Flawless Brows Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Flawless Brows Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Flawless Brows

Women are ready to pay a lot of money in order to maintain and improve their attractiveness. They do this by buying different kinds of products, cosmetics and services. One of the most urgent concerns of modern females is the look of their brows. There are numerous resources available on the market to help with this issue but in this review we are going to discuss one of the newest ones. It is Flawless Brows, a small hand held device that has been specially created to remove eyebrow hair and to shape them. According to the manufacturer, it is the first precision-engineered device that can remove undesired hair from above, between, and below the brows. All you will need to do is hold it like a pen and move it almost like an eraser. It is a painless method of removing hair instantly and comfortably. It causes no irritation or redness. The unit features an 18 karat gold-plated head that is gentle and hypoallergenic on all skin types. There is also a built-in light that guarantees that you will never miss a hair!

Flawless Brows offers an easy and fast way to clean up and support beautiful brows. The device is claimed to have been developed by a team of experts in the field of women's facial hair removal. Unfortunately, there is very limited information about the manufacturer online. The official website does not even provide a phone number or address of the company. However, the site is full of many promising claims about the unit. It is an As Seen on TV product that, according to the official ad, can instantly remove unwanted facial hair around the eyebrows. You will not need to tweeze, wax, or laser. The device has a compact, sleek, and discreet design. There is a built-in light that will help you to see even the finest hairs. The unit operates on the battery, thus it is perfect for travel and on-the-go use. One AAA battery is included into the set.

Customer Reviews - Does Flawless Brows Really Work?

The customer feedback consists of about 100 reviews which together gave the product a 3.5 star rating. This is not too bad, taking into account this number of reviews. There are both compliments and complaints. The positive testimonials claim that Flawless Brows is used just like an eraser - it removes hair from the brows in a painless and easy way. It does not apply any heat or laser, so it is safe to the touch. This method can be used by those who have sensitive skin, since the 18K gold plated head makes the device hypoallergenic. Some of the complaints have centered on the fact that the tip of the unit is too flat, which makes it hard to shape the brows as you wish. A few customers claim that it leaves a stubble. It has to be kept in mind that every user is an individual and so is their hair. Some users have thinner hair, while others have coarser brow hair which is more difficult to manage. Even though the manufacturer claims that the device can be used on any part of the body, real users report that it fails to manage hair on other areas.

What people like about Flawless Brows is its built in led light which provides the necessary precision brow shaping, since you can see each hair of yours. It operates on one AAA battery only, which makes it cost effective. However, some users report that they had to buy another battery, since the one that came with the product did not work. There are many negative reviews about the difficulties when using the unit. It means that it will take time for you to get used to it first. This is the reason why you should start slow. Once you get more comfortable with the unit you can become faster and more aggressive with your brow shaping. Let us take a look at what real customers are writing about their experience of using Flawless Brows.

One woman reports that she bought this product based on all the positive reviews about its efficiency and convenience. However, she returned it the next day for a few major reasons. First, it was made from low-quality plastic. Second, it pulled her hair like waxing or plucking. When using the device, you will need to pull at your skin and move the unit in a circular motion many times, which causes much discomfort. You may need to repeat the same area, which is not specified in the advertisements. The woman also says that the light is too dim and there is no gold plated tip. There is just a gold colored tip. The device may warm up if overused. The only benefits of Flawless Brows are that it is portable and safe to the touch. That is it. Another user of the product reports that this thing sucks! Her unit can hardly work. She is going to return this thing. Here are some of the actual customers' testimonials we have encountered online.

"For me Flawless Brows was useless. I bought this product with the hope to remove thick and fine hairs that grow under my brows. However, it did nothing for me at all. I stretched my skin tight as recommended in the instructions but this did not help. I am going to request a refund from the company."

"I was highly disappointed with Flawless Brows as it didn't work the way as described in the commercial. It seems not to have the capabilities it is claimed to have. The unit didn't clean my brow area, like described by the manufactured. Even after using it over my brows several times, I still didn't get that smooth arched look. I want my money back. I think it is another scam."

"Flawless Brows does not work as promoted on the commercial, even though the device itself looks nice. I bought this unit two weeks ago and realized that it didn't take the hair around my brows off as easy and quickly as advertised. By the way, I followed the manufacturer's instructions completely."

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about Flawless Brows, this device does not seem to be worth buying. It has a great number of complaints from real users. Many of them report that it simply does not work. The manufacturer's instructions about going in circular motions is misleading. It can be clearly seen in the ad video that they don't go in circular motions. You will have to go over the same area of the skin several times but still will hardly see any improvement. Besides, you can catch some hairs causing much discomfort. All of these reasons have made a lot of buyers return the product for a refund. Many customers recommend potential buyers to save their money and buy a more efficient device. It is better to use your husband's electric razor. The product is beautifully designed but its functionality leaves much to be desired. The only advantages of the unit is its portability and safety. With all this in mind, I cannot recommend Flawless Brows to purchasing.

Where To Buy Flawless Brows In Stores?

Flawless Brows can be purchased directly from the official website of the manufacturer or from some retail stores such as Amazon. The cost of one unit is $19.99 plus shipping. The product comes with a sixty-day money back guarantee. Flawless Brows can be bought from shavershop.com for $19.99. Walmart sells the product at the price of $19.88 plus free two-day shipping on orders over $35.