Fred Meyer Jewelers Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Fred Meyer Jewelers

Fred Meyer Jewelers is a chain of jewelers based in different parts of the USA. The whole chain is owned by the parent organization Fred Meyer, Kroger. The latter was founded in 1973 and has its headquarters in Portland, Oregon, United States. The company was started by Fred G Meyers and was later ranked among Nation's top five diamond engagement rings stores. The chain has more than 300 Stores around the United States. Today Fred Meyers is the diamond seller that can boast high customer reputation. The store functions under the titles Fred Meyer Jewelers and Littman Jewelers. Apart from thousands of different stones in diverse shades and settings, Fred Meyer diamond vendors offer an unusual variety of packages with the guaranteed customer satisfaction. They offer a Lifetime Jewelry care plan and the next Specific Guarantees - Trade-In and Mounting, Manufacturing Satisfaction, as well as for Loss and Damage. The company also has many shipping options including 2-Day Free Shipping (for purchases under $99- $5.95 per order), Fed Ex express delivery ($12.95- overnight), and Saturday Delivery ($19.895).

What differentiates Fred Meyer Jewelers from other jewelry stores is that Fred Meyer Jewelers has an unlimited collection of engagement jewelry and perfect diamond rings for the wedding. You can create an engagement ring of your own design. The company offers hassle-free educational part online that is easy to use and comes with a wide variety of criteria highlighting the 4 C's of all diamonds. Online shopping on Fred Meyer Jewelers' website has been enhanced significantly, so that the customers can track the shipment of their orders online. The site also offers many payment options including Fred Meyer Membership Card. According to reputable sources, Fred Meyer is an expert diamond vendor with highly-experienced employees willing to do their best to satisfy each customer of theirs. Even though Fred Meyer Jewelers is not accredited by BBB, it is rated A+, according to Better Business Bureau. 38 complaints out of 78 registered on BBB have been closed in the past three years.

Customer Reviews - Does Fred Meyer Jewelers Really Work?

We have encountered a great many testimonials from true customers of Fred Meyer Jewelers. They are pleased with the user-friendly services. The official website of the company provides easy navigation, is effortless to use, and provides unique and attractive designs to meet whichever taste you may have. People like to hang out and watch available options. The store offers a wide variety of diamonds with over 15,000 un-mounted center stones decorating dreamy weddings jewelries. In fact, the company offers the country's best collection of jewelry and engagement rings to choose from. The customers are satisfied with the shopping support too. Although the site does not provide a Live Chat feature; you can contact the company by clicking on the Contact Us Tab at the bottom of the site page. The Fred Meyer staff usually replies within 26 hours of your sending the request form.

The company offers many payment methods including Fred Meyer Jewelers Credit Card, Platinum Preferred Credit Card, and Gold Preferred Credit Card. You can confirm a purchase via Fred Meyer online portal. All of their diamonds are covered under Guarantee of Satisfaction, Lifetime Jewelry Care plan, artisan-ship and Loss and damage. This geezer offers many shipping options such as 2-Day free shipping options and overnight express shipping. The company provides a 60-days 100% refund or replacement (to your choice). The customer must pay for the shipping fees. Cancellation of the order is not free; but you can contact a local store and return the product manually within 60 days of purchase. Let us take a look at some of the actual customers' testimonials left online.

One customer says she recently bought an engagement ring from Littman's Thanksgiving weekend and a beautiful 1-karat diamond ring for $4900. She paid about $6200 with taxes. The customer had no issued with the diamond or anything; however, she recommends everyone make sure you know what you are buying before doing this. Check the price of a diamond you are going to buy taking into account its size. You may actually get it cheaper based on sale dates, for instance, on Black Friday when you can get up to 50% off. The customer is pleased with her pleasant experience of shopping at Fred Meyer Jewelers. No one is actually guaranteed not to have any issues with their rings. If your diamonds falls out be sure this jewelry store will fix it for free. They should fix the problems.

Another lady writes in her review that her boyfriend recently bought her an engagement ring at the store and she loves it very much. It is rose gold with white and cocoa diamonds and a beautiful tanzanite center stone. The young lady says that a sales woman helped her fiance to pick out the ring. After the proposal, they went back to Fred Meyer Jewelers and bought the care package and the lifetime warranty. She had the chance to have her ring resized then but it fit her perfectly. After a few weeks the lady realized the ring was too big for her and there was a chance of losing it. The lady took her ring back to the store and left it with the sales woman who told her it would be ready before Christmas. The client was happy when she was called and informed that her ring was ready in just five days. Not it fits her perfectly. The customer loved the sales people who were very helpful. She highly recommends the store in Kent, Washington.

A male customer wanted to get his watch adjusted for a long period of time. The band on his watch was too big and since the man had spent a good amount of money on it he decided to have his watch resized Fred Meyer Jewelers at the Kirkland location. The man behind the counter was friendly and seemed to be knowledgeable. The customer waited for about five minutes before they tested the first adjustment. The man left after the third adjustment and came back the next day. He can enjoy his watch now and what is even more impressing is that he had it resized for just a few dollars. Unfortunately, he doesn't know the repair man's name. Nevertheless, he is going to check his arsenal of watches if any of them is broken and to have them repaired too. Here are some more customer reviews from actual clients of Fred Meyer Jewelers.

"We went to Fred Meyer Jewelers department at Kirkland and liked our experience there. Rafael at the watch department was careful and helpful. He returned my antique watch back to life in a fast manner. He was professional, unlike other watchmakers who refused to repair it for me and even wanted to charge a huge amount of money. Rafael charged only 25% of a price with great results. I have been wearing my watch for over a year now and it still works well. I am thankful to Rafael. I will definitely be back if I need."

"Fred Meyer Jewelers is a wonderful jewelry store. When we went there, the two assistants named Paul and Amanda greeted us and suggested their help. They have gone above and beyond to help us pick the jewelry we needed. As a result, we bought some jewelry and the warrantee which has come in handy. I am a baker and I often have issues with my rings. I will come back for sure and I recommend this store to everyone."

"Fred Meyer Jewelers is simply the best jewelry store in the country. The man who repaired my watch for the first time seemed to be knowledgeable and fast, so now I come to him every time my watches need repair. I have a big collection of watches and he fixes and adjusts them from time to time when they need resizing, new batteries or anything else. The customer service is great at Kirkland Fred Meyer. I recommend this very location."

My Final Summary

Should you buy an engagement ring at Fred Meyer Jewelers? Well, to answer this question let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the store. The company offers exclusive ring settings for for you to select the engagement or wedding ring that best fits you. This can even be done online with the help of customized selections in Detail, Shape, Carat Weight, Size, Style, Metal Type, and Budget. There is an unlimited choice of un-mounted diamonds in numerous shapes and sizes, there are actually 15,000 of those! The store offers a wide selection of diamond engagement rings, too. Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan comes with the lifetime guarantee of Sizing, Polishing and Repairing, Prong Re-Tipping, Damaged Mountings, Pearl Restringing, and other Manufacturing defects. You can make a return at the nearest store if you are not satisfied with your purchase and receive a 100% refund within 60 days. 2-Day shipping is absolutely free even for orders less than $100.

The accidents may occur even with a high-rate jewelry store and Fred Meyer Jewelers is not an exception. Some people say the diamond engagement rings from this store are more expensive than those sold at other stores. Some customers have also reported that the quality of the jewelries has been compromised. In these cases, though, the vendor has apologized and returned the money to the customers. Fred Meyer Jewelers is certainly not a fraud even though it is not accredited by BBB. Having the reputation of being a trustworthy diamond merchant, it is nation's third best diamond seller. With all this in mind, we do recommend Fred Meyer Jewelers.

Fred Meyer Jewelers Pricing and Rates

The prices are moderate. The company accepts credit cards. Working hours of the store are from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am till 9:00 pm and on Sunday from 10:00 am till 6:00 pm. If you have any questions you can call at their phone number (425) 820-3215. Business website of the company is