Fusion Juicer Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Fusion Juicer Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Fusion Juicer

Fusion Juicer is an "As Seen on TV" product that is manufactured by the company called TriStar Products. It is considered to be a "rapid nutrition vehicle" that promises to work more efficiently and faster than traditional juicers. Besides, this kitchen appliance is half cheaper. It was designed by Jason Vale, a juicing expert, nutritionist, and best-selling author from the UK. The Fusion Juicer contains steel blades of the surgical quality. They feature a sleek, compact design, and can be cleaned in a dishwasher. According to the company, the device's large chute can be used for most fruits and vegetables. It means that you won't have to pre-chop or peeling the ingredients.

The Superior Extraction Technology of the device provides the device with coolness during the juicing process, which provides more pure juice with a greater amount of essential vitamins. The Fusion Juicer is designed for better juice extraction due to the 800-watt motor, and attractive retro design that will fit into any kitchen interior. With this machine you will enjoy a quicker, more creative juicing process, as well as health benefits from natural fresh food. However, to better understand whether the Fusion Juicer is really one of the best machines for the job, let us have a look at what real users think about this juicer.

Customer Reviews - Does Fusion Juicer Really Work?

The Fusion Juicer is associated with a great number of positive users' testimonials online. Most people are pleased with this machine due to its high performance and functionality. The users appreciate its quality and compact design. This device is really special with its large chute that allows the user to juice most vegetables and fruits whole. It means that you won't have to waste your time on peeling, cutting, or coring of the items. When compared to other juicers available on the market, the Fusion Juicer features a powerful 3,600-rpm motor, as well as stainless surgical steel blades. These blades guarantee juicing even of the most difficult foods. The device is available in different colors including black, red, and white. The Fusion Juicer has a non-drip spout that allows pouring of your juice with no need to worry about making a mess.

The Fusion Juicer works like some of the centrifugal juicing machines. It has a high-speed motor spinning a blade, transforming whole vegetables and fruits into liquids. This juicer has a number of notable specs including an 800 Watt 2-speed motor, Stainless steel blade, Extra large chute and a Non-drip spout and 30 oz. A great number of users claim that this machine is quite durable as it can serve several years with no need to be repaired. If anything goes wrong to your juicer, you can always contact the customer service of the company and get answers to your questions. The company has a highly-professional team of specialists who are always ready to help you any time. To get a better picture of how the Fusion Juicer works, let us have a look at what real users are saying about their experience of using this kitchen appliance.

"I bought the Fusion Juicer after my previous juicer was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy. My new juicer costs $20.00 more but it does work as advertised. I don't have to think about peeling and cutting fruits. I just put oranges, apples, pears, bananas or any other fruits into the juicer and get tasty and healthy juice. Juicing with this machine leaves the pulp dry, so you will drink each drop of your fruit's juice. A cooling off period started almost immediately. I would give five stars to this product. It is effective and inexpensive."

"I am completely satisfied with my purchase. The FusionJuicer is really effective. It is not as overpriced as many customers may think. On the contrary, this juicer is made from high-quality components, thus, it is supposed to be very durable. This kitchen appliance is irreplaceable in my house. It is worth each cent it costs. It works like shown on TV. Don't be afraid of buying this product, as it comes with the warranty. I am happy that I have invested my money into this juicer and I recommend it to all of my friends."

"Fusion Juicer is the second juicer I have got from Walmart. I was not quite satisfied with the first one because its motor stopped and fried on the second week of usage. But I am pleased with the second juicer. It can easily juice even such hard items as carrots and apples. If you want an IED for a juicing machine this one will be a good choice for you. You will undoubtedly fall in love with this juicer just like I did. By the way, their customer service is just incredible. They have never been rude with me despite my frequent calls. I just wanted to make sure that I used the juicer correctly."

My Final Summary

I feel really grateful for such a concept of a healthy lifestyle because the Fusion Juicer is another step to good health and slimmer shape. The device was invented by true specialists of the field. But before giving my recommendations, I would like to point out a few important things about the product. First, the Fusion Juicer features a very powerful engine that can juice even the hardest fruits and vegetables. It is a highly beneficial kitchen appliance for those who prefer to eat healthy foods. Drinking fresh natural juices will provide your body with a number of vitamins and essential nutrients. There is enough scientific evidence that juicing unlocks additional nutrients and can promote cleansing of the body.

Second, juicing fruits and vegetables is easier than you can imagine. In fact, the Fusion Juicer is so easy to use that even children and elderly people can use it on a regular basis. Third, the product is associated with a great number of positive users' reviews.it means that this juicer is really effective and worth buying. Don't pay attention to the complaints linked to the high price of the Fusion Juicer. It is up to each person to decide whether to buy it or not, but a high-quality product cannot be cheap. Finally, this juicer has a wide chute that makes it even more efficient in usage. For this reason, I can certainly recommend the Fusion Juicer to buying. Don't lose your time and purchase this wonderful juicer as soon as possible.

Where To Buy Fusion Juicer In Stores?

At present, the company's official website advertises the product at $120, or six payments of $19.99. There is also an Elite version that costs $239.98, or six payments of $39.98. This version features the same aspects as the normal version, but there is also a screen cleaning brush, a deluxe pitcher, a stainless steel finish with black accents, as well as juice and glass stands. Besides, you will also get a family booster pack, four 20-ounce bottles with non-leak caps, and a recipe guide. In general, the company mentions that the Elite version includes $200 worth of extras.