Fuze Card Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Fuze Card

Fuze Card is a smart card that stores the information of up to thirty gift, debit, credit, and rewards cards. Since everything is kept on one card there is no need to carry a wallet. The card is Bluetooth-enabled, which makes it even more functional. You can make payments by using the card's menu where you can select the card you need to use. Then you can just swipe the card like a traditional credit card. This technology was developed over a few years and launched in May 2017. As a result, the card raised more than $2.44 million via an IndieGoGo campaign. Today the Fuze Card is one of several smart cards that has survived. Other analogues like Plastc and Coin faltered and went out of business. Is the Fuze Card a clever choice? How does it work and what features does it have? Is it safe? We are going to answer these important questions for you to decide if you really need this piece of technology.

The Fuze Card has a similar look to that of a credit card but it is much more functional inside. In fact, this is a multi-layer electronic device that has a paperwhite screen similar to a Kindle, a magnetic stripe, a touchpad, a battery, and a small circuit board. The official website of the product claims that the card's battery can last for a month if you use it up to five times a day. You may need to charge the battery from time to time, which usually takes about 1.5 hours. The card connects to your phone so that you can input the rewards, debit, credit, and gift cards you would like to connect to your card. There is a promotional video noting that you can add any card with a magnetic strip, even library cards. For doing so, you will need to use the Fuze app known as "Ecard Manager". With this app you can see your cards, add the new ones, remove some of them cards and even wipe your card completely.

Customer Reviews - Does Fuze Card Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about this card on third-party websites. Most of them are positive in character. What they really appreciate is the Fuse app that allows to add cards, delete them and wipe the card completely. This app is easy to use. For example, to add a new card, you will need to plug the Fuze card's card reader into the headphone jack of your phone and swipe cards through for the reader to register the card. It will register your card number; however, you will have to enter the card's security number and expiration date on your own. Some membership cards (Starbucks card) need to be entered manually. One Fuze rep, Rashana Nary, said that the company is planning to launch a new Fuze card with EMV technology and NFC (touch payments). Remote Wipe is the major tool you need to know about, since this tool is able to wipe any card information stored on your Fuze Card. In addition to this feature, you will get location tracking, which shows where your card is if you leave it behind or lose it somewhere. The app will notify you if your card is too far from you.

Another feature that cardholders appreciate about the Fuze Card is its convenience, which is an integral part of the card. Instead of carrying around your credit cards, debit cards, and membership cards (Sam's Club, Starbucks) you can take only this card with you wherever you go. Both the convenience and the remote wipe feature are the basic aspects of the card. If either of them stops working well, there is no need to put the Fuze Card into your wallet. This card has a small screen but it still allows you to choose the cards you need to use. To do this you will need to scroll through what your app. You can also use the of group of the card's three buttons to create a password. It is meant to access your cards. Most cardholders appreciate the Video Support provided by the company. Fuze has its own YouTube channel that contains a lot of tutorials on how your card can be connected to your phone, how to add cards, delete them and more. These videos are very simple and straightforward, thus they will help you to do the basics with the Fuse card. At the time of writing this review, the Fuze YouTube channel had thirteen videos, five of which were tutorials. The cardholders also report that the company offers perfect customer service. The representatives of the company can be reached on the phone or by email. Be sure that they will give you professional assistance. It is high time to take a look as the actual customers' reviews available online.

"Fuze Card is so convenient to use! I love this card very much! It was my dad who got it for me. At first I was not sure if I was going to use it at all. However, I decided to register my cards and now I do appreciate this technology. I love the convenience the Fuze card offers. I can see all the necessary information on my card. The app displays the information in a convenient way. I do everything I need through the app and it is always very easy."

"I am pleased with my Fuze Card. It provides an option to show card information of all the credit card numbers. However, the application does not show the cvv, expiration date, etc. You can put a passcode lock on this option. It is very fast and easy to make purchases with my Fuze card and its app. I don't have to carry all of my cards with me whenever I need them. It is a nice feeling when you know that you have all your cards in one. Personally I use my payment cards very often."

"Fuze Card is a great card as it accepts some payment methods beyond standard credit card payments. For example, it accepts such a popular payment method as PayPal. However, Fuze Card does not accept the following payment options at the moment: prepaid and debit cards as well as Apple Pay. If you need any additional information, you can learn more at the official website. As an owner, I am satisfied with what Fuze Card offers."

My Final Summary

Based on our thorough research, the Fuze Card seems to be a worthy product of its kind. It has proven to have some clear advantages. First of all, it is the only smart card we that is available for purchase at the moment. This unique card is able to house all of your debit, credit, loyalty and gift cards. You can find the necessary card with the help of a special application that also allows to add and remove cards in a simple and fast way. You can use any of your cards at stores and different locations. The process is as easy as using a traditional credit card. Most cardholder like how the app notifies them if they are separated from their card. It seems to be an excellent product; however, it is linked to some downsides. Since Fuze Card is the only smart card available right it is impossible to get a chance to compare it with other cards of the kind.

Most cardholders of the Fuze Card appear to be pleased with its features and pricing. It is not expensive to buy and use. While we don't see any flaws with this card, the industry of smart cards has been linked to the reports about sudden disappearances and closures. Remember about it when signing up for this card. Based on our research, this card seems to be a good fit for an individual who has been watching the industry in search of a high-rate smart card. While the card has no obvious refund policy, the company provides 90 days of parts replacement. This should give you some peace of mind. To get one, you will need to contact the customer service on the phone. If you are captured by the idea of getting the Fuze Card, go for it. I do recommend this smart card to buying.

Fuze Card Pricing and Rates

At the time of publishing this review, the cost of Fuze Card is $129. This price also includes the card reader and card charger. The card reader can be bought separately for $9.90, while the charger costs $14.90. Fuze offers a card sleeve for $3. There is no money-back guarantee, which means that your purchase won't be refunded after your card ships. However, the card has a 90-day parts guarantee, so any of the faulty components can be replaced for free. You can contact the customer service by phone provided on the official website and request a replacement of poor components.