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Flexible Mirror

Flexible Mirror is a bendable mirror that is claimed to easily adjust to your needs. It features soft glow lighting to improve visibility even in dark rooms as well as great suction to attach it on any surface. The mirror has a special peculiarity. It is distortion-free, which means that the unit provides an actual reflection of how you look. Another considerable feature of the device is that this mirror is precision-crafted and offers ten times magnification for clear optics. The product comes in modern chrome accents to enhance the look of your room. Unfortunately, there is little information about the manufacturer of Flexible Mirror, which is a bad sign. The official website is low-informative when it comes to the company behind the product; however, it contains a lot of promising claims. The major benefit of this mirror is that it is portable and lightweight. It does not take much space and is very lightweight, so that you can carry it anywhere you wish. You can mount the mirror on your bathroom wall or place it on your dressing table. The product is 360-degrees swivel rotated and provides high definition clarity which helps you to see all marks, blemishes, and spots.

Since the mirror provides lighting it is expected to offer better results with every application. This mirror is said to eliminate shadows that may result from overhead lighting. This makes it a great option because it highlights your entire face and provides full illumination. It is important to mention that the LED lighting of this mirror uses much less electricity than other types of lighting. Besides, the lighting has a long lifespan. The manufacturer emphasizes the fact that the mirror's lighting is made to complement their complexion. Flexible Mirror does not require much space in your room. It is compact, thin, and can even be mounted to the vertical surface. This makeup mirror is claimed to be very versatile. In addition to makeup application, you can use this mirror for many other functions like shaving and plucking eyebrows. Its ten-times magnification and compact size promote better views. Flexible Mirror is perfect for applying even and precise makeup. Unlike a regular bathroom mirror, it eliminates the need to reapply makeup during the day.

Customer Reviews - Does Flexible Mirror Really Work?

To find out whether the product really works as claimed it would be a great idea to find out what real users are saying about Flexible Mirror. We have encountered a great number of customers' testimonials on third-party websites. The average rating of the mirror is almost four stars, which means that there are both positive and negative reviews. Let's first discuss the compliments from the users of the unit. What people seem to appreciate about the product is its great magnification (ten times magnification), which allows them to apply makeup even in tricky areas such as the lips and eyes. This is certainly an advantage especially for those who often wear lip or eye liners. If you usually wear glasses, the level of magnification will allow you apply makeup with no need to put on your glasses to see well. This mirror can also be uses to put on contacts.

Another feature most people like about Flexible Mirror is the ability to locate it on any surface they wish. It can be attached to a wall or mounted on a table, for you to apply your makeup in any situation. You can create a designated place for applying your makeup, so that you will not have to fight for some space with other members of your family. This mirror makes it easier to apply makeup because you also get lighting. Unfortunately, some customers report that they failed to locate their Flexible Mirror in a vertical position. Besides, while the manufacturer claims to offer soft glow lighting, some users complain that it is too dim, so that their eyes start aching. The advantage of the lighting is the fact that it is powered by small batteries. You will not need to use wires for charging the lighting. Even though the manufacturer claims that the mirror has a high-quality construction, this is not quite so. It is made from metal and glass; however, some customers report that it is easy to break and fragile.

Many real customers are highly disappointed with Flexible Mirror. They say this mirror will not stick to the wall. One woman says that the only surface in her bathroom she can get it to stick to is the mirror over her sink, but it is not the place where she wants to have it. Another lady reports that this is the worst item she has ever bought in 25 years of ordering from LTD. Since its suction cup is bad, the mirror fell off and broke into pieces. It is not worth the money it costs, according to the customer. The third woman writes in her testimonial that she received her flexible mirror two days ago and found it to be weird. It offers too much magnification. Besides, when she holds it away from her face she sees herself upside down in the mirror. She says it is hard for her to find her face in the mirror. Here are some of the actual customers' testimonials found online.

"Flexible Mirror is a non-returnable product. When I received it and inspected my purchase I immediately understood that it was not what I wanted. I purchased this mirror based on positive reviews saying that it has high quality. In reality it was terrible. I wanted to request my money back but I learnt that it was not returnable. I was very disappointed. It is not the product described on the site. Buyer beware."

"Flexible Mirror is an awful product. It offers distorted reflection, which makes it not useable. This is not actually a makeup mirror. There is nothing special about it. Even the lighting it too dim. This is complete waste of money. I literally threw it away since it is not returnable. I don't understand how this product can have so many positive reviews."

"Flexible Mirror is nothing more than a falsely advertised product. They say that it can be mounted to the wall or any other vertical surface. But it cannot! It falls down and can easily break. I have to use it on my desk only. This is an ordinary mirror. I am not pleased with my purchase and I think I could buy a much better mirror for $20. I emailed the manufacturer to complain but I haven't been responded yet."

My Final Summary

Flexible Mirror may seem to be a stylish and innovative product that may be perfect for people who like products with good aesthetics. The item features a stand that can be adjusted to the necessary position and height. It is coated with chrome to reduce the chance of occurrence of blemishes and spots. However, based on the actual customers' testimonials, the mirror is not as great as claimed by the manufacturer. It is hard to mount on the vertical surface. Even if it sticks to the wall, it may fall down in time and break easily. The product simply falls down. It has low-quality construction and is cheaply made. LED lights around the rim are reported to be too dim to use the mirror for applying makeup. With a wide variety of better mirrors of the kind, Flexible Mirror appears not to be worth the money it costs, which is why I cannot recommend the product to usage.

Where To Buy Flexible Mirror In Stores?

The mirror can be ordered on TV Commercial page: tryflexiblemirror.com. One unit costs $19.99 plus free shipping. The product can also be found on some retail stores. harrietcarter.com sells Flexible Mirror for $19.98, while ltdcommodities.com offers one unit at the price of $19.99 each.