First Tech Federal Credit Union Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE First Tech Federal Credit Union Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

First Tech Federal Credit Union

First Tech Federal Credit Union is a credit union with headquarters in Hillsboro, Oregon. At present this financial institution has more than 465,000 members, and more than 10 billion dollars in assets. Over 40 branches are situated in high technology business centers of Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington and some other states as well as Puerto Rico. It was the first company to offer online banking and telephone interactive voice response access. They claim to have a mission of serving people, not making a profit. They put their money, time, passion, and experience to work for their clients. Investment in people is important for them because they believe they are investing in the future of the others - whether it is the start for reaching your financial goals or fighting your debts. The company has very competitive loan rates since they operate not for stockholders but for people.

First Tech Federal Credit Union was established in January 14, 1952, so it can boast having 67-year experience. Over a half-century ago, several smart people at Hewlett-Packard and Tektronix decided to strengthen their financial state. They found it to be a wise idea to unite technological innovation and human dedication. That has become the central vision of the union. Today, the company includes more than 550,000 members who serve the most forward-thinking companies in the world, including Nike, Microsoft, HP, Amazon, and more. The President/CEO is the establishment is Greg Mitchell. So, you can join them today and invest in your future. They are committed to helping their clients go further with their money at all stages of their lives. If you have any question, please call the Customer Service department at 855.855.8805. First Tech's reps are always ready to answer your questions.

Customer Reviews - Does First Tech Federal Credit Union Really Work?

During our research we have seen a lot of testimonials from actual clients of First Tech Federal Credit Union and most of them are highly pleased with the company's services. In addition to standard banking services, the credit union also offers insurance, investment, and tax services to its members, including an account aggregation service, free bill payment service, and online access to check images. This is not a bank. Let us clear out the difference between a Credit Union and a Bank. Credit union is a non-profit financial organization that is driven by desire to serve its members and return a profit to them through higher saving rates, lower loan rates, and lower fees. A bank is a for-profit financial organization that intends to make people invest in it and then it returns the profits to their investors. If you are cursed with a fee every time you think of your bank balance, you may want to address First Tech Federal Credit Union. This is the place every time you walk into and greeted by people who recognize you. This is the place where you can keep your hard earned money. At this credit union you can apply for a Home Mortgage loan without too many official actions like sighing documents or shaking heads. You don't have to beg money on your knees and agree to pay cosmic rates. Let us take a look at what actual clients of this customer-friendly company are saying about it.

One man shared his experience of being the client of First Tech Federal Credit Union. He writes in his testimonial that he has been using Addison Avenue since it was Hewlett Packard's Credit Union. It has grown a lot but it retains the personal service that its clients love and appreciate so much. The man says that even when he makes mistakes, they are responsive and quick to work with them. And when they make mistakes, they admit them and make sure that you are satisfied with the offered solution. However, Addison Avenue has some limitations. There are only four branches in the country, and only one of them is based in Santa Clara County. Addison Avenue reps are on-line 24/7; but the phone banking hours are limited. Addison Avenue does not carry cash, which mean that you'll have to get cash wherever you can, use Addison Avenue ATMs, or look for ATMs that do not charge fees. The company does not charge ATM fees.

According to the next customer, First Tech Federal Credit Union is the best union with great customer service. They don't put holds on checks, they handle any problem you have right away, and reimburse you for ATM fees. Once the client went in to cash a check and the next day he received an email with gratitude that he was banking with them. These guys are so friendly! The man had a problem with his debit card number. It was stolen and they managed to catch it before he did. The rep of the union walked him through all steps he needed to make, and had his money back within a few days. The client is pleased with the fact that they print their debit cards, so there is no need to wait for one in the mail whether you are getting a replacement or signing up for the first time. In addition, their location is convenient.

Another customer of First Tech Federal Credit Union tells that he had got his debits cards stolen. It was a Friday night. He called the department of Lost Cards and I had his cards canceled instantly. On a Saturday morning, the man went to the Cupertino Branch to solve the problems. He got new debit cards in the branch and was amazed with their kind tellers. The teller took his time to review any activities on the client's two accounts to insure that nothing was charged when the cards were stolen. The man was pleasantly surprised with how this credit union works. The branch provided him with money, so he felt so much better. The man was very thankful to Addison Avenue. He liked the new branch! There was only one thing that crept him out, though. It was the door guard as he entered the new branch. The woman seemed to be a little stiff and wasn't smiling. She looked a bit like a robot. However, the man was still happy with his experience at First Tech Federal Credit Union! Here are some more customer reviews about this credit union available online.

"First Tech Federal Credit Union is certainly the way to go. They offer great services and have a nice staff! Everyone in the team is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. They helped me to find proper solutions to my business needs. If you are looking for a personable banking experience, I recommend this credit union to you. You will not regret."

"This place is worth addressing. Everyone is thoughtful and kind in the First Tech Federal Credit Union. I don't even have a financial portfolio but I like to be treated as if I do. This is a very reputable and experienced credit union. Believe it or not but some employees have been there since the existence of HP Credit Union. I am absolutely happy with this establishment."

"First Tech Federal Credit Union provided me with perfect customer service when I came in to open an account. I took my friend with me who also liked the service. Our assistant was patient with us and knowledgeable in his sphere. If you decide to get an account there, you should ask for Huy. I will not bank with anyone else ever."

My Final Summary

First Tech Federal Credit Union is a reputable and highly experienced credit union committed to helping its clients to go further with their money in the future. They inspire everyone to invest in their unlimited untapped potential, in the goals, in becoming better and in the future. This is an absolutely different approach unlike other approaches chosen by the bank. The company does not work to get the profit, it operates to serve people. Actual clients of the establishment are pleased with the staff who are sincere, courteous and helpful. Their website is easy to use, online banking is simple and straight forward. They have a nice fraud detection tool. The fees are not high at all. The customer service department works round the clock, so you can call them and time of the day or night and have your issues solved in the best and fastest manner. Taking into consideration all pros and cons of this credit union, we would recommend First Tech Federal Credit Union.

First Tech Federal Credit Union Pricing and Rates

You can have instant access to your savings account at First Tech Federal Credit Union. ATM fee is $2 for every out-of-network ATM use. There are also ATM surcharge fees from the ATM's owner. Overdraft fee is $28. Using your card abroad, you will need to pay a 1% foreign transaction fee.