Flighthub Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Flighthub Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


If you are looking for lower travel prices and you are a Canadian, you may greatly benefit from FlightHub, an Ontario-based online travel agency with an authentic customer service, numerous conveniences, and the lowest prices. They offer E-ticket delivery, so that your tickets arrive almost instantly after your booking. With this company you will be able to enjoy zero hold time. If you are not satisfied with anything, you can always call their customer service. FlightHub also comes with transparent all-in pricing that guarantees absence of any extra charges or hidden fees. The representatives of the customer support will accompany you from the very beginning to the very end of the ticket buying process, as well as during and after your trip. In addition, FlightHub customers can monitor their reservations easily through their mobile app or online, receiving schedule changes, travel alerts, or other information about a potential trip.

Flighthub boasts skilled and experienced travel specialists who have been serving Canada's travel needs offline for more than two decades now. The company got engaged into the field of internet commerce by expanding their business of online bookings. They possess a wide software database that can't be beaten by any existing competition. Besides, the company claims to provide direct access to airlines, wholesalers, and hotel suppliers in Canada. This allows their customers to receive insider savings with no need to visit many different locations or websites to compare the available prices. The promises made by the company are very loud but are they real? Can you save money when using their services? Let's try to answer these questions by looking at what the actual clients of the company are saying about their own experience.

Customer Reviews - Does FlightHub Really Work?

In fact, there are multiple customer reviews about FlightHub online, but not all of them are positive. While the majority of customers appear to be pleased with the deals offered by the service, the others are not so satisfied. Thus, some of the most common complaints range from high ticket prices to poor customer service and hidden fees. The greater part of the customers is highly pleased with the customer support, though. FlightHub is said to be a better choice for those who travel seldom and are not good at different aspects of travelling. For example, the company has a highly informative official website that contains sections called "How do I get a passport?" or "How do I use an E-ticket?" These support sections are specially designed for people who have questions of the kind, as well as "When do I need to check in for my flight?"

FlightHub does not only offer superior customers service to their travelers, but also daily deals that range from $20 off flights to Europe to 55% off hotel bookings. In addition, the company provides travel guides for many different destinations, as well as information on local weather and top tourist attractions. These guides display prices converted into Canadian dollars, which makes using the service maximally convenient. The website will even help you to learn the price of one kilogram of tomatoes or the cost of renting a tennis court per hour. Many travelers find this information very useful. There are some complaints about the company too. One customer left a report telling that he tried to book a flight from Toronto to Barcelona. The price on the confirmation was different than that that provided before he pressed the Book now button. The man called the 800 number to complain and the representative of the company promised to help him immediately. As a result, he was charged the initial fee displayed on the site. That customer states that his issue was resolved in a matter of a few hours. It means that the customer service works great. You don't need to wait for too long to have your problem solved. Thus, if you notice any price difference, inform the customer service on the same day and you will avoid paying the higher fee. Other FlightHub customers report that they are happy with the customer service, too. They are also satisfied with a monthly membership fee of $5.95. To get a better idea of the level of consumer satisfaction with the service, let us take a look at some of the actual users' comments.

"We went to visit the Windsor through Flighthub last summer. We didn't plan the trip initially and thought that everything would be a mess. We did not have time to book our flights beforehand, because we were unsure whether we would go anywhere at all. It was my friend who suggested that we could book with FlightHub. So, the company helped us to complete everything in a few weeks only. The booking process was fast and easy, and we received the emails within several minutes. We enjoyed our comfortable trip and the luxury hotel we stayed at. Even though there are some negative reviews about the company, we didn't face any problems with them. We are going to travel with them again in future."

"My family stayed pleased with Flight Hub as they provided us with everything we needed; flights to get to our destination, car hire services and great hotel rooms. What I liked about this company the most is that they offered a lot of flexible choices for different kinds of services. It was not difficult to find flights that were suitable for us in terms of our budget and schedule. They also offered wide listings for apartments and hotels. I would certainly recommend this company to all travelers."

"I like FlightHub because they have the best flight options I have ever seen online. Most of them are agreeable with my schedule, so I hope to stay with this company for a long time. The last time I used their services, it was very easy to find the flights I needs. You can use their website even if you are not sure where you would lie to have your vacation. It is very convenient. You can easily book the hotel room and get the necessary help if you need it. All in all, I have always had great trips due to this company. I recommend using FlightHub."

My Final Summary

If you need to take a business trip or have a vacation in some exotic country, why not use the service of FlightHub? The company seems to offer low-cost travel-related services including air flights, cruises, hotel rooms and car rentals. Even if you have not decided yet where you would like to spend your vacation, just got to their site and you will be displayed a variety of destinations. The company is associated with many positive reviews. Numerous customers write that they didn't come across any trouble during their trips and would book with them again in future.

All prices for the company's services are displayed on the website but can be subject to change. For details, contact the FlightHub customer service. In some cases, a fare may change after you have made a reservation. The prices set out on the site may not include airport charges, taxes or other fees. These will be displayed during the booking process but before payment submission. In serious cases, you may issue a refund. Taking into account all pros and cons of FlightHub's travel services, I would recommend these to travelers.

FlightHub Pricing and Rates

According to the official website of the company, a monthly membership fee is $5.95. Flights, hotels and cruises come with up to 80% off and you can choose any city in the world to go to. The prices may vary depending on the option you choose.