Fitbit Alta HR Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit is a new tracker in the form of a band that is available in a lot of different models for you to choose from. If you try on all of them, you will conclude that the Fitbit Alta HR wins our vote. It costs $148.50 at It has a number of great features including basic phone notifications, heart-rate, and others. In addition, it has an attractive design. The tracker is comfortable, has a seven-day battery life without sacrificing any of its features. The only disadvantage of this device it that it is not swim-proof. It allows to manually track workouts and to use a stopwatch. Fitbit Alta HR features a heart rate tracking program that has found its way into such a small device. It can also track steps, calories burnt, distance, active time and sleep. In order to see these stats, you will need to just tap the device's case below the screen. Even though the display is not touch-sensitive, the device can sense forceful taps. It doesn't have stair climbing tracker, though, just like a "Relax" mode.

The tracker features narrow monochrome LED that shows notifications for text messages, incoming calls, and calendar alerts. Despite the small display, these notifications are quite readable. The heart rate sensor is designed to measure heart rate at 5-second intervals during the day. The same function can be found with other trackers of the kind, such as the Charge 2 and Blaze which are much more expensive ($198.95 at The Fitbit works through the app that provides a graph of your heart rate during the active period of time and heart rate when you are having rest. The device also shows a personalized Cardio Fitness score. The same score debuted on the Charge 2 last year. It can estimate an overall health of a person based on their VO2 Max, a metric that is able to determine how your body uses oxygen during workouts. Let us take a look at the features that people appreciate about this device as well as at the reviews let by real users of the tracker.

Customer Reviews - Does Fitbit Alta HR Really Work?

There is a great number of customers' testimonials about the device on the internet. The majority of users are highly pleased with the tracker. They claim that it looks stylish and works as advertised on the official website. The tracker supports many swappable bands. There are stylish leather bands, as well as rubber ones in multiple colors and even metal variations. The straps from the original Alta are suitable for the Alta HR too. Swappable bands prove to be more functional and solid. It means that they are subjected to less wear and tear. The straps are backward compatible and it is good that you won't have to charge the tracker too frequently. The device can last a week on one charge only, which is really impressive taking into account its small size. The Fitbit Alta can also boast a long battery life and a wonderful app. It is easy to use and has been recently updated with new features, including the integration with its Fitstar workout app. The latter offers many different workout routines for people who have fitness levels.

One of the major things the users like about the app is the size of the community. The matter is that Fitbit has the largest user base (more than twenty million active users) and offers a number of weekly challenges. Thus, you can compete against your family members and friends. These challenges will help you to stay active and well-motivated. According to the company, their customers take about 700 more steps when their family members or friends are available on the platform and more than 2,000 steps in the competition with those people. The Fitbit Alta HR is the first device of its kind to get new Sleep Stages feature. It is more than just tracking how much time you have slept, it is able to measure the time when you are in deep, light, and REM sleep cycles. Besides, this function provides insights on your habits of sleep. Another thing people like about the Alta HR is that it is priced the same as other trackers of the kind, such as Charge 2. Their functions are almost the same but the Alta HR relies on automatic workout tracking. This tracker doesn't have an altimeter, so it is unable to measure how many stairs you have climbed a day. It does not have the guided breathing sessions. The device we are discussing today has better battery life and a smaller size, which makes the Alta HR more useful. Let us take a look at what real users think about this product.

"I started out with a classic Flex a long time ago. When the Fitbit Alta entered the market, I immediately fell in love with it. The device has the heart rate feature and is amazing in just everything. It features a small size, is easy to use and offers a lot of options on the screen. The device works via the app and feels comfortable on the wrist. Besides, this tracker is very slim, which makes it even more convenient to usage."

"I had my FitbitAlta for about a year and I am very happy with this tracker. My wrist is 6.5" and it fits me just perfectly. I run several days a week and it doesn't fall down from my hand. However, the device cannot count the stairs you climb daily. The battery can last for about seven or even eight days. The device also provides the alarm that buzzes about four times. It will go again 9 minutes later if you don't do anything."

"I received my Fitbit alta hr about a month ago and I liked the fact that it could measure heart rate and had a number of other useful features. I love the band, the size, and the display. I often use the sleep tracker, the silent alarms, the compatibility with MyFitnessPal, and reminders. I have recently ordered the second unit for my sister. It will be a birthday gift for her."

My Final Summary

The Fitbit Alta HR has a great number of advantages. The major one is its stylish and slim design with seven-day battery life. The tracker also offers all-day fitness and heart rate tracking. This model has improved app software that is easy to use most people. The continuous heart rate tracking, relatively long battery life, and stylish design make this device the best choice for those who are looking for a proper fitness tracker. However, it has some drawbacks as well. For instance, it is not swim-proof; notifications can be hard to read because they are displayed with small print.

The Fitbit Alta HR allows manual starting of your workouts. Exercise tracking is completely automatic. Today, it is the best pick due to the features it is packed with. In addition, it is easy to use for beginners. Another benefit is its flexibility that allows it to fit a lot of wrists. The tracker can perfectly measure calorie burn which is important for people who intend to lose extra weight. It also helps to find the proper workout intensity for your goals. The Fitbit Alta HR truly deserves your attention and is recommended to usage.

Where To Buy Fitbit Alta HR In Stores?

Fitbit Alta HR can be bought from the official website of the company and from a number of retail stores online. offers one unit for $148.50. You can buy Fitbit Alta HR from MSRP for $149.95. sells the unit for $148.50. It is also available of Dell Home for $149.95. offers the product for $149.95, while Bed Bath and Beyond sells it for $149.99. Almost the same price can be seen at B&H Photo-Video ($149.95).