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FreeScore360 is a service powered by ScoreSense, a trademark of a Dallas company called One Technologies. The latter owns a few credit reporting websites, including,,, and The company was launched in 2000 as a mortgage leads generator. It was founded by two brothers Roger and Alex Chang. In 2006 the company started doing the credit monitoring business. One Technologies claims that they have already provided credit monitoring services to more than one million customers. The company has a B rating with the BBB at the time of writing this review. There were some issues about misleading advertising and charging clients for wrong credit monitoring programs.

FreeScore360 works by providing online access to credit reports and scores from three credit bureaus namely Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. The company does not say, though, which credit score model it uses, but, according to the terms and conditions of the site, they are not FICO scores. About 90% of lenders use FICO scores to check the creditworthiness of their potential borrowers. FreeScore360 does not offer email alerts of credit changes, daily monitoring, or identity theft protection. However, their customer service will gladly help you with credit related disputes. Let us take a look at more details about the company and what real customers think about it.

Customer Reviews - Does FreeScore360 Really Work?

The official website of the company is and it offers users the ability to receive their three free credit scores, as well as their 3-in-1 credit report. All this becomes available for just $1.00. all you will need to do is to provide your name, a credit card number, and address. You will immediately get access to your TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax reports. With your $1.00 payment you will also receive a seven-day free trial of a credit tracking agency called ScoreSense. It will monitor your credit report for signs of abnormal activity and identity theft. If you do not cancel your membership before the end of the seven-day trial, you will be automatically enrolled in monthly services for $29.95 every 30 days. If you want to cancel your membership before the end of the seven-day trial, or any other time, you should call at 800-972-7204 and talk to the Customer Service reps. They will certainly help you in this question.

FreeScore360 markets itself as a free service, saying that you need to pay $1 for a 7-day trial. A potential customer must provide only basic personal information of theirs (name and address) to confirm their identity. They also have to provide their credit card details to pay for the subscription if they don't cancel their seven-day trial. In reality, a one-month subscription costs $29.95. In exchange, you will get credit scores and reports from three credit reporting agencies. That's not too bad, I must admit. There are quite many customer reviews about FreeScore360 on third-party websites. The people's opinions carry a mixed character, which means that there are both positive and negative opinions. The most common compliments include the ability to learn your credit score any time you wish, the reasonable price of the service, good customer service. One consumer complained that he paid for the services he never received. There were reports of false advertising, but these issues have been resolved by the company already. It is high time to take a look at what actual customers think about the service.

"Last year, I needed to check my credit score immediately. I started searching online and the quickest and easiest way I could find was FreeScore360. It does cost the money ($1) but it is worth it. Whati did was give them my details, got the report and canceled it straight away. You need to make sure that you really canceled. You can even call the customer service to check it out. The company's reps are responsive and kind and will immediately respond."

"I have been looking for reviews on the free credit reporting services available online and they all seemed to be the same. All the services seemed to be shady because they tend to subscribe you automatically to their monthly paid credit monitoring service. This is really inevitable, I should say, but what you can do is cancel your subscription within seven days with FreeScore360. In that case, you won't be charged."

"I am going to sign up for FreeScore360 because I receive free points at swagbucks for doing this. I am going to call and cancel it immediately so I will not be charged more than $1. I think that all the people who left negative reviews about this company don't clearly understand how credit scores work, forgot to cancel in time or replied to phishing emails. I can figure this out easily. Sign me up!"

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about FreeScore360, this company seems to be a time saver. It also offers a cheap way to get your credit scores with no need to go through each site separately and pay for seeing each of them. You will not have to fill out all of the forms, jump through all of the hoops, and do many unnecessary things before actually getting your scores. This can be too much for many modern people. Even the leading credit bureaus can upsell you on a credit monitoring service. If you have already tried to get a free report from these companies, you probably know that they want to upsell you. The reason behind it is that it costs a lot of money to keep the data stored. All free credit checking and score checking websites are owned with the major credit bureaus, so it's no surprise why they act in the same way.

Free Score 360 gives you your three reports, but the service is not quite free as said. In fact, the seven-day trial will cost you $1. You are asked to leave your credit card details just for insurance. In case if you don't cancel the service within seven days you will be signed up for a monthly subscription automatically. You credit card will be charged almost $30 accordingly. Be sure that you will get your credit score with no hassle, in a fast and easy way. Just remember to cancel your subscription within a week. You will have access to credit scores and reports from three credit reporting bureaus. Even though it does not give out FICO scores, it is a step up from, which does not offer any credit scores at all. FreeScore360 has been using unique marketing techniques. A monthly subscription of $29.95 for getting three credit reports is quite reasonable. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of FreeScore360, I do recommend this service to usage.

FreeScore360 Pricing and Rates

As it was already mentioned, the seven-day trial is considered to be free but you are asked to pay only $1. If you cancel the service within these seven days, you won't be charged a penny. But if you don't, you will be automatically subscribed for a monthly subscription and charged $29.95. this is the cost of the service per month.