Flipazoo Chairs Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Flipazoo Chairs Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Flipazoo Chairs

Flipazoo Chairs are bag chairs specially created and designed for kids. They have an outer covering that will provide your child with two different animals by being just flipped over. The official website of the product is flipazoo.com. It was registered in November 2015. The domain flipazoochairs.com has also been used, and it was registered in October 2017. Unfortunately, there is little information about the manufacturer of Flipazoo chairs. It is called Jay at Play and it is also known to be the manufacturer of some other stuffed toys for children. The company's BBB rating was a B minus in November 2017. Their chairs are not typical. They are made from soft fabric ant they feel like soft toys making them soft for your children to sit on. They come in four varieties each of which has two characters (animals) in which the chairs are designed. One chair can be easily converted to either of two animals; however, it's not that simple to flip the chair inside as shown in the advertisement. Dual design is made to prevent your child from getting bored. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

The original FlipaZoo is a plush character animal which can be converted from into another design. The popularity of that design has inspired the company to create a number of other Flipazoo branded items, such as blankets, slippers, and pillows. The basic concept of all these products is a plush character with a layered design that can be changed by pulling one layer over the other. As a result, a different character is revealed. For instance, the brown dog chair can be easily changed to a white cat. This effect can be achieved due to the special design of chairs. Each item consists of a central two-sided material and two bean bag sections. If you pull the material over the seat, it will show one design, while pulling it over the back portion reveals another. It is a rather wise design. Are these chairs really well-made? Do they perform as advertised? The products use soft and comfortable materials, so they are soft for children. But what do real buyers think about their purchases? Let's take a look at some of their reviews left online.

Customer Reviews - Do Flipazoo Chairs Really Work?

Consumers generally express mixed opinions about Flipazoo Chairs and the brand as a whole. Most of the complaints about Jay at Play reference to the long shipping times. People have to wait for too long for their purchases to arrive. This situation may occur with newer items more frequently because these haven't been made to full production. Usually these items were advertised for one time only. More established products are rarely shipped late. Of course, long delivery times are always irritating for the customers, since many of them order Flipazoo Chairs as gifts for their children. This concern should be immediately removed, considering the high price of the products and the shipping itself. Many people find waiting for too long. It should be remembered that a relatively new product is more probable to arrive later. The matter is that the manufacturer makes a small run of the initial batch, since the company's staff doesn't know how high demand will be. This should not be a concern about Flipazoo Chairs, because these items have become quite popular already. The manufacturer has created more items of this kind. Another common complaint is the high cost of the company's products. $50 may seem too expensive for a bean bag chair. One can buy a much better and high-quality chair.

There are some positive remarks about the product. Thus, people say that it is really easy to use, but it is not so fast to slip over, though. The advertisement shows that you can change the animal in the matter of a second or two. In reality, the process may take up to one minute to fix everything correctly. The chairs are ready to use directly from the box and there is nothing you need to do for your kid to use it. There are attractive and interesting combinations of animals for your child to play with. You will be able to choose from four types of combinations. There is a Unicorn that converts to a Dragon, an Elephant that converts to a Tiger, a Polar Bear that converts to a Husky, and a Brown Dog that converts to a White Cat. Such a chair usually attracts child's attention easily. It may be a tough challenge to get a child's attention due to the great amount of energy and the desire to move all the time. This chair can become an advantage to have something up one's sleeve to use in order to attract your child's attention. This can be important while trying to get your kid to do something or simply to eat.

Flipazoo Chair is claimed to be able to save space in your house, since there is limited storage space in most houses. This product can be used as a chair and a toy. Another important space-saving factor is that each chair converts into a chair with a different animal character. You will need to flip it inside out. Thus, you can have chairs in one, so you will not need to buy two chairs. The only disadvantage is that this chair can be used by only one child at a time. Some people complain that Flipazoo Chairs have poor quality and are too small in size. Let us take a look at the actual customers' testimonials available online.

"I bought FlipazooChair for my daughter and was very disappointed what I received in the box. This chair was cute but it is too. I think it is suitable for kids at the age of two or three. My daughter is six. I definitely don't recommend this chair for kids over three years old."

"Flipazoo Chairs are soft and comfortable. I bought it for my son and he likes it a lot. But there is one thing I don't lie about it. It takes longer to flip than advertised by the company. Be ready that your child will ask to convert the animals about twenty or thirty times on the first day you have your purchase. That's irritating."

"I ordered Flipazoo chair as a gift for my granddaughter. She is almost two and it is a little bit too big for her. She still carries it everywhere. It should be taken into account that the child will not be able to flip the fabric over the chair on their own."

My Final Summary

The Flipazoo Chairs may seem really attractive at first sight but they have a number of disadvantages. The first one is the fact that there is a small selection of chairs. You will be able to choose from only four different designs. That's not much. The design has already been created for you and it is not mentioned on the official website whether the company is going to offer more mixes of animals later. There is not opportunity to create your own mix. The available pairings do not have much in common, thus, the chances that a child will be interested in a tiger and an elephant are fairly slim. Based on customer reviews, the chars have poor quality and flipping the fabric too frequently results in wearing out of the chair much more quickly. You may need a replacement sooner than hoped. Another drawback of Flipazoo Chairs is their high price, despite the fact that you are getting two chairs for the price of one. You can still use only one chair at a time. Shipping costs appear to be rather high for bean bag chairs too. However, you can order the product on Amazon and enjoy free shipping. To my mind, it is better to buy a higher-quality chair for the same money. With this in mind, I cannot recommend Flipazoo Chairs to buying.

Where To Buy Flipazoo Chairs In Stores?

Each chair costs $39.99 plus $8.99 shipping, thus the total price will be $48.98. This price is taken from As Seen on TV Commercial page: flipazoochairs.com. You can choose from four styles available: Dragon/Unicorn, Brown Dog/White Cat, Polar Bear/Husky, or Elephant/Tiger. Amazon sells Flipazoo Chair for $34.99 plus free shipping, which is much cheaper than from the official website of the company.