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Flex Shot

Flex Shot is a relatively new product that claims to bond, caulk, and seal almost anything easily. The manufacturer says that this caulk-in-a-can is suitable for various household projects, including filling huge cracks and holes, as well as fixing leaks. The product was made by Phil Swift, the creator of Flex Seal, a popular spray-on rubber sealant. The company behind these both products is based out of Van Nuys, CA. It is made in the USA. Flex Shot is a pressurized dispenser of a substance similar to caulk. It is said to be a clean and neat way for making repairs. Due to its easiness of use it can be used by almost anyone. Unlike traditional caulk, Flex Shot doesn't shrink, dry out, or crack. It can last for 30 years. Besides, there is no waste. So, you can throw away your caulk-and-gun.

Flex Shot can be used on almost any surface, in bathrooms, kitchens, for crafts, structural leaks, plumbing, both indoors and outdoors. But the area should be well-ventilated. All you will need to do is to point at the angle of 45 degrees, press against the spray tube, and seal the seam you need to. Flex Shot features an extension tube that can be cut to adjust the bead's thickness. When you are done, release the tube and wipe excess of the substance with a dry paper towel. What you are going to have is an ideal beaded waterproof seal. All that is possible without any dripping, running, or mess. It is better to use Flex Shot on a dry surface, but it will also work on one that's wet.

Customer Reviews - Does Flex Shot Really Work?

There is a great number of testimonials left by real users of the product online. Most of them depict positive opinions of people who report that using this product helps not only to seal any surface but also to prevent mildew and mold. It can adhere to any material that is not greasy or oily, including tile, porcelain, metal, fiberglass, glass, wood, stone, granite, marble, upholstery, fabric, and paper. Flex Shot can be used to fix broken ceramics too. It is said that the substance inside the bottle is nice and thick, which allows you to plug holes and fill large cracks completely. There is even a demonstration video on the official website of the company that shows how quickly the product can seal a large hole in a 5-gallon bucket and no water is escaping. Flex Shot is said to dry in just 20 minutes. The surface is completely ready to usage in 48 - 72 hours. It is much faster than with most sealants.

Dry Flex Shot turns into strong rubber that can both contract and expand. Due to this feature, it can be used on showers, sinks, tubs, windows, tiles, skylights, gutters, roofs, autos, RV's, boats, campers, ducts, PVC, decorative items, etc. It is promised not to yellow, fade, crack, dry, or deteriorate because of household cleaners. The product can withstand temperatures from -76 degrees Fahrenheit to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. However, Flex Shot should not be used to fix tires or anything under extreme pressure. The product has not been tested on mobile drinking water systems. Avoid painting over the seal. It is mentioned that one can of Flex Shot is enough for 50-100 linear feet. This depends on the bead's thickness.

Most users are pleased with the fact that Flex Shot comes with one can Flex Shot (Almond, Clear, White, or Black), one extra can, one reusable extension tube, and tube free and one can Flex Seal (extra shipping is required). According to most user reviews, the product is very easy to use, especially compared to a no drip caulk gun. The letter tends to ooze out after you stop trigger, so the material is wasted. It is easy to control the flow of Flex Shot and the process of sealing gets much more enjoyable. Besides, you can easily seal the tip of the bottle after use. Just let a small amount sealant out the top and let it cure. This plug can be easily pulled out when you need to use the product again. Most people report that Flex Shot works better for sealing than a common caulk gun. What users also appreciate is that the product is tolerant moisture on the surface that is sealed. The official Flex Shot website is very informative. It contains marketing hype and offers an opportunity of ordering the product. Remember that water will not clean Flex Shot off your fingers and it is not paintable. It is more costly than traditional silicone in tubes but it is worth the money. Overall, most customers like the product. Let us have a look at what they are writing about using it in real life.

"Flex Shot is the best sealant I have ever used. I bought it for my linoleum meeting tub. I had to remove the caulk that was already 12 years old and finalized it with IPA. Then I used blue masking tape and applied the product with an easy movement of my hand. The product did great job. I will never use the old fashion caulk gun again. I also used it around my kitchen sink. Remember to wear disposable gloves before starting the job, you will need to smoothen the surface with your finger. Then I used the product to repair cracks around my gas fireplace. It worked as described on the hype."

"I have a two-story house that gets some gaps in the walls from time to time. I have to re-caulk these several times a year. This time, I decided to try Flex Shot. It turned out to be flexible enough. I also used it in my upstairs bathroom around my shower, as well as around my baseboards. This is a perfect sealant as it works for any sorts of materials. I used it for caulking around the tub. Other sealants failed to hold, but this one formed a strong water tight bond. I use the product wherever I can find gaps. It effectively stops ant issues. It worker well to seal the bottom of my bathroom mirror. Unfortunately, Flex Shot is not available in stores anymore."

"I used this amazing product on my pond liner that had a cut. Nothing really had worked but FlexShot succeeded. It fixed the problem fast and easily. I have used the stuff to grout my tub, it hasn't yellowed yet. The product features a nice clean bead. I also used it on the cracks on my blacktop driveway. It didn't shrink or crack since then. Believe it or not but it held up in the winter. I have used the product to stop a leak around my chimney. I was pleased with the results. The uses are just unlimited. I plan to buy another bottle for my parents."

My Final Summary

Caulking guns are often messy and ineffective, so I like the ease-of-use and convenience offered by the Flex Shot. The product tends to create rubberized undercoating, it can easily expand and contract. There are many different uses for this product. Most user reviews are positive. People are happy with the results they have with the Flex Shot. Besides, it is inexpensive and dries fast. The company behind the product offers good return policy and low-cost shipping fees. The only disadvantage of Flex Shot is that it is available online only and cannot be found in the store. I can certainly recommend this product and suggest you buying it without any doubts. However, remember to wear gloves when using Flex Shot, it cannot be washed away with water.

Where To Buy Flex Shot In Stores?

Flex Shot is sold on their official website for $19.99 plus $9.95 shipping. The total cost is $29.94 for two cans. You can add a "free" can for an additional $9.99 (shipping). You will get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You may only return unused cans and get your money back.