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FoundersCard is a special membership group for creative professionals and entrepreneurs that charges a $95 initiation fee and a $595 yearly fee. Membership includes access to networking events, an actual card, and over 500 travel and lifestyle benefits. The group began its existence as a series of networking meetings where entrepreneurs could talk and make connections that would challenge and encourage them. Time passed and travel brands learnt about the FoundersCard group and offered them different discounts, elite memberships, and benefits. At present, there are more than 20,000 members in the community. These are people involved in diverse business ventures in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

FoundersCard was started by entrepreneur named Eric Kuhn. In the early 90's he launched a tech startup and experienced the boom with his company landing on NASDAQ. But very soon the bubble burst and Eric started to fight for his business. Finally, he resurrected the company and sold it. In this difficult period of his life he started thinking about creating a place for entrepreneurs to meet, talk and share their experiences. This was how FoundersCard was created. Kuhn invented the membership model for entrepreneurs in a digital way. Today, this internet company has significant relationships with high-quality airlines, hotels and other popular travel brands. The list is pretty impressive. There are at least eight hotel groups that offer discounts, nine airlines, several rental car companies and chauffeur services.

Customer Reviews - Does FoundersCard Really Work?

There are plenty of customer reviews about the company from Reddit threads, big-name travel websites, and blogs. Actually there were 37,894 Consumer Reviews at the time of this review. According to Travel-rewards website The Points Guy, this card is a good option for those who can take advantage of hotel and airline benefits. But it should be kept in mind that the card is meant for creative professionals and entrepreneurs who search for a dynamic community of people like them. Another travel-rewards website, Frequent Flyer Book, claims that smart travelers could significantly benefit from the FoundersCard's hotel perks. They are not amazed with the card's airline benefits though. In general, the users of the card appear to be extremely happy with their membership despite the necessity to pay annual fees. As a specialist, I can say that a top card cannot be free to use. All high-rate cards have fees, including the Chase Sapphire Reserve, AmEx Platinum, or Citi Prestige. It should be remembered that FoundersCard is not a credit card. You won't see any rewards points increase with each swiping of the card.

Having this card, you will be able to use different benefits it offers (500 to be exact). These benefits are not limited to travel partners. Let us take a look at some of the most appreciated non-travel perks. FoundersCard Members are free to use discounts of up to 36% on UPS air, ground and international shipping. You can benefit from 15% off standard rates on data plans greater than $30 in value, all voice plans, excluding iPad data plans and unlimited voice. There is 20% off all MOO orders for FoundersCard members and 15% off orders with MOO Business Services for their employees. The members of the company can save up to 46% off standard pricing on select products. New Shopify customers can save 35% off any monthly plan, while current Shopify customers with a store made in the past three months can save 35% off when upgrading their plan. You can benefit from Complimentary Avis Preferred Plus membership and save up to 25% on rentals. The group's Members will get 2,500 MonkeyRewards Credits ($2,500 value), as well as save 20% on facials, massages, and body treatments at most US Bliss Spa locations. They can also get a discount of 20% off most items on Complimentary 1-year subscriptions are offered by Inc. Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine. To my mind, these benefits are just great, but you will need to pay the $595 annual fee. However, the card is worth its fee, taking into account the fact that you will also have access to networking events each year. Let us take a look at what real members of the group say about it.

"FoundersCard is a company with small team who work hard to get a lot of wonderful perks for themselves and for their clients. This is the reason why they are so highly appreciated by customers including me. Working in the company I liked casual generous pay, dress code, free snack delivery, almost free healthcare, lots of weekly contests with prizes including leaving early, gift cards, food, etc. I cannot think of any drawback!"

"I have been a member of the Founders card for three years already and it keeps paying off each year. The company had just added Virgin America and Hilton Honors perks. The company invents new perks every few months. I thought it would be a wise idea for me to sign up. I got instant membership and a discount on flights with Virgin America. That justified the cost of joining the group for $495. I continue to save money on Virgin flights."

"Since getting my Founders Card Membership in October of 2014, I have used different perks offered by the company. I managed to calculate that I had saved about $1250 within four months. At first I received a discount on Apple products. I bought a Macbook Pro laptop and a new iPad. The discount was 20%, which is a huge discount, I should admit. I have a business relationship with Apple at present, so I received my new level of discount on computers and tablets."

My Final Summary

FoundersCard is associated with a number of advantages. It offers many Networking Events focused on creative professionals and entrepreneurs who can listen to seminars and talk to one another. The schedule of networking events is just amazing and does not presupposes listening to seminars only. When you want to talk with entrepreneurs you can do it too. It means that these events have an open format with drinks and food served. There is an introduction by a representative and then entrepreneurs may chat for 2-3 hours. The events usually take place at an upscale hotel, for instance, at the Mandarin Oriental in Washington D.C., Hotel Gansevoort in New York City, and San Francisco's Clift Hotel.

The FoundersCard is an interesting product as it floats between a financial product and a membership-style club. The community includes 20,000 entrepreneurs with their own experience and successes. You can participate in thirty networking career-oriented events each year. The card itself offers wonderful benefits, especially if you are fond of traveling. The cost of the card is $595 per year but this is a miserable annual fee when compared to the benefits you will use. Taking into account all pros and cons, I do recommend the FoundersCard to joining.

FoundersCard Pricing and Rates

The annual fee of using the FoundersCard is only $595. However, paying this money you are going to enjoy a lot of perks all year round. Good luck!