within a few minutes and they gave me the telephone number of their local business. The man called them late on Friday and since they had a weekend they managed to take care of his problem on Monday morning. The customer was happy that his water heater was absolutely repaired on Tuesday. He recommends this company to his friends too.

An elderly woman writes in her testimonial that her 22-year old microwave was broken and could not be repaired. She was happy when First American Home Warranty authorized replacement. In fact, her friend has been their client for fifteen years. According to her words, they have never let her down and were always responsive and polite whenever she has any problems. The company even covered her water heater despite the fact that it was very old. Another client informed that they replaced his washer and dryer. The client was pleased with the timely manner, the service, and all the necessary repairs.

One man shares his experience online. He had a problem with his garage door. First American Home Warranty sent their representative to check it. Something wrong was with the motor but the first guy from the company wanted to change the rails. Finally, the company changed the motor and it has been working well since then. Two weeks later, the man's commode was overflowing. He called the company again. First American sent a guy who was mistaken in the reasons for the problem. Another guy who arrived the same day said it was the toilet fixture itself. The problem was solved. However, the homeowner was rather frustrated with the wrong opinions of the company's reps. He is concerned with the fact that some contractors try to benefit from a person without searching a real cause of the problem. First American Home Warranty seems to have a few bad contractors who are trying to spin the client out of their money. Some people may agree to pay a lot of money for repair that is not needed at all. The man recommends everyone to be attentive with this company.

Another customer reports that he bought one of his houses more than 27 years ago. He knew there was a buyer's protection warranty with the home he bought under assumable loan. Later the man inquired on keeping a house warranty. At the time it was given to his wife and him for one year after buying the house. Within that period of time, they decided to pursue a home warranty on their own, and they addressed First American. What the man has learned in the last several years is that the company is going through the on-call response to certain needs of the customer. They are polite and courteous, but there is a language barrier sometimes. The man says they should re-examine it. Another concern of the man is that sometimes the company does not have enough contractors who could respond to the needs of the customers simply because they don't have enough staff in the area. In some cases, they even address Sears; nevertheless, they still recommend First American Home Warranty. The amount of money the customer pays out each year for the coverage has worked out to his benefit with the swimming pool, air conditioning units, and home appliances. There is no doubt that every insurance company has some issues but First American Home Warranty seems to be the most successful one. Let us take a look at some other customer reviews available online.

"I know a lot of different warranty companies and many of them are nothing more but a waste of time and money. First American Home Warranty is not the case. I have had several things got broken in my home and the company has always provided either a replacement or repair. I have another house with a different warranty company, but I am not satisfied with it at all. I am going to change it when that contract is up. First American is the best."

"Our sink drain clogged up several weeks ago, so we called up First American Home Warranty and reported of the problem. They sent a plumber to our house the next day already. His name was Shawn. He arrived as expected. I explained him what had happened and what I had tried to do myself. He said he had an understanding of what exactly happened. He got some tools from his truck and started working. He finished the job in less than twenty minutes. We were pleases with the fast and efficient service. Shawn is a true professional."

"First American Home Warranty provides nice service in a fast manner. They do everything quickly, effectively and easily. After one day I called them to make a claim that I got a problem with my washer machine. The company's staff realized that the machine could not be repaired, so they offered to exchange it into a new one, but we opted for cash. I received the check in less than a week. Thank you for the service!"

My Final Summary

First American Home Warranty is a reputable company that has been in the industry for over three decades. They offer two basic plans but they are sufficient to cover everything you have in your house. The company even offers termite coverage and pest control coverage. Even though the plans have some exclusions, the add-on coverage gives their customers an opportunity to tailor the warranty to meet their specific needs. The company's services are available in Arizona, California, and Nevada. Unfortunately, their services are not available in some states. Based on the customer feedback, First American Home Warranty operates just fine. The customer service is responsive and helpful. The technicians are professional and knowledgeable. Most of the customers have received the necessary services in a timely manner. The only drawbacks is that the company does not have cancellation policy. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of First American Home Warranty, we do recommend this company to get the most beneficial home warranty.

First American Home Warranty Pricing and Rates

The average monthly cost of the Basic Plan is $25, while the Premier Plan costs $40. First American Home Warranty prices for annual premiums range from $300 to $500. They depend on your location and home size. To get a full picture of how much you will need to pay for covering your house you are recommended to request a quote from the company. The fee for the service call for basic plans is $60, which means that you will have to pay this amount of money every time a technician from First American Home Warranty comes to your home.