FixMeStick Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE FixMeStick Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


FixMeStick is a bootable USB device that is able to scan your computer, identify any malware or viruses present on it, and then remove them in a fast and effective manner. Despite its great power, the unit is simple to use and can be started right out of the box. In fact, it works in four basic steps. First, you will need to plug it into your USB port. The device will reboot your PC and scan it for possible viruses using three high-rate anti-virus engines, in combination with your current anti-virus program. After that, the software will connect to your Wi-Fi network automatically, download information about possible threats, report back what it finds, and remove them without your help. The entire process is expected to take between 30 minutes and a few hours. Then you will need to unplug FixMeStick from the USB port. That's all! Compared to other anti-virus options, this device has its own Linux-based operating system and operates when your computer is sleeping. In this way, any viruses present on your computer won't affect its performance. As you can see, this appliance seems to be very appealing, especially to ordinary computer users. But you may face a number of scams in the industry. Is FixMeStick one of them, or is it a good deal?

These important questions should be answered by looking at some background information about antivirus programs in general. It should be mentioned, that a computer virus is a malware program that replicates by inserting copies of itself into other computer data files, programs, or the boot sector of the hard drive. Because of such replication, the affected areas are then "infected". These harmful programs often perform undesired activity on infected hosts, such as accessing private information, stealing hard disk space or CPU time, corrupting data, spamming user's contacts, displaying humorous or political messages on the user's screen, rendering the computer useless and logging keystrokes. When your computer is infected, it starts operating poorly and can even hand your financial and personal information over to scammers. Antivirus software was specially created to fight viruses and their negative consequences. It also helps to protect the computer against viruses in future. How is FixMeStick different from the competition? Let's answer this question by looking at its basic features and real users' reviews.

Customer Reviews - Does FixMeStick Really Work?

FixMeStick does not only work as a standalone anti-virus program, but it is also intended to clean up your computer and bring it to the point where your current software can do the cleanup completely. It means that this device is like a blunt hammer, unlike your traditional anti-virus software that operates more like a fine chisel. A lot of information about the unit can be found on its Tech Specs pages. But the principle of its work can be explained in simple words, like FixMeStick scans your computer while it is sleeping (just like viruses present on it). Then it uses three of the best anti-virus engines in the Kapersky, world'Sophos, and GFI/Vipre to remove the viruses from your computer. According to the official website of the company behind the product, FixMeStick succeeds to sucks the viruses right out of any PC. Probably, the biggest difference between this device and traditional antivirus programs is that FixMeStick doesn't rely on your PC's operating system to find viruses. It features its own Linux operating system to "hide" itself from malware and viruses, which effectively improves its effectiveness.

This is not just another registry cleaner and we will prove it further. If you have been studying different anti-virus solutions lately, you have probably met at least one scam said to be a registry cleaner. The latter is able to make your computer's performance worse. But FixMeStick is not a registry cleaner because it won't clean your registry at all. The product has an overall positive customer reputation. If we take a look at the users' feedback we will see that it is not a scam. Actually, there are thousands of customer and professional reviews available online. The majority of them appear to be positive. PC Mag gave this device a 3-star rating, and liked that it is easy to use, bootable, features three scanning engines, and gives you the chance to undo if you experience any problems. Amazon gave FixMeStick a 3.8-star average rating with almost a thousand customer reviews. The customers liked its effective results, ease of use, and that the device has great support. Let's take a look at several real users' reviews left online.

"My brother-in-law bought a lifetime subscription for FixMeStick. It is able to cover three computers. He uses the unit on my sister's laptop and his own desktop. Both computers operate up to the highest standards. When my laptop froze, it became the third computer to use the device. I was pleased with the positive results. All problems on my laptop were immediately cleared up. It also found four programs that were spyware, malware, or adware. I was so happy that they could no longer do harm to my computer. Since then, my PC has been free from viruses."

"I ordered FixMeStick on Friday night and received my box on Sunday morning. Thank you for such fast shipping! The device managed to remove 57 threats. The performance of my computer has been completely restored. I had no problems with using the product at all, it works just flawlessly. The first scan took five hours. I don't regret spending $60.00. Thanks Amazon. I'm pleased with my purchase."

"FixMeStick is the best of the best antivirus solutions I have ever used in my life! It is worth the money it costs. It managed to find a virus on my computer that was not even recognized by other virus programs. Now I feel much better knowing that my computer is safe. By the way, it took about four hours to scan my PC. I love this device and will continue using it in the future. I would recommend the device to all of my friends."

My Final Summary

FixMeStick has a lot of advantages. Its Linux-based bootable antivirus system wipes out any threats in a fast and effective way. It takes only a minute to starts the program that works completely automatically. You don't need to interfere into the process of scanning until it is complete. The device is associated with good scores in malware cleanup test. There is built-in remote assistance that allows tech support to deal with any problems.

Another benefit of FixMeStick is that it considerably improves the performance of your computer. In addition, the device received quite high ratings on retail stores including (4.3-star rating) and (3.5-star rating). The anti-virus software is made by FixMeStick Technologies based out of Montreal, QC. The company has been in business since 2011 and has gained positive reputation among users. The unit proves to work generally better when compared to the competition. Taking into account all pros and cons, I do recommend FixMeStick to usage.

FixMeStick Pricing and Rates

Three different options are available. A 30-day trial costs $9.95 plus shipping. The software can be installed on up to three computers. After this period passes, you will be billed the rest $44.99 for a 1-year subscription. You can order full year subscription for $59.99. Another option is FixMeStick PRO that can be installed to the unlimited number of computers. It costs $299.99 per year. The company offers a 45-day refund policy.