FlexShopper Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE FlexShopper Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


FlexShopper is an online store that provides an easy and flexible way for anyone to buy electronics, furniture, home appliances and other goods from popular brands with affordable, weekly payments. The FlexShopper Marketplace is flexshopper.com. You can contact the company by calling at their phone number 855-353-9289 or writing to their email reviews@flexshopper.com. The postal address is North Military Trail 2700; 33431; Boca Raton; United States. This online store was founded in 2014. Since FlexShopper has completely moved their business online, there is no more need to drive around the town looking for a refrigerator, couch, or car tires. CEO of the company, Brad Bernstein, claims that there is a great part of the population in the country that does not have enough cash to shop online. That is why he has set a mission of helping Americans to get durable goods online. This kind of consumers have primarily shopped for used products available in a limited selection, but due to their online store they are enabled to shop for appliances, electronics, and televisions online.

When you are experiencing a debt or credit situation, it can be difficult to buy necessary expensive items. Paying off debt or building credit takes time but you should not sleep on the floor just because a mattress store refuses to give you the credit to buy a bed. Insure you are saving some money away in case on an emergency and that the items you purchase are within your budget. It is easy to buy the necessary items from FlexShopper. You'll need to sign up for an account, select the items you want to purchase from either their website or your favorite retailer. Finally, choose your delivery and shipping method. This online store allows shopping for such minor items as a baby monitor, a snow blower, and a smartwatch. Computers are very popular purchases. Entertainment is an important category, so, televisions and gaming stations are top sellers, too. FlexShopper partners with such well-known companies as Overstock, Best Buy, and Walmart on almost any product category you can think of. Let's check what other benefits FlexShopper.com has to offer today.

Customer Reviews - Does FlexShopper Really Work?

Our research has showed that this online store have high customer reputation online. Customers' testimonials can be found on different third-party websites. Most customers who have shopped at FlexShopper are pleased with it. It is not a problem if you don't have money to pay to the store because it is open even to those who have bad credit. Spending limits are instantly approved for up to $2,500. The company doesn't use nationwide credit reporting agencies to decide whether you are allowed to apply or not. However, it is better to make your payments on time; otherwise, you will get negative reporting. Another advantage the customers appreciate a lot is the wide variety of over 85,000 items on the site. You can also sign an electronic lease agreement. It means that your payments will be automatically deducted from your bank account. You will own what you were renting after one year. Isn't it great? It is a wise idea to take a look at the actual customers' testimonials available online.

FlexShopper is easy to work with and offers good customer service. Its reps are courteous, kind and helpful. One female customer says she spoke to Joyce in the customer service department. The assistant was friendly and patient when answering all of the customer's questions. The woman could feel that she really cared about her concerns and was willing to assist her in all possible ways. The woman is grateful to Joyce for renewing her faith in the profession of a customer service. She was happy to give five stars. Another customer liked Melissa and her supervisor Albert. Both workers were amazing and managed to offer her a quick resolution for her problem. They were so sweet during the process that the customer highly recommends them to her friends. She says she will refer people to the store based on their professionalism and speedy assistance.

Another customer of FlexShopper is a man who had nothing but positive service from the store. The customer lives on a cash basis and does not have credit cards, but sometimes he would like to get something special, especially for holidays or birthday. He also wanted to buy some new furniture because his furniture was outdated); however, he did not have enough saved. Due to this store, the man has got many different items all of which arrived in a very timely manner and were brand new. In fact, he has purchased more than thirty items with FlexShopper. According to his words, he has never had a single issue; any unauthorized debits or double charges. He confesses that the negative customer reviews online are just ridiculous. It means that some people do not read the fine print saying that if you do not buy the item within 90 days you will pay more. The man has never gone over this term and he never buys anything he doesn't think he can pay off in ninety days. This customer provided the list of the items he has purchased from the store, namely, Home speaker entertainment system (with a receiver and speakers), two Apple MacBooks Pro, Best blu-ray player on the market, two Dyson Vacuums, two Apple TVs, Library leather couch, Family room sectional and others. Here are some more customers' testimonials found online.

"I have been a long-time customer of FlexShopper and enjoyed a great experience. Their customer service is just exceptional. The agents of the company are always responsive, helpful and have a perfect sense of humor. Due to this store I now have a brand new iPad, a smart watch and high-quality headphones. I am so thankful to this store. I am your customer for life."

"FlexShopper is a fantastic online store that allows any person to buy the necessary item in a simple and stressless way. I spoke with its rep named Joyce about updating my address, restoring my spending credit, and about switching from weekly to monthly pay period schedule. From the very beginning of our talk until the end of my call she was well-mannered and polite. She definitely deserves all five stars for such an excellent customer service."

"I had the best experience with FlexShopper and I really appreciated the professionalism and flexibility demonstrated to me while I was buying products for my vehicle! I especially appreciated the service of Ms. Alexus Blands who was attentive and kind tying up my contract. I will definitely come back to the store and I would recommend FlexShoppers to all of my family and friends!"

My Final Summary

If you are looking for a way to buy expensive yet necessary items, you can opt for shopping at FlexShopper. It is easy to shop for any from the great selection of home appliances, electronics and furniture sets. During out research, we have not found any scams or hidden tricks with this company. Most of those who have used the store for shopping, report that they had awesome experiences and have no complaints about the customer service of hold times on the phone. The major advantage of this online store is that it allows buying anything of real value, offers fast and simple ordering process (within 24 hours) and has friendly and professional customer service. You are free to choose from weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment schedules. However, if you don't pay for an item within ninety days, you will need to pay more afterwards. Rental cost after the 90-day term can be pretty high. All terms are clearly written in the contract. If you have any billing questions you can call at a toll free number or opt for an online chat. In a few words, you need to pay off your items within 90 days. You are advised not to buy more than you can afford. If you cannot pay off in the 90-day period, you could pay more. With all these pros and cons, FlexShopper can be recommended for shopping.

FlexShopper Pricing and Rates

Not everyone is automatically approved for opening an account on FlexShopper.com, but the company works to help even those with poor credit. Due to the flexibility of repayments, you can choose to pay for your purchases weekly, monthly or twice a month. To pay on the site you just need to provide the with the number of your debit/credit card. That card will be used to process your payments on your chosen schedule. After you place an order, you can make the change by calling FlexShopper Billing at 855-353-9289.