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Firstleaf is a club that offers personalized wine each month selecting wines based on your preferences. The company starts to personalize your wine subscription as soon as you sign up and answer their questions. Then they personalize your wine selections taking into account how you rate the wines you get from them. The company's staff compare your preferences with what they know about the wines they deal with. They will make you certain recommendations about the wine you ought to try. All Firstleaf wines come packaged in box. You will be able to select your wine color: white, red, or mixed (ros? and sparkling). Choose your delivery frequency: each month, every other month, or quarterly. Select your wine region: imported, USA, or mixed. Firstleaf is one of the wine clubs that offers personalized wine selections. The company openly relies on data science and analyzes every wine for its chemical properties, unlike some of their competitors.

Firstleaf claims to use sophisticated machine learning algorithms for meeting your individual preferences. These technologies, combined with a large inventory of various wines, makes it a good personalized wine subscription. Firstleaf has determined that most people are not ready to pay more than $15 for wine bottle. They intend to sell a lot of wine, thus, they may afford to lower the price. But does this mean that their wines have a lower quality? The club claims to source all kinds of wine at the retail price of $15. They usually come from less known wine regions and are manufactured from inexpensive grapes. This is the reason why you should not expect wines from premium wine regions. At the same time, they do have a collection of wines they offer from premium regions like Bourgogne (Burgundy), Bordeaux, and Piedmont. But the majority of their International wines come from less known areas of Italy, France, and Spain. They enjoy bargains available for wine importers. Their USA selection of wines has a lot of samples labeled "California," wines produced in areas with lower real estate costs like Paso Robles, Lodi, and other inland locations (unlike Sonoma and Napa).

Customer Reviews - Does Firstleaf Really Work?

Firstleaf claims to be an affordably-priced wine club that asks you what you like and personalizes your order. As a result, you receive and drink what you like. Then you need to rate six bottle shipments. The list of International wines includes a variety of grapes. With this selection of wines, you are promised to discover new varieties to try. Despite many awards, we found out that the wine quality to not above average for its price. The club is completely comparable with other wine clubs that offer wine subscriptions for $15 per bottle. What people do like about Firstleaf is that it is an interactive club that creates a personalized selection of wines based on your tastes. Other wine clubs may be shipping whatever bottles they want.

How to get more value out of your subscription? You should opt for Imported wine collection instead of the USA. As a rule, there is more value for your money with wines made outside the country. There are certain reasons for this, and there are some exceptions too. There is a "black box" around Firstleaf wine selection, so it is not easy to assess their curation. It is known that they emphasize the cost savings and providing wines enjoyed by the majority of people. They claim MSRP values above $15 for their wines. As none of their wines can be found outside the club, there is high chance that these numbers are not real. To our mind, the company uses a questionable tactic to make you feel that you are getting a valuable product.

Based on the Firstleaf customer reviews available on third-party websites, it seems that the company hasn't seen their popularity. There are very few reviews. This may mean that they haven't attracted as many customers as they might wish. However, the club has been featured in many publications, which indicates the process of development. Many customers, though, are not satisfied with the price and quality of the product. The advantage of wine subscription is that it makes it easy to predict your monthly expenses. But if you are looking for a company with unlimited customer reviews with an average rating of four or five stars, you might better opt for another wine subscription. There are certainly better competition companies of the kind such as Winc (in terms of quality) and Bright Cellars. Many customers consider Firstleaf to be a scam! One man reports that he inadvertently duplicated an order and informed the company immediately but they refused to cancel it. Their e-commerce website is terrible and lacks up to date functionality. Some people report that they shipped them a box of the wrong wine, which the customers were forced to keep without any chance to get a refund. Here are some of the actual clients' testimonials found online.

"I had horrible experience with Firstleaf. I received the three-bottle introductory offer that costs some $20. However, in a month I was charged $100 without any notification, email, or anything. I cancelled my subscription and did not receive any confirmation from them. When I finally reached out I was told that there was nothing they could do. In other words they refused to give my $100 back to me."

"They charged my credit card for the first Firstleaf box almost immediately after I ordered it. I hadn't even gotten around to drinking the wine from my intro order when they processed the second order automatically. That is total scam. Do not ever deal with this company."

"Buyer beware of Firstleaf! This company offers money-back guarantee but they do not like when their customers return items to them. They charged me $20 restocking fee when I wasn't home to get my wine. The quality of the wine is mediocre. There are many better ways to try different sortsof wines!"

My Final Summary

We are not pleased with what we have learnt about Firstleaf. The first thing we did not like is nichelessness. The company's homepage proclaims that they are "The Only Wine Club Tailored to You." In reality, there are dozens of customizable wine clubs and subscriptions available on the market. Some of them offer rare wines, others offer wines with remarkable origins, and some even make their own wines. When it comes to Firstleaf, they buy wines easily and then sell them. This is not the best approach, to my mind. The Rating System of the company leaves much to be desired, since it doesn't allow you to provide detailed feedback. Wine selections are not for the higher quantities. The quality of the wines is mediocre. With so many wine subscription clubs, selecting the right one can be a hard task. However, you are advised to make your own research of other wine clubs and make your choice. At present, Firstleaf cannot be recommended.

Where To Buy Firstleaf In Stores?

When signing on for the service, you will be suggested to answer three major questions intended to help the company's experts to plan a box for you. The very first shipment will include three bottles at $5 per bottle, plus $4.95 for shipping. So, the total cost will be $19.95. You first box will arrive in a month after signing up for the service. Further shipments will include six bottles at the price of $88.95 ($79 plus $9.95 for shipping). It means that you will pay $15 per bottle, which is on par with cost of the wines found in the supermarket. You can opt for monthly delivery of your Firstleaf wine subscription box. Or you can choose the delivery once every two months or quarterly. You can cancel a shipment if you are away for a long period of time, or choose a specific date to have your box delivered.