Flexible Phone Holder Reviews - What Is It?

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Flexible Phone Holder

Flexible Phone Holder is a gooseneck phone holder that can be used for taking photos, watching videos, reading and holding a GPS. Due to the strong clamp this holder can attach to different kinds of surfaces and stays put. The product fits digital devices less than four inches wide. What is important is that minimal assembly is required. At east this is what the manufacturer promises. There are phone holders of different brands. Today we will focus on Kikkerland Flexible Phone Holder. According to the manufacturer, it is a flexible gooseneck phone holder that fits all phones up to four inches in width. It measures 31.5 by 4.2 by 2.8-inches. But who is the manufacturer of this device?

The company behind the product is not very reputable or popular in the country but it manufactures many other products including Make Your Own Music Box Kit, Cat Butt Magnets, Storm Glass, Unicorn Zip and Flip Travel Neck Pillow, Classic Survival Tool, Biodegradable Paper Straws, Ripstop Polyester Reusable Grocery Bags, Travel Scissor, Zip and Flip Bear Travel Pillow, Katita Windup, First Aid Cabinet, Universal Travel Adapter, Palm Reader Jewelry Stand, Birch Log Micro Bead Head Cushion, Rhino II Step Stool, Hedgehog Dryer Balls, Rainbow Compact Multi Tool Multi Tool, Mason Jar Sewing Kit, and Fox Manicure Set. Let us take a look at what real users think about their experience of using Kikkerland Flexible Phone Holder.

Customer Reviews - Does Flexible Phone Holder Really Work?

There are limited customer reviews about the Kikkerland Flexible Phone Holder on third-party reviews. Most of them can be found on Amazon. Reviewers appear not to be as satisfied with the product as you might think. Many of them complain of poor quality of the product. Thus, one customer feels disappointed because the clips of the holder broke after less than ten times of use. Another guy says that the clip part holding the phone snapped after the first use already. Other people have left similar reports. One man wrote that he cannot get that crap to work because of the terrible design of the device! At first glance, it may seem an awesome creation. The telescoping arm is stiff and seems like it can keep its form and hold different things well. The little clamp is strong and has small pads so that it won't damage your table or any other surface. The problem is that those little pads cannot 100% guarantee that the clamp will not slide around against the surface if you move the telescoping arm. According to one experiment, it takes only fifteen seconds of trying to manipulate a tablet to have the whole thing fall down and break your device.

One customers complained that her product arrived missing the phone holder, better to say, the part used to attach it to the necessary surface. She wouldn't recommend this product to anyone, because she expected higher quality items sold on Amazon. One more customer says that it is physically impossible to open the clamp, so he had to return the item back to the company. Another problem faced by one guy was that the arms that grip the phone snapped off several months after purchasing it. He was disappointed with his useless purchase. He I thought Kikkerland creates better quality products than that. According to this guy's words, the product was subjected to normal use, nothing rough. Other common issues described by the customers included that the coil arm falls down, inability to use with ipad, that the clamp does not work properly on anything thicker than two inches and that the arm does not stay in place. In this way, even though the concept of this product is brilliant, it has too many disadvantages. Let us take a look at some real customers' reviews left online.

"The FlexiblePhone Holder I received yesterday is just horrible! The holder snapped as soon as my phone was placed on it, even though the packaging says that it fits all phones up to four inches wide. My phone is just 3 1/2 inches but the product broke immediately. Waste of money! It is definitely not worth $12. Do not believe all the claims made by the manufacturer."

"Flexible PhoneHolder is a poorly designed product for a few reasons. The clip that is meant to hold the phone simply does not work. It does not hold the phone's weight. Besides, the tubing is flexible. I cannot recommend this hone holder to anyone. Don't buy this poorly made product ever. You will regret."

"Flexible Phone Holder is a useless device. The clamp is hard to use. What is worse is that it is unable to hold the tablet in place. Its weight makes the screen flip down. Probably, the weight of the tablet is too much for this holder. I have an iPad Air 2 and it is not heavy. I tried to use this holder for my phone but the clamp is too big for it. I cannot recommend this product to anyone."

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learnt about the Flexible Phone Holder, it is often nonfunctional. It cannot be used with a tablet because it is not able to hold the weight of this device. And it cannot be used with some phones because its clamp is simply too big for them. According to many users' testimonials, they don't know what it can be used for, which makes this device useless. The only positive thing about the item is that it comes with a money-back guarantee, so you can get your money back if you are not pleased with your purchase. However, very few people report about their success to get a refund. It is additional headache. Many customers feel extremely disappointed with the product itself and the company behind it. They are not satisfied with the customer service too. Flexible Phone Holder seems to be cheap and not worth the money it costs. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of the item, I cannot recommend Flexible Phone Holder to purchasing.

Where To Buy Flexible Phone Holder In Stores?

Kikkerland Flexible Phone Holder can be ordered from Amazon at present. The price of one unit is $11.95. You can also find the product on some other retail stores but the cost may vary a lot. Still the best place for buying a product of this kind is from the manufacturer. This will guarantee the highest quality of the product.